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Catalog TransNet General Products 2016

Includes a broad range of cable accessories, connectors, fittings, tools and hardware for the Electrical Industry.

cordless impact wrench it 1000 033 15 x 15 cable ties stainless steel cable pull cable 30 amp fuse holder high pressure sodium lamps 35 x 35 12 x 1 38 x 38 35 x 35 x 30 wire loop tools how to use it 80 x 80 x 15 custome building products custom building products the number of production products and solutions for the industrial npt x npt open ended spanner tinned copper braid butyl rubber tape solar water pumping cordless impact wrench mini blade fuse solar water pumps solar deep cycle batteries solar water pump allen key socket open end spanner 2 amp fuse holders junction box 2 terminal 63 amp fuse explosion proof junction box long nose plier split bolt connectors tin copper braided wire deep cycle battery pressure sensitive tape allen key t bar deep cycle batteries junction box w terminals hydraulic crimping tool insulation piercing connector terminal crimping tool cable tie tensioner thin wall tubing flag terminal crimping tools 100 240v ac 20 tinned copper braided brushless dc motors double open end spanner crimp lug 16 16 4 pin trailer plug connector d connector 3 pin trailer plug motion sensor lighting 24v brushless dc motors

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te energy te energy are a leading global supplier of • cable accessories • connectors and fittings • insulators and insulation • surge arresters • switching protection and lighting our global expertise combined with a local new zealand presence provides expert application and engineering assistance hands-on field training and continuous after-sales support to help our customers successfully master the challenges of today’s businesses te energy are well recognised in the new zealand market for • a customer focused organisation • innovation and technology driven • extensive product offering • industry leadership and expertise • structural and financial strength our wide range of reliable and cost-effective solutions is continuously expanded through research-driven product development utilux is a brand that has built an enviable reputation for high quality reliable electrical connectors for over 100 years this dynamic

long palm long barrel crimp lugs long palm long barrel copper lugs • long barrel length for effective heat shrink sealing • no inspection window • uses same crimp tools as standard copper lugs copper connectors dimensions mm conductor size cdefl cg16lpmb 16 13 1.9 70 40 114 1#38-63cu cg25lpmb 25 17 1.9 70 40 115 1#38-77cu cg35lpmb 35 18 2.7 90 45 140 1#38-92cu cg50lpmb 50 21 2.8 100 50 160 1#38-104cu cg70lpmb 70 21 3.2 100 50 160 1#38-115cu cg95lpmb 95 25 4.0 100 50 160 1#38-142cu cg120lpmb 120 30 4.8 100 50 160 1#38-165cu cg150lpmb 150 34 5.4 100 50 170 1#38-183cu cat no crimping die cg185lpmb 185 37 5.4 100 55 170 1#38-200cu cg240lpmb 240 42 7.1 110 90 190 1#38-231cu cg300lpmb 300 46 7.9 110 90 190 1#40-260cu cg400lpmb 400 50 7.9 110 70 210 1#40-281cu cg500lpmb 500 55 8.2 110 70 210 1#40-310cu cg630lpmb 630 64 11.5 100 70 205 1#40-370cu

overhead connector fittings overhead connectors fittings bolted overhead fittings are versatile in several ways their basic design offers a range taking capability no special tooling is required to effect a reliable connection and each fitting may be re-used without loss of efficiency a variety of hardware is available including galvanised products for securing overhead conductors connectors page electrical jointing compound 58 full tension copper connectors – telecom crimps 58 split bolt connectors 59 ipc’s – insulation piercing connectors 59 mains entry box 60 fittings page shackle straps u shackles 60 lv insulators 61 lv shackle insulator kits 61 house hook 62 strain clamps 62 neoprene deadends 62 overhead connectors fittings this range is designed for overhead conductor in both non-tension and full tension applications the splices are marked to clearly indicate the conductor type crimping dies and crimping positions crimp die combinations have been

ccg a2f glands – explosion proof ccg – explosion proof glands ccg a2f ex de iic compression gland for flexible cable features • for indoor outdoor use and hazardous areas • fitted with specially formulated elastomeric displacement seal giving superior cable retention explosive protection and ip rating • precision manufactured from high quality brass nickel plated or stainless steel • supplied with a polypropylene or neoprene sealing gasket and end cap safety gauge for correct gland selection technical data gland material brass nickel plated or stainless steel seal material thermoplastic elastomer silicone on request glands duct sealing systems cable type unarmoured sealing area outer sheath optional accessories locknut shroud earth tag and adaptor/reducer ingress protection ip66/68 operating temperature -20°c to 80°c standards aus/nz/iec anzex 09.4079x as/nzs 60079-0 as/nzs 60079-1 as/nzs 60079-7 as/nzs 61241.1 as/nzs 60529 hazardous area

tape tape page insulation tape 112 self amalgamating rubber tape 112 duct tape 113 double sided tape 114 hook ‘n’ loop 114 tape tape 0800 442 182

ezi shrink – thin wall general purpose heatshrink ezishrink – thin wall tubing heatshrink ezishrink thin wall tubing is a high quality heatshrinkable product for a variety of uses made from flame retardant polyolefin material ezishrink has excellent physical chemical and electrical properties technical data • rated voltage 600 volts • dielectric strength 15kv/mm • tensile strength 10.4mpa • available in 1200mm stick lengths • shrink ration 2:1 heatshrink products heatshrink products operational parameters • operating temperatures -55°c up to 125°c • shrink start temperature 70°c • longitudinal shrinkage less than 8 • ul recognised to standard 224 xw rw x r colour codes in stock indent only bk black bu blue yo yellow vt violet br brown g/y green/yellow gn green rd red wh white catalogue number example ezhsbublue6/3 cat no ezhscolourcode1.5/0.8 expanded dia as supplied x mm 1.5 expanded wall

earth rod inspection boxes transnet earth rod inspection box 120mm designed by nz contractors for nz contractors improve the look and safety of your installation with this unit made in nz this unit is uv stable and offers a strengthened lid for longevitiy 120mm pits pillars enclosures features • heavy duty hinged lid • easy to identify • lid latches closed • • uv stabilised material designed and manufactured in nz 200mm cat no description tnerib earth rod inspection box dimensions top mm 120x120 height mm 200 ecopillar the ecopillar range is made from uv stable rotathene 6309 plastic which has guaranteed uv stability of 50 years these pillars are round giving them extra strength and durability and the latching mechanisms ensure secure pillars each pillar comes standard with a stainless steel serial number and a 250amp copper neutral bar with stainless steel studs ep0 the ep0 incorporates a slimline low visibility profile a latch and two captured torx40

terminal crimp tools copper lug link crimp tools terminal crimp tools cat no description ratchet type tool for pre-insulated and supergrip terminals the ratchet ensures a complete crimp every time a must have tool for every tradesman #102/1 range red blue and yellow pre-insulated 0.5 – 5.5mm² crimp type oval on conductor/diamond on insulation length 230mm weight 550g cat no description low cost brass terminal crimper the crimp achieved is a roll crimp which supports the insulation and crimps the wire not suitable for flag terminals #102b/1 range 0.75 – 6mm² length 230mm cat no description ratchet type tool for un-insulated terminals the ratchet ensures a complete crimp every time a must have tool for every tradesman #102u/1 range 0.5mm² – 10mm² crimp type indent length 230mm weight 550g application tooling weight 500g copper lug link crimp tools cat no description general purpose pliers for un-insulated copper lugs and links cg and ck series simple

glove powder storage bags lv line cover glove powder ten-four glove dust is a cooling frictionless powder that absorbs moisture and perspiration when wearing rubber gloves preventing gloves getting sticky available in 6oz bottles and 1quart bulk packs cat no 10-41x6oz description salisbury 6oz bottle glove powder storage bags specialty bags designed and fit for purpose these bags are made from the highest quality materials and double stitched for durability proper storage extends the service life of gloves sleeves rubber gloves equipment cat no and hot sticks glove bags feature a clip and tapered gussets with wide opening tops for ease of use description glovebag hv/lv glove bag dualbag hv/lv glove leather protector bag combobag hv/lv tri bag sleeve/glove/leather protector dualbag glovebag combobag line covers line covers designed to provide temporary electrical insulation mechanical protection and visual warning of power lines and conductors cat no description db.35a 2.5m long

merchandising merchandising page raychem heatshrink product display stand 248 utilux/transnet product display stands 249 bin boxes – utilux transnet 249 ecolight product display stand 250 bin boxes – ecolight 250 product stands product stands 0800 442 182

0800 442 182 +64 9 274 3340 catalogue #tnwhscat 11/13 ecolight 150w led high bay fittings used here to light up a winery store eco light transnet new zealand ltd transnet equipment pty ltd transnet tonga auckland 20 neilpark drive east tamaki auckland new zealand ph0800 442 182 fax 0800 442 183 po box 39 383 howick auckland wellington 18 sydney street petone wellington new zealand ph0800 442 182 fax 0800 442 183 po box 39 383 howick auckland perth unit 20 8 hurley street canning vale wa 6155 perth australia ph+61 8 9256 3417 fax +61 8 9256 3917 po box 1439 canning vale dc wa 6970 tonga small industries ma’ufanga tonga ph+67 627 939 fax +67 627 976 po box 2932 nukualofa new zealand new zealand australia tonga