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toyota safety sense™ p tss-p lane departure alert with steering assist32 lda w/sa under certain circumstances lane departure alert lda is designed to detect lane departure on roads with clear markings lda only activates when you’re traveling at a speed of 32 mph or faster when you hear and see the alert after carefully checking the road around you you should safely direct your vehicle back to the center of your lane in addition when it senses that you’re unintentionally drifting the system may automatically make small corrective steering inputs to help keep your vehicle in its lane see numbered footnotes in disclosures section automatic high beams ahb33 the automatic high beams ahb feature is a safety system designed to help you see more clearly at night designed to activate at speeds above 25 mph ahb relies on an in-vehicle camera to help detect the headlights of oncoming vehicles and taillights of preceding vehicles then automatically toggles between high and low beams accordingly to provide the appropriate amount of light by using high beams more frequently the system may allow earlier detection of pedestrians and obstacles dynamic radar cruise control drcc34 standard full-speed range dynamic radar cruise control takes cruising to the next level using forward-sensing radar technology and an intelligent camera the system is designed to detect the distance of the vehicle traveling directly ahead of you and adjust your speed accordingly down to a complete stop it works in light traffic as well helping you maintain a preset following distance — slowing when the preset distance shortens then accelerating back to your original cruising speed when the road clears.