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solar modules framed modules hanwha q.cells – high-quality monocrystalline third generation modules leading in research and development 24 within a few years hanwha q.cells has developed from a solar cell manufacturer to a worldwide leading photovoltaic systems enterprise the quality modules from german and malaysian production are based on the results of intensive research and development since its foundation hanwha q.cells has developed product standards which are valid until today – for example the 6-inch solar cell or the full-square monocrystalline solar cell the company has the largest technology centre of the solar industry which also comprises an accredited test laboratory and a module test centre the third module generation – yet higher standards in terms of performance technology design and tests maximum demands are made on the q.peak-g3 series in monocrystalline solar modules the solar cell with its full-square format and a new busbar layout

single-phased grid-connected inverters art no 0201884 model mpp voltage range open circuit voltage max input current nominal output max dc power mpp tracker output voltage power factor cos phi frequency max efficiency euro efficiency night-time consumption ambient temperature heat dissipation relative humidity protection mode circuit type dc load disconnector surge protection grid monitoring display connection input output casing dimensions w h d weight warranty norms kostal piko 3.0 270 730 v 900 v 12.5 a 3000 w 4300 w 1 pc 230 v 1 0.9 inductive 0.9 capacitive 50 hz 96.20 95.50 1.7 w -20 to +60 °c controlled air cooling 0 to 95 no condensation ip55 transformerless single-phased integrated integrated din v vde 0126-1-1 vdew-compliant graphic display with 3-button operating concept mc4 spring-loaded terminal strip sheet steel 500 mm 385 mm 222 mm 22 kg 5 years din vde 0100-712 din en 61000-3-2:2006 din en 61000-6-3:2007 din v vde v 0126-1-1 vde v 0126-1-1

mounting systems – components on-the-roof system tri‑stand mounting accessories roof hooks hanger bolts roof fold clamps renosol plates as standard roof hooks are available in fixed or once adjustable versions and are suited to almost any type of tile using plate fold clamps the tri‑stand profiles can be attached to the plate fold roof directly for the assembly of substructures first fastenings must be installed at the appropriate grid spacings on tiled roofs the roof hooks are attached either directly to the rafter or to distance battens above the rafter roof hooks are available for almost any type of tile and are secured by means of seating bolts 100 in the case of plate fold roofs the clamps are installed directly at the fold the clamps consist of two stainless steel metal sheets which are bolted together the roof fold clamps are available in a round version especially for kalzip roofs the substructure can be mounted on the clamps without

mounting systems applications i pitched roof roof-top 1 tiles shingles corrugated panels 1.1 tri-stand on tiles 1.1.1 insertion system 11.5 odule mm m module 69 35.7 ile ts prof ules 69 r of mod numbe 69 m 57.5 m module ule pv mod s p or upup-l u 8.5 3 69 mm module m 57.5 m 11.5 33.3 module ule pv mod .5 mm 11 module 120 potential applications • for standard tiles • for flat “beaver tail“ tiles • for shingles and slate advantages insertion system • time-saving no-screw module installation • homogeneous appearance due to small spaces between module rows • easy removal of modules for replacement or maintenance work • no clip marks • optimum load distribution flexibility • different profile gauges for both light-weight designs and statically optimized constructions • one or several roof hook variants for virtually any application • optionally black profiles for visually attractive systems with black

2 flat roofs with normal load capacity iv flat roof mounting systems applications 2.1 tri-stand triangle installation on renosol plates m 0m ule mod 69 m .5 m 11 m 5m 57 le odu shading angle m p or l u up s up renosol panels 800x600x35 139 potential applications • roof areas with gravel granulate bitumen or film cover • for additional module inclinations on pitched roofs with up to 20° roof pitch • gravel-covered roofs or green roof areas advantages insertion system • time-saving no-screw module installation • easy removal of modules for replacement or maintenance work • homogeneous appearance due to small spaces between module rows • no clip marks • optimum load distribution flexibility • horizontal and vertical module installation • flexible module inclinations 20°/30° 20° – 70° for optimum yield depending on location quality • excellent inherent stability due to solid construction •

accessories plugs and sockets the smk pv connectors smk since 1925 smk corporation has been developing producing and distributing electrical and electronic components switches and remote controls for medical applications as well as for all areas in renewable energies because of their many years of experience and permanent optimization of development and production processes smk offers proven and top-quality technology in product development the company s particular focus is on sustainability and environmental protection best conductivity the product characteristics of smk pv connectors incorporate know-how and findings from many years of development and production of connectors for various application areas using the proven smk multi-point structure pv connectors will realize optimum contactability and conductivity characteristics at a glance n n n 158 high reliability thanks to their well-conceived type of design and the materials used smk connectors are a reliable product in