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toyota safety sense™ 2.0 tss 2.0 road sign assist37 corolla hatchback’s road sign assist rsa helps keep the road safe using a forward-facing intelligent camera road sign assist is designed to detect speed limit signs stop signs and yield signs and displays them on the mid see numbered footnotes in disclosures section full-speed range dynamic radar cruise control38 39 intended for highways and similar to “constant speed” cruise control available full-speed range dynamic radar cruise control drcc lets you drive at a preset speed drcc uses vehicle-to-vehicle distance control which is designed to adjust your speed to help you maintain a preset distance from vehicles ahead of you that are driving at a slower speed drcc uses a front-grille-mounted radar and an in-vehicle camera designed to detect vehicles and their distance if a driver is traveling slower than you or within your preset range drcc is designed to automatically slow your vehicle down without deactivating cruise control if drcc determines you need to slow down more an audio and visual alert notifies you and brakes may be applied when there’s no longer a vehicle driving slower than your preset speed in front of you drcc will then accelerate and regular cruise control will resume lane tracing assist34 50 when the available full-speed range dynamic radar cruise control drcc38 39 is enabled and lane markers are detectable lane tracing assist lta uses the lines on the road and preceding vehicles to help keep the vehicle centered while also displaying the vehicle’s position on the mid screen the system was designed to reduce driver strain and increase convenience and benefits drivers most during traffic jams — but can be turned off using the mid.