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towing and payload take towing to a whole new level tundra owners take on and tow a lot — workloads home improvement projects and last-minute getaways when properly equipped tundra has a payload capacity of up to 1730 lbs.44 plus an available deck rail system48 and an easy lower and lift tailgate to make these adventures a little easier to tackle some say loading unloading hauling and towing a ton of lumber gear and supplies is a ton of work.4 tundra owners have another word for it saturday available deck rail system48 tie-down cleats powerful brakes pile it on tundra can take it home improvement lawn resodding a footpath no problem the available deck rail system incorporates four adjustable tie-down cleats each rated at 220 lbs.44 used in tandem with the deck rail system,48 tie-down cleats are constructed of sturdy die-cast aluminum each fully adjustable cleat slides along tundra’s deck rail system and is anchored to help ensure that what’s in the bed stays in the bed a big part of controlling a trailer is having the ability to stop it to that end tundra has the largest-in-class front brakes29 equipped with 4-piston brake calipers see numbered footnotes in disclosures section.