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exterior interior accessories accessories toyota.com/accessories coin holder/ashtray cup emergency assistance kit first aid kit self-contained coin holder/ashtray cup fits conveniently inside the cupholder this multi-functional kit contains tools you may need for unexpected emergencies the compact zipper bag features outer storage pockets and reflective emergency indicators on the surface kit includes compact soft-sided first aid kit contains what you need to treat minor scrapes and scratches • hinged lid helps to minimize odors and flyaway ashes • easy to empty and clean • also provides handy storage for coins and other small items • versatile stainless steel pocket tool with pliers wire cutters and two screwdrivers • heat-reflective emergency blanket flashlight work gloves automotive-grade hose tape tire gauge bungee cord shop towel and tether strap • booster/jumper cables with multilingual instructions • water-resistant and flame-retardant black pvc zipper case for safety and durability • kit includes insect sting relief pads selfadhesive bandages rolled stretch bandage with metal clips waterproof heat-reflective survival blanket and stainless steel scissors