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may the good lord bless and keep you what have you done for me lately you are the sunshine of my life nobody ever died of a broken heart crying my heart out over you now i lay me down to cheat save the last dance for me that song is driving me crazy get a little dirt on your hands boy bryan adams do i have to say the words two less lonely people in the world take this job and shove it down at the twist and shout are you washed in the blood wishing you were here chicago karaoke my heart belongs to daddy every time we say goodbye rudolph the red nosed reindeer she came from ft worth turn your eyes upon jesus when you wish upon a star in my own little corner turn your eyes upon jesus backing boogie woogie bugle boy na na hey hey long haired country boy wanted dead or alive crying my heart out man of la mancha lady you are my sunshine mary did you know kenny rogers i wish it would rain the lettermen what now my love four wheel drive bachman mary did you know karaoke annie get your gun hit the road jack i can still make cheyenne what the cowgirls do i know who holds tomorrow wine women and song karaoke rings on her fingers play the game tonight all i ask of you phantom of the opera heartaches by the number laughter in the rain ricky van shelton viva las vegas chicanas de oro lee ann womack cry me a river honky tonk angel humpty dumpty heart kiss him goodbye jerry lee lewis country music

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adelante,trio los condes,las0211,trio los condes cd+g adicto,iglesias,oke0069,exitos v.1 cd+g adilida,strait george,leg0178,george straight cd+g adios,rakim ken y,las0290,rakim ken y cd+g adios a mi amante,montez de durango,oke0229,montez durango alacranez musical adios a mi amante,montez de durango,oke0231,pasito duranguense cd+g adios amigo,jim reeves,cba90052,jim reeves cd+g adios amigo,reeves jim,leg0046,jim reeves cd+g adios amor,mocedades,oke0117,mocedades cd+g adios amor adios,dyango,las0042,dyango cd+g adios amor adios,dyango,las1012,latin oldies del racuerdo v.2 cd+g adios chico de mi barrio,tormenta,las0162,s di lorenzo/jeanette y tormenta adios madre querida,aguilar,antonio,las0141,antonio aguilar cd+g adios muchachos,gardel carlos,las0182,carlos gardel v.1 cd+g adios te extranare,los temerarios,oke0107,exitos temerarios v.2 cd+g adios que te vaya bien,pintor m oke0061,joyas de la balada cd+g adolescente tierno,tormenta,las0162,s di lorenzo/jeanette y tormenta

can t fight this feeling,reo speedwagon,leg0187,80 s guys cd+g can t get enough,patty loveless,cba90049,patty loveless cd+g can t get enough of your love,bad company,leg0202,bad co/bad finger/bachman turn cd+g can t get enough of your love,white barry,leg0018,barry white luther vandross cd+g can t get you out of my head,elo,leg0211,styx elo cd+g can t get you out of my mind,minogue kylie,leg0192,kylie minogue cd+g can t get you outta my head,minogue kylie,leg0215,dance remixes #1 cd+g can t help falling in love,elvis presley,cba90058,elvis presley cd+g can t help falling in love,presley elvis,leg0027,elvis presley v.3 cd+g can t help falling in love,presley elvis,lepp001,legend ultimate party pack 1 cd+g can t help falling in love,ub40,ler0003,reggae #3 cd+g can t help lovin dat man,showboat,lep0014,xtreme broadway 10 disc set cd+g can t help lovin dat man of mine,showboat,leb0009,broadway hits vol 9 cd+g can t keep a good man down,alabama,cba90001,alabama cd+g can t let go,carey

drop it on me,martin ricky daddy yan,las1108,latin party pop hits v.34 cd+g drop it on me,martin ricky daddy yan,las1108,latin party pop hits v.34 cd+g drops of jupiter,train,cbb0477,modern rock 100 hits 6 disc cd+g drown in my own tears,charles ray,leg0209,ray charles v.2 cd+g drown in my own tears,ray charles,cba90247,ray charles cd+g drowning,backstreet boys,cba90162,backstreet boys cd+g drowning the the sea of love,simon joe,cbb5056,70 s soul 3 disc box set cd+g drugs or jesus,mcgraw tim,cbn0486,2005 country 100 hits songs neo+g drugs or jesus,mcgraw tim,cbn5052,2005 male country 3 disc set neo+g drugs or jesus,tim mcgraw,cba90286,tim mcgraw cd+g drunker than me,trent tomlinson,cbc60346,country hits of dec 2005 cd+g duck and run,3 doors down,cba90304,3 doors down cd+g dude looks like a lady aerosmith,leg0167,aerosmith cd+g duele el amor,alegres de la sierra,oke0825,norteno hits v.2 8+8 cd+g duele el amor,syntek aleks/torroja,ana,oke0179,pop hits latin v.7 cd+g duele verte,arjona

guerras perdidas,bacilos,las0276,bacilos cd+g guess things happen that way,johnny cash,cba90074,johnny cash cd+g guitar man,elvis presley,cba90093,elvis presley cd+g guitar man,presley elvis,leg0027,elvis presley v.3 cd+g guitar man the,bread,cba90234,bread cd+g guitarra,sarante yoskar,las0076,bachata v.3 cd+g guitarra,sarante yoskar,las1019,tropical hits v.4 cd+g guitarras blancas,enanitos verdes,las0305,enanitos verdes cd+g guitarras blancas,verdes enanitos,oke0150,rock de los 80 s cd+g guitarras de media noche,jimenez jose alfredo,oke0164,jose alfredo jimenez vol 2 cd+g guitarzan,ray stevens,cba90096,ray stevens cd+g gus the theatre cat,cats,sts0506,cats 2 cd set audio only guys and dolls,guys and dolls,sts0504,guys and dolls 2 cd setaudio only guys like me,church eric,cbb5080,2007 country hits 3 cd+g box set guys like me,church eric,cbc60361,march 2007 country hits cd+g gypsy,fleetwood mac,leg0067,fleetwood mac cd+g gypsys tramps and thieves,cher,cba90200,cher cd+g hablame

if you can want,robinson smokey/miracles,leg0222,leg smokey robinson/miracles cd+g if you can t be good be good,neal mccoy,cba90057,neal mccoy cd+g if you could read my mind,lightfoot gordon,leg0229,frampton lightfoot fogelberg cd+g if you don t know me by now,harold melvin bluenotes,leg0230,pendergrass harold melvin cd+g if you don t know me by now,melvin harold the blue,cbb5056,70 s soul 3 disc box set cd+g if you don t know me by now,simply red,cbb5037,80 s hits v.2 3 disc set cd+g if you don t know me by now,simply red,leg0187,80 s guys cd+g if you ever change your mind,crystal gayle,cba90070,crystal gayle cd+g if you ever have forever in mi,vince gill,cba90040,vince gill cd+g if you ever leave me,streisand barbra/gill v,cbesp0471,duets 100 hit songs 6 disc cd+g if you ever stop loving me,montgomery gentry,cba90293,montgomery gentry cd+g if you go i ll follow you,porter wagoner dolly pa,cba90083,porter wagoner dolly parton cd+g if you go in you re sure to

loca conmigo,los toros band,las0300,los toros band cd+g loca conmigo merengue los toros band,las1065,tropical hits v.13 cd+g loca pasion,los jaibos,oke0082,los grandes trios cd+g local girls,milsap ronnie,cbc60351,country hits of may 2006 cd+g loco,fernandez alejandro,las0031,alejandro fernandez cd+g loco,fernandez alejandro,oke0067,alejandro el potrillo cd+g loco de amor,grupo mania,las0201,grupo mania cd+g loco de amor,trio los condes,las0211,trio los condes cd+g loco por ti,colon santos,las0252,santos colon cd+g loco por ti,garcia victor,oke0202,hits nortenos vol 2 cd+g locomotion,little eva,lepp001,legend party pack #1 cd+g locomotion,little eva,pmw0007,old new original/remakes v.7 cd+g locomotion,minogue kylie,leg0192,kylie minogue cd+g locomotion,minogue kylie,pmw0007,old new original/remakes v.7 cd+g locos de amor,los horoscopos de durango,oke0214,los horoscopos cd+g locuras tengo de ti,di lorenzo silvana,las0162,s di lorenzo/jeanette y tormenta lodi,creedence clearwater

no matter what,bad finger,leg0202,bad co/bad finger/bachman turn cd+g no matter what,beauty and the beast,sts0514,beauty and the beast 2 cdno grphs no me acostumbro,grupo pesado,oke0189,hits nortenos cd+g no me acostumbro,ruiz rey,las0190,rey ruiz cd+g v.1 no me acostumbro,ruiz rey,las1101,tropical hits vol.22 cd+g no me ames,anthony marc,oke0064,canta como marc anthony cd+g no me ames,lopez anthony,las8004,pop balada v.4 cd+g no me ames,lopez anthony,last001,latin stars teen pack v.1 cd+g no me ames,lopez,j y antony mark,oke0084,salsa hits v.1 cd+g no me ames,m anthony y j lopez,oke0060,los grandes duetos cd+g no me conoces aun,grupo palomo,oke0091,puro norteno cd+g no me conozco,anthony marc,las0038,marc anthony cd+g no me dejes de querer,estefan gloria,las0016,gloria estefan cd+g no me digas que no,la maquina,oke0039,merengue mania cd+g no me digas que te vas,jose jose,oke0210,jose jose vol 3 cd+g no me ensenaste,thalia,las0074,salsa v.3 no me ensenaste,thalia,las1001,pop hits

red red wine and cheatin son,marty stuart,cba90275,marty stuart cd+g redemption song,bob marley the wailers,ler0002,reggae #2 cd+g redneck woman,wilson gretchen,cba90298,hits of gretchen wilson cd+g redneck yacht club,morgan craig,cbn0486,2005 country 100 hits songs neo+g redneck yacht club,morgan craig,cbn5052,2005 male country 3 disc set neo+g reelin rockin berry chuck,leg0049,chuck berry fats domino cd+g reencarnacion,thalia,las0048,thalia cd+g reet petite,wilson jackie,leg0183,pickett wilson isley bros cd+g reflection,aguilera christina,dis11041,girlz rock cd+g reflection,aguilera christina,leg0117,spears mumba aguilera cd+g reflection,aguilera christine,lepp001,legend party pack #1 cd+g reflection,mulan,dis0127,disney s princess series cd+g reflexiones de este gallo,sebastian joan,oke0226,joan sebastian cd+g refried dreams,tim mcgraw,cba90036,tim mcgraw cd+g refugee,petty tom,leg0102,tom petty bob dylan cd+g refugio de amor,chayanne,las0004,chayanne cd+g regalame esta

strokin,carter clarence,lepp001,legend party pack #1 cd+g strokin carter clarence,leg0089,silly songs cd+g strokin carter clarence,leg0206,roadhouse blues cd+g strong,williams robbie,leg0083,robbie williams cd+g strong enough,cher,cba90200,cher cd+g strong enough,cher,leg0040,cher cd+g strong enough to be your man,travis tritt,cba90273,travis tritt cd+g strong enough to bend,tanya tucker,cba90150,tanya tucker cd+g stronger,britney spears,cba90165,britney spears cd+g stronger,spears britney,leg0117,spears mumba aguilera cd+g stronger than i am,lee ann womack,cba90266,lee ann womack cd+g strut,cheetah girls,dis6337,cheetah girls v.2 cd+g strut,easton sheena,leg0061,bette midler cd+g stuck in a moment you can t get of,u2,cbb0477,modern rock 100 hits 6 disc cd+g stuck in love,judds the,cba90316,the judds cd+g stuck on you,elvis presley,cba90059,elvis presley cd+g stuck on you,richie lionel,leg0005,lionel richie cd+g stuck with you,huey lewis the news,cba90198,huey lewis cd+g stuff like

vahevala,loggins messina,leg0103,hall oates/loggins/messina cd+g valente quintero,fernandez vicente,oke0186,vicente fernandez cd+g valentin de la sierra,fernandez vicente,oke0186,vicente fernandez cd+g valentine,martina mcbride,cba90026,martina mcbride cd+g valeri,monkees,leg0168,monkees cd+g valerie,winwood steve,leg0069,steve winwood cd+g valio la pena,anthony marc,las0208,marc anthony vol.3 cd+g valley of the dolls,warwick dionne,leg0085,dionne warwick cd+g vamos a darnos tiempo,jose jose,oke0210,jose jose vol 3 cd+g vamos a jugar,tatiana,oke0087,rondas y canciones infantiles cd+g vamos a platicar,fernandez pedro,las0032,pedro fernadez cd+g vamos a platicar,fernandez pedro,las1026,viva mexico v.4 cd+g vamos a platicar,fernandez pedro,oke0081,pedro fernandez cd+g vamos a platicar,fernandez pedro,oke0093,boleros y baladas con mariachi cd+g vamos a platicar,los socios del rimto,oke0034,grupos inolvidables v.1 cd+g vamos a platicar,los socios del ritmo,las1055,viva mexico v.7 cd+g

your fault,into the woods,sts0508,into the woods 2 cd set audio only your good girl s gonna go bad,tammy wynette,cba90072,tammy wynette cd+g your good girl s gonna go bad,wynette tammy,leg0044,tammy wynette loretta lynn cd+g your good thing is about to end rawls lou,leg0214,lou rawls al green cd+g your heart turned left and i was on the right jones george,cba90304,george jones v.3 cd+g your heart s not in it,janie fricke,cba90113,janie fricke cd+g your love amazes me,john berry,cba90261,john berry cd+g your love had taken me that high,twitty conway,cba90296,hits of conway twitty v 3 cd+g your love is a miracle,mark chesnutt,cba90024,mark chesnutt cd+g your love is king,sade,leg0144,anita baker sade cd+g your love s on the line,earl thomas conley,cba90111,earl thomas conley cd+g your mama don t dance,loggins messina,leg0103,hall oates/loggins/messina cd+g your man,turner josh,cbn0486,2005 country 100 hits songs neo+g your man,turner josh,cbn5052,2005 male country 3 disc set neo+g