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hybrid performance 219 203 hp electronic on-demand all-wheel drive electronically controlled continuously variable transmission the power of an intelligent grip rav4 hybrid’s electronic on-demand allwheel drive awd provides all-weather capability and confident on-road driving dynamics the system uses a dedicated electric drive motor to automatically supply power to the rear wheels for instant improvement in traction find the sweet spot of fun the remarkable technology of the electronically controlled continuously variable transmission ecvt lets the engine stay at its most efficient rpm by using an electric motor generator to continuously change the gear ratio for smooth and powerful acceleration combined with rav4 hybrid’s electric powertrain components it creates the optimal way to get more power from less fuel go farther go faster the all-new rav4 hybrid hybrid models hp gas models 40 hybrid models rav4 hybrid is the sportiest rav4 yet with a sleek look to match its toyota hybrid system ii engine produces an ample 219 combined net horsepower for impressive acceleration all the way to highway speeds so get ready to make the most of every mile and every trip — you might be surprised just how far it takes you sport-tuned suspension 30 xse hybrid makes no compromise when it comes to enhanced power and acceleration when paired with the sport-tuned suspension the tauter shock absorbers and springs give it outstanding handling you can feel and that help take on every curve you encounter paved or not gas models see numbered footnotes in disclosures section.