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2019 accessories elevate your prius prime driving experience welcome to the amazing world of prius prime it’s where technology meets sophistication and where both are enhanced when you add genuine toyota accessories— the only accessories designed and manufactured to toyota standards for quality fit and finish genuine toyota accessories discover new worlds of driving pleasure toyota.com/accessories exterior interior electronics enhance the exterior and preserve the finish of your prius prime with high quality toyota accessories designed by toyota engineers to keep your vehicle looking its best for years to come treat yourself and your prius prime to our high quality interior accessories not only will they make your vehicle more stylish they’ll also help protect its interior surfaces to help enhance your protection and convenience toyota offers electronic accessories for prius prime that include a security system and a universal tablet holder to keep your passengers

exterior accessories confidence comes with more style and protection toyota.com/accessories paint protection film1 body side moldings genuine toyota paint protection film helps protect the paint finish from chips and scratches uniquely designed two-tone body side moldings feature the vehicle’s exterior color with piano black accent •m  ultiple film layers of durable nearly invisible urethane help •h  elp protect against careless door swings runaway shopping provide protection and resist discoloration •d  esigned for specific sections of the vehicle that are most prone to chipping •a  vailable in kits for the hood fenders mirror backs door cups and for the front bumper each sold separately carts and other parking lot mishaps see footnote 1 in disclosure section on back

exterior accessories toyota.com/accessories 15 10-spoke alloy wheels alloy wheel locks make them look twice when they see your prius prime with the stylish 10-spoke alloy wheels in hyper black base with chrome finish precisely machined weight-balanced alloy wheel locks help secure your wheels and tires against theft • d  esigned and engineered for optimal performance • t riple nickel chrome plating helps ensure superior corrosion protection and lasting shine 
 • s pecial key tool and collar guide enable simple fiveminute installation • r  esistant to lock-removal tools and secured by a single unique

exterior accessories toyota.com/accessories removable cross bars2 4 aero side splitter take along all kinds of cargo with genuine toyota removable cross bars provides a stylish enhancement to your prius prime • p rovides up to 100 lb of cargo capacity when evenly distributed •a  erodynamic styling complements the sleek design of the prius prime across both bars •c  onstructed with a durable weather resistant finish see footnotes 2 and 4 in disclosure section on back

exterior accessories toyota.com/accessories rear bumper appliqué door edge guards made of high-grade nearly invisible urethane film the rear bumper appliqué helps protect the top surface from unsightly scrapes and scratches help prevent door edge dings and chipped paint with this protective finishing touch • u  v-resistant urethane film helps prevent damage from the sun • c  ustom-tailored to fit the prius prime’s rear bumper exterior finish • c  ompression-fitted to door edge contours •b  lend seamlessly to complement exterior styling • t hermoplastic-coated stainless steel is precisely matched to

interior accessories genuine toyota accessories personalize your prius prime toyota.com/accessories carpet floor mats 3 all-weather floor liners 3 long-wearing fade-resistant carpet floor mats help keep your carpet neat and clean engineered to precisely fit your vehicle all-weather floor liners are made from durable flexible weather-resistant material that cleans easily • p recisely engineered to fit your vehicle’s floor • s kid-resistant backing and driver-side quarter-turn fasteners • p recise injection molding uses toyota’s original vehicle design data help secure mat in position •r  emovable and easy to clean •v  ehicle logo adds a customized touch for a perfect fit • s tylish vehicle logo adds a custom touch • s kid-resistant backing and driver-side quarter-turn fasteners help keep the liners in place see footnote 3 in disclosure section on back

exterior interior accessories accessories toyota.com/accessories carpet cargo mat 4 cargo liner 4 the ideal solution for helping keep the cargo area of your prius prime looking like new tough flexible cargo liner helps keep damage from spills and everyday wear and tear to a minimum •h  elps prevent premature cargo area wear and tear •d  urable skid-resistant backing helps keep the mat in place • p recisely engineered to fit the prius prime’s cargo area • e asy to install and remove • t he molded perimeter lip helps contain spills see footnote 4 in disclosure section on back

interior accessories illuminated door sills this smart and stylish addition helps prevent door sill scuffs and scrapes features a durable corrosion-resistant two-tone coloration with a satin and brushed finish the prius led logo illuminates icy blue when the front doors are

exterior interior accessories accessories toyota.com/accessories center console appliqué shifter appliqué to complement the sporty interior add the center console appliqué help provide an integrated look to the interior with this stylish shifter appliqué • i ntegrates beautifully with the interior highlighting the contrast between the cupholder and console •d  urable high-quality finish helps resist everyday wear and tear •o  nly available for prius prime premium and advanced models with moonstone interiors •o  nly available for prius prime premium and advanced models with moonstone

exterior interior accessories accessories toyota.com/accessories coin holder/ashtray cup cargo tote4 self-contained coin holder/ashtray cup fits conveniently inside the cupholder versatile cargo tote secures a variety of items and helps keep them in place.
 •r  emovable divider panels help hold items upright 
 • t wo carrying handles for easy loading and unloading •c  ollapsible tote for easy storing when not in use •h  inged lid helps minimize odors and flyaway ashes • e asy to empty and clean •a  lso provides handy storage for coins and other small items see footnote 4 in disclosure section on back

exterior interior accessories accessories toyota.com/accessories first aid kit emergency assistance kit compact soft-sided first aid kit contains what you need to treat minor scrapes and scratches the triangle-shaped zipper bag features outer storage pockets and reflective emergency indicators on the surface kit includes •w  ater-resistant and flame-retardant black pvc zipper case for •v  ersatile stainless steel pocket tool with pliers wire cutters and safety and durability •k  it includes insect sting relief pads self-adhesive bandages rolled stretch bandage with metal clips multi-use waterproof heat-reflective survival blanket and stainless steel scissors two screwdrivers •h  eat-reflective emergency blanket flashlight work gloves automotive-grade hose tape tire gauge bungee cord shop towel and tether strap •b  ooster/jumper cables with multilingual

electronic accessories technology that looks out for you toyota.com/accessories universal tablet holder 5 security system compatible with virtually all multimedia devices it holds your tablet phone music or video player in place when it comes to peace of mind the security system is the ideal addition • i nstalls and removes in seconds— • i ntegrates with the keyless entry system—no need for an no tools required •d  urable construction with spring-loaded arms to hold your device in place •a  djustable pivot/tilt enables passengers to view their device at eye level additional remote • i ncludes glass breakage sensor gbs with a highly sensitive microphone that detects the sound frequency of an object striking on glass or glass breakage •a  larm activates when someone tries to force open a door or glass is broken see footnote 5 in disclosure section on back

the accessories you want the quality you expect just like your toyota vehicle you can count on genuine toyota accessories they are the only accessories designed engineered and tested specifically by toyota accessories warranty for genuine toyota accessories purchased at the time of the new vehicle purchase the toyota accessory warranty coverage is in effect for 36 months/36,000 miles from the vehicle’s in-service date which is the same coverage as the toyota new vehicle limited warranty for genuine toyota accessories purchased after the new vehicle purchase the coverage is 12 months regardless of mileage from the date the accessory was installed on the vehicle or the remainder of any applicable new vehicle warranty whichever provides greater coverage for complete details about toyota’s warranties please visit www.toyota.com refer to the applicable warranty and maintenance guide or see your toyota dealer disclosures 1 the genuine toyota accessories warranty will apply