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handling and braking born on the track bred for the streets to be quick one has to be balanced each facet of performance — speed braking handling — needs to unite in harmony in order to deliver maximum thrills and with the 2020 toyota 86 each aspect was carefully engineered to unite driver car and road smart design and cutting-edge materials help make the body of 86 light and strong helping overall performance this design also places the 2.0-liter boxer engine low to the ground helping position the center of gravity and front/rear weight distribution it’s a platform built for racing but still civilized on the streets and it gives you the best of all worlds the road is calling — let’s go sport-tuned suspension body-strength reinforcement vehicle stability control17 track mode the 2020 86 features a sport-tuned suspension designed to sharpen turn-in and enhance grip over uneven surfaces enabling you to carve those corners with surgical precision and when the drive calls for calmer inputs like when cruising in the city this suspension is supple enough to let everyone ride in comfort intelligent use of high-strength materials additional spot welds and advanced construction techniques help reinforce the body strength of 86 and with this strength comes improved body rigidity which helps reduce unwanted noise harshness and vibration better yet this strength also works as a performance enhancer giving 86 exceptional acceleration braking and handling capabilities when on a racetrack vehicle stability control vsc track mode helps you push the limits of performance when in track mode this system allows you to approach the handling limits of 86 before the vsc kicks in after which the system helps center your drive see numbered footnotes in disclosures section.