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profine GmbH
International Profile Group
Mülheimer Straße 26
D-53840 Troisdorf

Phone: + 49 2241 9953-0
Telefax: + 49 2241 9953-3561

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ral 6005 ral 9010 colour

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functional surface techn camel smoke

choose the matching co there are 22 colours available

olour protected by colour colour

full cover for colour all ro natural charm a satin look gives your window profiles a high quality appearance and a pleasant slightly textured feel you have never experienced pvc-u windows this way

ound protected by colour colour full cover the entire window profile – outside and inside – in the colour of your choice procovertec gives your window profile the colour you choose all round

protected by colour – the perfect combination

dirt doesn’t have a chan beautiful windows are a joy to see permanent protection with procovertec thanks to this innovative surface technology your windows retain their beauty even under extreme environmental effects the procovertec surface has been designed to withstand even the most adverse weather conditions enjoy the ease of cleaning your windows and your cosy home only a soft sponge and water and possibly a little neutral soap are needed

nce protected by colour user friendly

ur all the advantages at a glance colour protection user friendly • natural charm • robust • dirt repellent • flexible combinations • colour stability • water repellent • wide range of stylish colours • dimensional stability • easy to clean • full cover – colour all round

pearl seashell smoke cloud elephant similar to ral 9010 similar to ral 9016 similar to ral 7038 similar to ral 7004 similar to ral 7011 pure white traffic white agate grey signal grey iron grey stone truffle ash midnight cream similar to ral 7015 similar to ral 7016 similar to ral 7021 similar to ral 8022 similar to ral 9001 slate grey anthracite grey black grey black brown cream white sahara camel wood chocolate berry similar to ral 1001 similar to ral 1024 similar to ral 8014 similar to ral 8017 similar to ral 3005 beige ochre yellow umber chocolate brown wine red tomato beautiful windows are a joy to see polar denim navy apple similar to ral 5014 similar to ral 5002 similar to ral 5011 similar to ral 6001 signal red pigeon blue ultramarine blue navy blue emerald green jungle forest similar to ral 6005 similar to ral 6009 moss green fir green similar to ral 3001 printed colours may not agree with the original

profine gmbh trocal profilsysteme 53839 troisdorf phone +49 02241 9953-0 fax +49 02241 9953-3561 internet subject to modification without prior notice order no 4 01 pr6604 email