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Catalog TransNet Utility Products 2016

The first edition of our Utility specific product catalogue. This catalogue includes a broad range of products designed for use by utility contractors.

cordless impact wrench it 1000 033 400 mm x 10 mm bolt 15 x 15 cable pull cable crimp lug 16 16 30 amp fuse holder stainless steel cable tie cable ties stainless steel 12 x 1 38 x 38 the number of production cordless impact wrench insulation piercing connector impulse withstand voltage butyl rubber tape 63 amp fuse hard drawn copper sealed cable gland 2 amp fuse holders copper wire stranded wire tinned copper braid type k fuse link copper clad steel bare copper conductor led flood light parallel groove clamp junction box 2 terminal junction box w terminals load break switch hydraulic crimping tool 250 v 32 amp fuse 30 amp fuse 100 amp fuse holder split bolt connector split bolt connectors hydraulic cable cutter tin copper braided wire fibre glass rod stainless steel spring spreader rechargable battery pack steel cable tie 316 stainless steel multi conductor cable nylon cable tie thin wall tubing nylon cable ties thin walled tubing thin walled tube hydraulic crimping tools mechanism wire crimping tool halogen free cable halogen free cables stainless steel locking ties crimp tool dies canvas storage bags stainless split bolt connector

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Industrial Supply

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te energy te energy are a leading global supplier of • cable accessories • connectors and fittings • insulators and insulation • surge arresters • switching protection and lighting our global expertise combined with a local new zealand presence provides expert application and engineering assistance hands-on field training continuous aftersales support to help our customers successfully master the challenges of today’s businesses te energy are well recognised in the new zealand market for • a customer focused organisation • innovation and technology driven • extensive product offering • industry leadership and expertise • structural and financial strength our wide range of reliable and cost-effective solutions is continuously expanded through research-driven product development utilux is a brand that has built an enviable reputation for high quality reliable electrical connectors for over 100 years this dynamic brand

compression deadends compression deadends acsr tongue tail connectors eye tail cat no tncde-almond acsr outside tube Ø mm aluminium inside tube Ø mm aluminium a/f mm aluminium outside Ø mm steel inside Ø mm steel a/f mm steel 6/1/2.50 16.5 9.5 14.0 7.8 3.1 6.8 tncde-apple 6/1/3.00 16.5 10.5 14.0 7.8 3.4 6.8 tncde-banana 6/1/3.75 21.0 12.5 18.0 11.0 4.2 9.5 tncde-cherry 6/4.75+7/1.60 26.0 16.0 22.0 11.0 5.2 9.5 tncde-grape 30/7/2.50 33.0 19.5 28.5 18.5 8.2 16.0 tncde-lemon 30/7/3.00 39.5 23.0 34.5 19.7 9.8 17.0 tncde-lime 30/7/3.50 46.0 26.5 40.0 22.0 11.5 19.0 tncde-mango 54/7/3.00 46.0 28.5 40.0 19.7 9.8 17.0 tncde-orange 54/7/3.25 51.0 31.5 44.5 22.0 10.6 19.0 54/7/3.50 54.0 34.0 47.5 22.0 11.5 19.0 54/3.75+19/2.25 54.0 35.2 47.5 23.0 12.0 20.0 tncde-olive tncde-pawpaw

lv resin joint kits – straight and branch joints resin filled joints for armoured and unarmoured cables up to 1kv applications these lv resin joints are designed to accommodate modern mechanical connectors requiring no special installation tools both straight and branch joints are designed for cable ranges from 1.5mm² up to 300mm² • joints are designed for 2 3 and 4-core power cables with rated voltage up to 0.6/1.0 1.2 kv • suitable for – copper or aluminium solid or stranded conductors – up to 300mm² – xlpe pvc or epr insulation – wire armour swa or strip armour – pvc or pe sheath – tbj branch joints are suitable for branch cables up to the maximum main cable conductor size for each kit lv cable accessories resin kit features • joint insulation sealing and mechanical protection provided by proven two-part polyurethane resin supplied in convenient foil packs • clear rigid high-impact joint shells

insulating covers asset protection insulating covers mvlc – medium voltage line cover • state of the art insulation to help prevent electrical outages caused by tree/wildlife contact with lines • designed to insulate existing bare lines without replacing the conductor perfect for problem areas • can be applied to live lines as long as all live working requirements are adhered to and the correct application tool is used • the tool forms closes and feeds the mvlc along the conductor with speed and consistency • three sizes cover conductors from 16–800mm² • based on te’s raychem products field proven experience with hv products in harsh environments • uv stable as well as tracking and erosion resistant cat no voltage class kv mvlc-14-a/u 15 mvlc-14-a/241 25 mvlc-18-a/u 15 mvlc-18-a/241 25 mvlc-38-a/u 15 mvlc-38-a/241 25 spool length m conductor size mm² substation installation tool overhead installation tool up to 99

heatshrink end cap environmental sealing of cable eliminates chance of moisture ingress raychem cable end caps shrink when heated to tightly fit a ranga of cable sizes and constructions.this cross-linked halogenn free range provides high quality electrical insulation while at the same time resisting abrasion weathering and chemical attack features • sealant lined • range covers conductors from 4mm 115mm od • highest quality raychem range cat no application range lv abc products 102l011-r05/s 8-4mmod 102l022/s 17-8mmod 102l033/s 30-15mmod 102l044/s 50-25mmod 102l048/s 70-35mmod 102l055/s 95-45mmod 102l066/s 115-95mmod house connection mains entry box the mains entry box is mounted on the fascia of the building and incorporates fully insulated removable connectors to connect both the aerial service cable and the customer’s cable available in single and three phase options they accommodate supply conductors from 6-35mm² and customer conductors from 4-35mm²

insulators page lv 182 mv pin type 186 mv post type 188 stand offs 189 guy strains 189 glass discs page ball socket glass disc type 190 string electrical ratings 194 polymer insulators page polymer strains 198 silicone post type 199 eva post type 200 pivot support clamps page aluminium pivot support clamps 201 insulators porcelain insulators 0800 442 182

fuse pulling tools designed specifically to remove the fuse holder from the overhead fuse carriers both have the hotstick attachment application for use with k491 k291 k292 and tnnhp100 fuse units cat no description tnhsfp house service fuse puller for hand or hotstick application dualpuller dual house service ddo fuse puller lv underground fuse switches compression style installation is required for this fuse carrier designed for lighting applications the 65u is fully submersible and perfect for lighting installations the rubber housing is easily adjusted to fit a range of conductor sizes this fuse carrier is simple to use just push the two halves together to create a friction seal cat no 65u fuse link style description cable range mm² amps 10x38mm barrel watertight 2.5-16 30 k221 this fuselink carrier is designed to accommodate 22x58 barrel fuse cartridges neutral tube or mini-switch it is designed for use without mechanical load mechanical tightening terminals allow

tape page self amalgamating tape 254 denso 254 insulation tape 254 cable pulling lubricants page techlube 255 techlube heavy duty 255 techlube heavy duty pre-lube 255 techlube phd 255 cleaning lubricants page cleaning solvent 1ltr bottle 256 cleaning solvent wipes 256 fibre optic cable solvent wipes 256 anti-bacterial hand cleaning wipes 256 lubricant spray page crc 5.56 – general purpose lubrication spray 257 crc 2.26 – advanced lubrication spray 257 crc 808 – silicone spray 257 rem oil – ampact tool cleaning 257 cable protection page cable cover 258 warning strip 259 pole guards 259 guy guard 260 cable clamps page universal cable clamps – ukr 90 260 single conductor clamps 261 trefoil conductor clamps 262 neoprene insert 262 cable bundling page nylon cable ties 263 stainless steel cable ties 264 stainless steel band strap buckles 264 identification labelling page critchley k65 markers 265 everlast 1 pole markers 266 everlast phase markers 267

cat no description battery operated cable cutter with 230v ac charger comes in sturdy plastic rec-54ac-230 carry case with 14.4v rechargeable battery height 360mm weight 4.0kg max cable diameter 54mm cat no description light weight portable hydraulic cutter single action cylinder with spring return no set up time required blades are easy to replace 180° swivel lock pin type head hysc-45 length 683mm weight 6.8kg cat no description light weight portable hydraulic cutter single action cylinder with spring return no set up time required blades are easy to replace 180° swivel lock pin type head length 631mm weight 10.3kg s-55 cutting capacity up to 30mm wire rope 35mm soft cu bar 28mm soft al bar 22mm soft steel bar tools cutting capacity 40mm wire rope soft al bar 32mm soft cu bar 20mm soft steel bar 19mm reinforcing rod 54mm cu al acsr up to 20mm guy wire crimp tools hand operated crimp tools cat no description ratchet type tool for un-insulated copper lugs cg series the long

as1000/as1500 protective face shields – hrc 2 10 cal/cm² cat no description as1000 as1000fs with ascp slotted asslb bracket fits most slotted front brim hard hats as1000u as1000fs with ascp universal bracket fits most front brim hard hats as1000fb as1000fs with ascp universal fbbracket fits most full brim hard hats as1000r as1000fsr with ascp asrhg4 pin lock head band with 4” arc guard as1000hat as1000 with sa79r front brim hard hat asbag cotton canvas storage bag with drawstring closure fleece interior for as1000 series sa79 peak front brim hard hat with rain trough 4-point nylon suspension pin-lock adjustment ansi csa type i class e dielectrically rated ansi z89.1-2003 peak front brim hard hat with rain trough 4-point nylon suspension ratcheting adjustment ansi csa type i class e dielectrically rated ansi z89.1-2003 important – please ad the colour code to the end of hard hat white 01 yellow 02 orange 03 sa79r insulating safety equipment as1000

0800 442 182 +64 9 274 3340 catalogue #tnutilcat 05/14 raychem technical team on site during the christchurch earthquake recovery effort – repairing 66kv cable damage transnet new zealand ltd transnet equipment pty ltd transnet tonga auckland 20 neilpark drive east tamaki auckland new zealand ph0800 442 182 fax 0800 442 183 po box 39 383 howick auckland wellington 18 sydney street petone wellington new zealand ph0800 442 182 fax 0800 442 183 po box 39 383 howick auckland perth unit 20 8 hurley street canning vale wa 6155 perth australia ph+61 8 9256 3417 fax +61 8 9256 3917 po box 1439 canning vale dc wa 6970 tonga small industries ma’ufanga tonga ph+67 627 939 fax +67 627 976 po box 2932 nukualofa new zealand new zealand australia tonga