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convenience watching your back throughout the drive ahead enjoy every journey from crosstown to cross country all from inside prius prime everything has been purposefully designed with an uncompromising approach to serve your needs and prius prime’s innovative technologies like available intelligent clearance sonar ics39 with intelligent parking assist ipa40 help lessen the challenges found in the everyday drive it’s smart tech and comfort designed to give you the peace of mind to focus on the drive ahead intelligent clearance sonar39 backup camera17 intelligent parking assist 40 be aware of what’s around you as you park available intelligent clearance sonar is designed to scan for stationary objects like walls or posts that are within close proximity if prius prime anticipates a collision an audible and visual alert will be emitted engine or motor output reduced and if needed the brakes will automatically be applied to help bring prius prime to a halt when in reverse prius prime’s standard integrated backup camera uses a wide-angle lens to display a large viewing area clearly marked lines on the screen show the distance giving you more confidence to get out of any spot — tricky or not available intelligent parking assist helps you navigate and conquer those difficult parking situations with the push of a button prius prime automatically controls the steering wheel while you control the gas gears and brake to help guide you into an open parking space see numbered footnotes in disclosures section.