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toyota safety sense™ 2.0 tss 2.0 designed for safety toyota safety sense™ 2.0 tss 2.031 is a bundle of active safety features standard on every 2019 corolla hatchback these innovative features were designed to help protect you and your passengers from harm pre-collision system32 with pedestrian detection33 pre-collision system with pedestrian detection pcs w/pd helps keep the road safe by detecting a vehicle pedestrian or bicyclist in certain situations the latest system has enhanced low-light capabilities to help detect a pedestrian at night by combining millimeter-wave radar with a camera capable of shape recognition the system provides an audio/visual alert warning you of a possible collision under certain circumstances if you don’t react the system is designed for automatic braking support to help mitigate the potential for a collision see numbered footnotes in disclosures section lane departure alert with steering assist35 and road edge detection using road edge detection or by detecting visible lane markings the lane departure alert with steering assist lda w/sa issues both an audible alert and visual warning on the mid screen if an inadvertent lane departure is detected if the system determines that the driver is not taking corrective steering action the steering assist function is designed to initiate and provide gentle corrective steering to help keep corolla hatchback in the lane automatic high beams36 automatic high beams ahb are a safety system designed to help you see more clearly at night — without distracting other drivers designed to activate at speeds above 25 mph ahb rely on an in-vehicle camera to help detect the headlights of oncoming vehicles and taillights of preceding vehicles then automatically toggle between high and low beams accordingly to provide the appropriate amount of light by using high beams more frequently the system may allow earlier detection of pedestrians and obstacles.