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hydrogen buying into clean energy doesn t mean buying into the unknown as with prius we proved that alternative-fuel vehicles can be mainstream as well as fashionable now we’re doing the same with mirai toyota engineers have spent decades developing mirai’s fuel cell powertrain to deliver the quality reliability and dependability expected from toyota this means that mirai operates just like a regular passenger car while creating zero emissions since its hydrogen fuel can be created from renewable resources like solar wind and biowaste mirai is helping to usher in a new era powered by clean energy learn more at toyota.com/mirai/safety first comes air which makes electricity moving you forward leaving nothing but water the fcev’s front intake grilles deliver the outside air to the fuel cell system hydrogen travels from the tanks to the fuel cell system in the fuel cell system hydrogen and oxygen from the air combine in a chemical reaction that creates electricity to power the vehicle when you put your foot on the accelerator electricity from the fuel cell system is sent to the motor in the end the only by-product of creating electricity with hydrogen and oxygen in our fuel cell system is water which leaves through a hatch located on the bottom of mirai.