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interior technologies intelligence meets technology prius prime has innovative tech that you just can’t miss its available 11.6-in hd multimedia display’s intuitive pinch zoom tap and swipe gestures create a familiar smartphone-like experience so whether you’re using the entune ® app suite 4 to plan your next night out or using the navigation3 to help you get there you’ve got the power to do it all multi-information display mid remote climate2 intelligent drive coach the customizable 4.2-in color dual multi-information display screens let you keep track of prius prime’s vitals at a glance use the steering wheel-mounted controls to keep track of real-time driving data up-to-date fuel economy energy use and more — all while keeping both hands on the wheel take control and use your smartphone with the available prius prime apps,14 including the remote climate app this way you can check your prius prime’s current temperature setting and change it to your liking — all before you even get in when prius prime is plugged in the power used for remote climate is pulled straight from the grid so your battery keeps its charge now your comfort is always within reach this available intelligent technology called predictive fuelefficient drive,18 helps boost fuel efficiency by learning your routine stopping patterns when approaching a recorded stop an icon will display and suggest the optimal time to release the accelerator regenerative braking also activates sooner to recover more energy for the hybrid battery see numbered footnotes in disclosures section.