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Launching rigid vinyl into the drywall industry in 1970 with the creation of the J Bead, Trim-Tex Inc. has spent over 40 years designing and creating reliable drywall finishing products at an affordable price. Our 2013 catalog features our latest innovations, along with an updated photo gallery and additional product diagrams, this is a catalog you don't want to miss!

bondaflex 700 adhesive caulk trim tex 847 illinois institute of art chicago truss to top plate 8 rubber wiper replacements 25 tape measure drywall contractors pullaway l bead trim tex drywall screws drywall screw drywall tools window snap trim inside corner edge trim inside corner tile trim tile inside corner trim metal corner finish trim vinyl snap on trim bullnose corners bullnose baseboard corners staple gun outside bullnose corner staple guns aviation snips corner beads crown molding z vinyl shadow bead z metal shadow bead 80 grit plaster corner acoustic ceiling buell accessories folding knife vinyl outside corner closet doors closets doors closet door expansion joint expansion joints outside corner reveal 135 outside corner heavy duty staples rigid vinyl molding bi metal saw saw blades 2 x 50 180 grit epoxy light beads bi metal saw blade staples and staples guns gun stock tools pg 33 pg 31 700 x 700 shower utility knives 12 x 12 with bullnose utility knive butt joint

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2 mud set beads 3 ½ times more bonding surface than paper metal composite beads no cracks or call backs guaranteed apply fill coat same day to save time superior corner bead at a lower cost never dents rusts or molds no paper to scuff or blister engineered hole pattern allows the bead to self level patented mud locks compound drywall patented i-beam u.s patent #7,788,865 trim-tex mud set world s strongest bead mud set rigid corner bead i-beam is 3 times more rigid than standard vinyl corner bead creates a sharper corner mud lock technology assures no cracks or call backs guaranteed micro perforations allow faster installation compatible with all hoppers and most roller tools stock no msr007 msr008 msr009 msr010 msr012 length 7 8 9 10 12 pcs per box 40 40 40 40 40 features wider mud legs than standard corner bead a full 1 wide all the advantages of mud set rigid corner bead in a larger jumbo size mud set rigid jumbo corner bead stock no msrj08 msrj09 msrj10 length 8 9 10

architectural series rigid 7 trim-tex architectural series rigid corner bead archway features patented i-beam technology for the most rigid vinyl corner bead ever available i-beam nose creates a sharp distinctive outside corner that is easier to mud and creates crisp paint transitions installs with staples and 847 spray adhesive archway can finish a 10 inside or 22 outside radius stock no ra10 stock no r008 r009 r010 r012 length 8 9 10 12 archway length 10 pcs per box 40 pcs per box 40 40 40 40 rigid jumbo corner bead archway extra wide mud legs measure 1 ¾ heavy duty design is extra durable for high traffic areas such as hallways and balconies perfect for schools hospitals office buildings archway can finish a 16 inside or 24 outside radius archway stock no rja10 length 10 pcs per box 35 stock no rj08 rj10 length 8 10 pcs per box 35 35 rigid splayed adjustable corner bead high tech hinge allows easy angle adjustments from 115° 155° stock no rs08 rs10 length 8 10

12 architectural series reveals architectural reveal bead fits ½ or thicker drywall reveal beads are used to create aesthetic reveals in the drywall and are available in multiple widths and depths available in most common sizes built in expansion a b no backing or blocking needed uv stabilized for use in exterior applications stock no as5150 as5170 as5110 as5210 as5310 as5320 as5325 a+b size ¼ x ¼ ¼ x ¾ ½ x ½ ½ x ¾ ½ x 1 x ½ x length 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 pcs per box 25 15 20 15 15 15 15 architectural series f reveal bead the f reveal beads perfectly match the stock no a+b size architectural reveal beads and are designed as8710 ½ x ½ to be used where drywall terminates at another as8730 ½ x ¾ building component such as a ceiling window as8740 ½ x 1 as8750 x or door b uv stabilized for use in exterior applications length pcs per box 10 25 10 20 10 15 10 20 a t save time and money with no need for jobsite miter cuts designed to

17 11 ways to finish a corner 1 ½ step a bull get the corner you want with the largest number of styles and sizes in the industry corner 350 bull arch rigid corner 350 chamfer ¾ step a bull chamfer 350 bull 1 ½ bullnose ¾ r bullnose 1½ r bullnose niche bead 350 step a bull ¾ step a bull 1½ step a bull niche 350

22 ez-tray ceiling system ez-tray ez-tray was designed to add a tray ceiling look to any new construction or remodeling project simple 2 x 2 framing and ½ drywall minimize ceiling height loss while dramatically enhancing the look of any room 3 2 stock no ez-10 length 10 pcs per box 10 slim design dramatic look ez-tray kit complete tray ceiling in a box the ez-tray kit eases the installation for a decorative tray ceiling in rooms up to 16 by 16 pre-mitered pieces means no cutting each kit includes enough for 1 layer of tray 4 9 pieces of standard ez-tray 4 24 pre-mitered corners 2 tubes of #700 adhesive caulk stock no ezkit pcs per box 1 kit ez-tray 2.5 the ez tray 2.5 is a ½ taller than our standard ez tray it is designed to be installed with 2 x 2 framing and 2 layers of ½ drywall 3 2½ this taller product allows you to install a second narrower layer of drywall and finish the opposite edge with any of our decorative layering beads ez-tray 2.5 is perfect for creating

350 bull accessories 350 bulltm l bead 350 bull l bead works just like trim-tex j round or chamfer stop perfect for decorative layers or for a clean finished look around windows and doors save the cost of wood moldings stock no 35048 35040 35058 35050 size ½ ½ length 8 10 8 10 pcs per box 35 35 35 35 27 350 bull arch l bead tm 350 bull arch l bead is designed to be notch free and hassle free used for creating beautiful curved layers or finishing arched doors and windows 350 bull arch l bead can go from a 36 inside to a 36 outside radius stock no 35060 35070 size ½ length 10 10 pcs per box 35 35 350 molded corners 0920 is designed to finish two 350 bull outside corners adjoining at a 90° angle 0921 is designed to finish two 350 bull outside corners and one 350 bull splayed corner bead adjoining at an outside off angle corner 0923 is designed to finish three 350 bull outside corners that adjoin to a 90° outside angle stock no 0920m 0920 0921m 0921 0923m 0923 pcs

step a bull 31 350 step a bull the 350 step a bull offers the same great look of its larger cousins and is perfect for details like soffits niches or doorways use 350 step a bull everywhere to prevent inconsistent shadows that can occur from over-sanding a regular bullnose free cleaning tool miter marker included stock no 7038 7030 length 8 10 pcs per box 20 20 ¾ r step a bull the ¾ r step a bull features a ¾ radius and 3/16 deep steps on either side of the bullnose to create a sharp attractive corner detail free cleaning tool miter marker included stock no 7048 7040 length 8 10 pcs per box 15 15 perfect for outside corners especially beautiful when creating decorative columns soffits niches ¾ r step a bull arch introducing the world s first ever step a bull arch innovative 2 part sliding design comes pre-assembled to speed installation stock no 7148 7140 length 8 10 pcs per box 10 10 designed to finish an inside radius as small as 15 or an outside radius of 30 1

36 abrasive products dual angle dual grit sanding block the trim-tex dual angle dual grit sanding block is 40 larger than standard blocks measuring in at 5 x 3 ¼ this premium sanding block features two tapered edges to simplify corner sanding and radius edges to prevent gouging and scuffing of compound patent d480,619 radius edge prevents scuffing stock no grit pcs per box 885 medium/fine 24 885-bulk medium/fine 100 885-ind medium/fine 24 885f fine/fine 24 885f-bulk fine/fine 100 also available individually sleeved single angle sanding block the single angle sanding block is also 40 larger than standard blocks and features a steep tapered edge to simplify corner sanding and the trim-tex exclusive radius corner the radius corner prevents scratching and gouging of the drywall compound while the tapered edge prevents unintentional sanding of the opposite wall available in medium and fine grits radius edge prevents scuffing stock no grit pcs per box 888f fine 24 888f-bulk fine 100

backerboard auto mixer 41 backerboardtm backerboard is a high strength plywood backing product that allows you to attach cabinets shelves grab rails or just about anything else you want to hang on or attach to a wall installs inside the wall cavity not over the studs resulting in a perfectly flat wall stock no 830 831 832 833 830xt 832xt 830pc 830xtpc 832pc 832xtpc length 4 x 16 fire treated 4 x 16 standard 4 x 24 fire treated 4 x 24 standard 8 ½ x 16 fire treated 8 ½ x 24 fire treated 4 x 16 fire treated 8 ½ x 16 fire treated 4 x 24 fire treated 8 ½ x 24 fire treated pcs per box 20 20 20 20 10 10 1 1 1 1 custom skids available minimum 100 pcs 4 8 ½ pro series auto mixer mix drywall compounds and exterior acrylic finishes hands free the pro series auto mixer includes a variable speed drill with triple gear reduction the stainless steel bracket mixing paddle and a 5 gallon bucket save time hands feet free no spinning buckets no shoulder or back

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