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hybrid the scenic route never looked so good give every day a chance to reach its potential highlander hybrid generates as much as 306 hybrid system net horsepower with up to an epa-estimated 30 mpg city.48 constantly having to search for a fuel pump is a thing of the past and we didn’t have to sacrifice power or performance in the process it has up to 3500 lbs of towing47 power and is equipped with the capability of electronic on-demand awd system with intelligence awd-i it’s time to start expecting more from every drive 30 28 city hwy up to an epa-est mpg48 awd-i badging mpg48 eco mode ev mode44 there’s a highlander hybrid for every type of family the 2019 lineup includes a hybrid version of highlander le xle limited and limited platinum optimizing fuel efficiency means making enhancements all over highlander hybrid offers up to an epa-estimated 30 mpg city and 28 mpg highway the transmission and efficient engine help to enhance epa mpg estimates and earn highlander hybrid a super ultra low emission vehicle sulev rating.45 in eco mode highlander hybrid modifies throttle response to help with fuel economy and can also help when you’re slowly accelerating on low-traction surfaces such as snow or ice ev mode uses only the electric motor for situations where you’re driving at low speeds for short distances such as in a parking garage see numbered footnotes in disclosures section.