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air as the giver of

bring fresh air into your life the healthy quantity of fresh air a regulated exchange of air is the be all and end all of a healthy indoor climate the difficulty lies solely in finding the right balance between fresh air supply and heat loss or put differently the art of ventilation that is ecologically sound and saves heating costs unfortunately there is no pat solution for this – how long the optimal exchange of air takes depends on wind and weather the position of the opened windows and many other factors trocal has collected for you a few simple and helpful basic rules information and tips on the subject of optimal ventilation that of course comply with all of the currently applicable bills and standards correct regular airing is becoming more important than ever especially in our better insulated living space whereas earlier draughty houses and loose windows provided a constant although unintended ventilation our houses today are well insulated and sealed for the minimum

indoor climate as a feel good factor when cooling becomes a problem high air humidity becomes a problem in particular when temperatures drop during a heating period when the radiators are turned down for instance when there is nobody home the indoor temperature falls – and therefore the quantity of water vapour that the ambient air can absorb earlier this was not a problem yet nowadays because houses are very well sealed and moreover are fitted with modern energy saving windows and thermally insulating glazing the excess moisture can no longer escape although a cubic metre of air at 20 °c can absorb up to 17.3 grams of water the same quantity of air at 0 °c can absorb only 5 grams of water so when humid air cools from 20 °c to 0 °c 12.3 grams of water condense as droplets out of every cubic metre in other words when old draughty windows are replaced with modern airtight elements the ventilation behaviour must be adapted accordingly as a comparison if the

fresh air as a permanent guest there is no magic formula for correct ventilation on the one trocal ventilation tip hand we have countless factors that affect the relative air four ventilation stages for buildings principles of the din standard 1946-6 the new residential ventilation standard din 1946-6 distinguishes between a total of four ventilation stages that safeguard a permanent high quality of air in buildings and the regulation of air humidity the standard din 1946-6 applies to the free and forced ventilation of homes and sets of rooms used for similar purposes so called working units humidity including the need for ventilation on the other we have homes and buildings in diverse shapes and sizes basically there are two kinds of ventilation systems free ventilation and forced ventilation free ventilation is the name given to all ventilation modes that operate without mechanical aids e.g windows are opened to let excess moisture escape this utilises the pressure difference across

more than air and water carbon dioxide the most important reference value for indoor ventilation is the carbon dioxide content although the co2 content of indoor air rises when people are present no ventilation is needed to reduce the co2 values when the room is used normally carbon monoxide the carbon monoxide content is relevant only in rooms with an open hearth because co gases are generated only when combustion does not take place as planned the reasons can be improperly extracted flue gases or an inadequate supply of combustion air because carbon monoxide is an odourless gas it mostly goes unnoticed by residents and is therefore particularly dangerous oxygen nt importa info trocal ventilation tip f ubject o on the s tion ventila of course it is not only the air’s moisture content i.e the relative air humidity that is responsible for a how to use the wind healthy indoor climate also the air’s other constitu whoever wants fast ventilation should get help ents like

trocal ventilation systems air supply with the airmatic system there are a large number of cases where the conventional ventilation methods are inadequate e.g when somebody is home only rarely this also applies to weekend and holiday homes here the trocal ventilation system airmatic provides for fresh air – also without active ventilation the trocal ventilation system airmatic is the perfect solution for obtaining a healthy indoor climate at all times even when the windows are closed it is also ideal as a retrofit trocal 88 open air supply closed under wind action trocal innonova_70.a5 open air supply closed under wind action the trocal airmatic ventilation element with self-regulating air flow ensures that the passage of outdoor and indoor air is adequately metered for constant basic ventilation even when the windows are closed and this without draughts and without appreciable energy losses trocal airmatic installed in the upper inside section of the window system is

fresh air automatically test values in db fan installation air flow rate in m3/h regel-air® a b c 2 pa 4 pa 5 pa 7 pa 8 pa 1 along the horizontal top 1 along the vertical side 39 43 43 3 4 5 5 6 2 along the horizontal top 1 along the vertical side 38 2 along the horizontal top 2 along the vertical side 38 42 42 43 42 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 n minimises high air humidity and the risk of mould n concealed in the outer frame rebate so air® 76 contributes to a healthy living climate inside closed windows and is easy to clean invisible from the inside and outside when the window is closed n easy to clean n tested sound insulation up to 43 db stc 8 fan installation the new regel-air 76 fan features an innovative return spring and does not need a power supply it can be installed either horizontally over the window or vertically inside it the system is therefore ideal as a retrofit climatec 76 250/200 300/250 350/300 350/350 400/350 400/400 1 ventilator n din 1946-6 ventilation 12/13

trocal – your partner with such a complex subject like indoor climate it proves very difficult to recommend standard solutions so varied are the initial situations what is important is that you decide for a needs based practical solution – and choose a ventilation mode that fulfils all of your local and personal needs trocal will be pleased to assist you in choosing the ventilation mode best suited to your requirements should you have any further questions on the subject of ventilation or ventilation systems simply complete the form on the back and send it to the profine competence centre

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