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our services4 global presence directly in your vicinity global presence tyrolit stands for global thinking and activities with a worldwide sales network currently in 65 countries and with our own production plants in 12 countries on five continents we offer our customers all the advantages of a globally operating company local availability global thinking local action – in your national language and in your vicinity this is the principle we follow in dealing with our customers local contacts near your premises and a global team of specialist application engineers ensure optimum customer support and first-class service your benefits global presence with local contacts short response and service times tyrolit production locations sites are only named once tyrolit sales locations sites are only named once includes service

our services7 tyrolit product innovations from innovation to industry standard 1957 secur sets new safety standard tyrolit is the first company in europe to produce fibreglass-reinforced cutoff and rough grinding wheels 1982 tyrojet revolutionises diamond wheels laser welded segments have now enabled the use of diamond wheels for dry cutting and at high speeds 1992 higher productivity thanks to super-thin cut-off wheels 2011 natural jute disc for less environmental load with the launch of the tyrolit natural fibre disc of natural jute fibre we can considerably reduce environmental load by using a biodegradable core 2014 tyrolit introduces the first super-thin cut-off wheels from which customers are still benefiting today with huge increases in productivity and performance 2013 more abrasiveness and a longer lifetime with cerabond the cerabond system combines a high-quality ceramic grain with an innovative bond structure more comfort with the comfort start rough grinding wheel the

tools for welding

preparation12 premium rough grinding wheel for nonferrous metals the premium rough grinding wheel developed specifically for nonferrous metals prevents clogging of the tool in order to reduce loading or dulling even at very low pressure the wheel achieves extremely high abrasiveness tyrolit’s formula and production methods enable exceptionally shape 27 premium longlife for steel high stock removal rates to be obtained for nonferrous metal applications these rough grinding wheels are available in the hard n grade for surface and edge grinding or in the softer cutting l grade for surface grinding type no dimension specification pu 5365 178x7,0x22,23 a36n-bfx 10 rough grinding wheel the premium longlife is a high-performance rough grinding wheel for surface and edge grinding the 4 mm thick rough grinding wheel achieves the highest stock removal rates such as in pipeline construction applications shape 27 the 7 8 and 10 mm thick longlife rough grinding wheels offer enhanced

cleaning14 cleaning welding seams after welding scale and discolouration must usually be removed from welding seams cleaning the seam is necessary both for visual reasons as well as for technical reasons to prevent corrosion depending on the desired end result of the workpiece more or less time can be spent on this work step removal of scale and discolouration the first step for proper finishing of welding seams is cleaning for this we support you with a broad assortment of brush tools for all machine types as well as a wide range of fleece and rough cleaning wheels in different specifications brush tools are mainly suited for the removal of stubborn scale and slag in hard to reach places for example in pipe connections after the first welding operation the chemical and mechanical properties of the wire as well as the condition of the wire brush produce very good results in terms of the scouring action and lifetime interim cleaning of welding seams in most cases welding the joints of

cleaning16 premium for stainless steel round brushes the premium round brushes are ideal for welding tyrolit will provide you with the appropriate wire brush for your application depending on the wire type twisted wire brushes are used for preparing surfaces and removing rust scales and concrete residue shape 1rdz premium universal use type no dimension specification max speed pu 34202829 125x6x21x22,2 e0,5inox pipe 12.000 1 rough cleaning wheel with the tyrolit rough cleaning wheel you can effortlessly remove rust paint lacquer and underbody sealant from your workpiece the porous nylon fibres treated with aggressive abrasives meet any challenge at the same time they prevent clogging or loading of the wheel shape type no 28 vl gr 34206237 premium universal use wire brushes with knotted wire can also be used to remove rust and paint as well as for fine grinding our products are also frequently used to clean welding seams this wheel offers the user quiet non-strenuous grinding

grinding welding seams19 premium flap disc longlife for steel and stainless steel longest lifetime the premium longlife offers an even longer service life with consistent grinding results excellent overall abrasion offers not only a long service life but also exceptional results in terms of abrasiveness robust construction through the increased number of closely spaced flaps this disc can withstand even the highest loads the premium longlife flap disc offers the longest lifetime and an excellent stock removal rate this tyrolit film the product film can be found on youtube at tyrolitgroup flap disc is used both on high alloyed steels and stainless steel as well as on unalloyed and low alloyed steels problem-free welding as well as edge and surface grinding particularly when used on powerful angle grinders premium flap disc longlife for steel and stainless steel shape 28n premium longlife for steel type no dimension specification pu 34239195 125x22,23 za60-b 10

grinding welding seams21 premium ca-p93 v vulcanised fibre discs for steel and stainless steel using fibre discs is a very simple and quick solution for removing material a low level of vibration means the tools are convenient to use this fibre disc has been designed for use on steel and stainless steel and is made shape v disc premium for steel of a ceramic aluminium oxide mix this fibre disc is available from our assortment in grit sizes 24 to 120 type no dimension grain max speed pu 34163912 180x22 36 8.600 50 tungsten carbide burrs tyrolit tungsten carbide burrs are produced on modern cnc grinding machines the result is a highly efficient precision tool that achieves optimum grinding results the specially developed wheel geometry ensures the longest lifetime and the best results on all types of steel shape the abrasive cutter profile is especially long-chipping and ensures a high stock removal volume reduced generation of heat protects the milling cutter and the workpiece type no

surface finish24 surface finish and polish in many cases once scratches are removed and surfaces settled the perfect finish is achieved here you can choose between a matt even surface structure or a high-gloss polish therefore the requirements for the right abrasive differ considerably as well as high machine quality and the quality of the fleece and flap discs precision work and know-how are also important prerequisites when polishing metal surfaces several work steps are often needed to achieve the desired result during the polishing process care should be taken to ensure that the accumulated grinding dust is continuously removed or else it can impair the results as an unwanted abrasive achieving the perfect surface whether matt or polished you can find the right tool for your desired result in our assortment choose from various fleece products for angle grinders and straight grinders or for quick machining by hand products like the tyrolit fast change discs or the classic fleece

surface finish26 premium universal use unitised wheels with unitised wheels from tyrolit especially difficult-to-reach places and corners can be reached on every workpiece these flexible products do not alter the surface geometry of your workpiece in any way and always achieve the desired surface structure the cool grinding low clogging and regular surface results give them the edge over conventional tools shape 1uw application areas are primarily the deburring cleaning fading finishing and machining of welding seams material can be easily machined and structured using unitised wheels type no dimension specification max speed rec speed pu 34190207 152x3x25,4 3 c fine 5.000 3.000 16 premium mounted flap wheels for steel stainless steel and nonferrous metals these tools adapt optimally to every workpiece contour thanks to their flexibility the radially arranged flaps of the mounted flap wheels can be used on various materials and permit precise work for different applications such as

our worldwide subsidiary companies can be found on our website at 20059497-en-0916 tyrolit schleifmittelwerke swarovski k.g swarovskistraße 33 6130 schwaz austria tel +43 5242 606-0 fax +43 5242