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trd pro series ultimate toughness proven capability toyota racing development trd has been helping enthusiasts get more performance from their toyotas for over 35 years we’ve helped power everything from 200-mph race cars to championship-winning off-road40 machines we used this engineering know-how to create our toughest suv yet — the 2019 4runner trd pro which has the goods to help you access those inaccessible corners of the map we’re talking components like heavy-duty off-road trd fox®36 suspension dirt-clawing tires and a ¼-in thick aluminum skid plate to help armor this suv against nature’s harshest elements it’s all wrapped in an aggressive exterior that looks like nothing else on the road or in the wild your adventures are about to get a whole lot more awesome let’s get dirty trd pro shown in super white climbing the coast of the baja california peninsula in mexico.2 40 see numbered footnotes in disclosures section.