2019 Land Cruiser Accessory eBrochure by Toyota Motors

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interior accessories toyota.com/accessories universal tablet holder5 wireless headphones 6 glass breakage sensor 7 compatible with virtually all multimedia devices it holds your tablet phone music or video player in place additional wireless headphones let multiple passengers enjoy a personalized entertainment experience enhance your land cruiser s security system with gbs coverage • installs and removes in seconds—no tools required • adjustable pivot/tilt provides passengers with an eye level viewing experience • durable construction with spring-loaded arms to hold your device in place • cushioned and adjustable with individual volume control on/off switch and led indicator 10 • highly sensitive microphone that detects the sound frequency of glass breakage or an object striking the glass • an object striking a window triggers a warn-away alarm see footnotes 5 6 and 7 in disclosure section on back cover.