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rheingold ’62 qd®1 15870 “rheingold ’62” express train passenger car set prototype 5 different design german federal ­railroad db express train passenger cars for the “f” train f 10 ­“rheingold” 1 type ad4üm-62 vista dome car with a raised dome compartment and service areas beneath it vista dome with ­8 side windows 2 type av4üm-62 compartment cars 1 dsg type wr4üm-62 dining car 2 dining areas ­galley dishwashing area buffet and personnel compartment raised roof over the galley “buckel-speisewagen” “humpback dining car” 1 type ap4üm-62 open seating car the cars look as they did the summer of 1962 model all of the cars have close coupler mechanisms except for the vista dome car led interior lighting can be installed in all of the cars one compartment car 1st class has led marker lights total length over the buffers 825 mm 32-1/2“ the lighting kit to go with it 66616 lighting kit except for the vista dome car one-time series prototypically includes marker lights 15870 16102