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Page 130 of Mobile Phone Cables and Accessories Catalog Catalog Gadgets Reference: RAVEMOTION Name: Rave Sky Writer Motioner with leds Price: 29 Euros The complete novel and hi-tech electronic toys driven by the embedded IC. Twirl the rave-motioner over your head and your message will magically appears in mid air. Rave motioner has 13 preset messages and your personalized messages can be programmed Specifications: 13 preseted messages: WELCOME, LET S PARTY, DANCING, COME ON BABY, COOL, GOAL, KISS ME, I LOVE YOU, HELP, HELLO, MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY NEW YEAR. It is great for parties, concerts, birthday, New Year and other great events Color of text: Red 1 Programmable Message up to 16 characters Light source: Ultra Bright LED 1M to 20M Working Life: above 5000 hours Power Supply: Three R-1 Batteries (when choosing the RED LED two AAA battery make the gadget work). Reference: LED-BELT Name: Belt Buckle with flashing leds with customized message Price: 29 Euros The belt buckle with flashing leds is the new fashion accessory for the street wise. Personalize your buckle by writing your name or messages so that it flashes onto the screen. Messages are shown moving accross, so there is always a new message showing. You can write up to 6 different messages. Its a great accessory for parties or just to stand out from the crowd! Our electronics belt buckles are perfect for Attention Seekers everywhere. Wear a scrolling message on your hips and we're sure you'll be the hit of the party. The message can scroll from right to left and is user programmable. To program simply flip the buckle over and input up to 256 letters, numbers or symbols. Be sure to watch the Pretty Ricky Music Video "Grind with Me" Watch Baby Blue hold up the Blue LED buckle at the end of the Video. To attract more attention to your message you can speed up the message or add give more luminosity to your message. Either way it's totally up to you what message you input and what speed or luminosity rate you select. Characteristics: 1) Product size (mm): 135 (L) x 48 (W) x 5 (T) 2) Led color: red 3) Power supply: one CR2032 battery 4) Can store 6 messages: one with 512 characters and five with 256 characters 5) Nine speed levels 6) Led: 21 x 7 dot matrix Type whatever message you would like to see the badge display by using the demo on the left. After you finish typing your message press the send button to play your message.. Reference: DRIVEALERT Name: Anti-drowsy alarm for drivers Price: 23 Euros The Driver Alert is an anti-drowsy alarm designed to raise drivers awareness of momentary lapses caused by sleepiness and tirendness. Wear behind the right ear it works on the principle of electronic balance. As the driver head nods below a preset angle it emits a loud alarm signal alerting the driver to take corrective action, take a break or even take a nap!. The driver alert device is not only designed for drivers, it is perfect for people who need to be on full alert while on duty such a security guards guards, machine operators, and even students who need to work on their posture. Instructions: On the device is a little lever switch, shift it to the right towards ON Test that it is working properly by tilting it forward, if it beeps then it is at working mode Place behind your right ear and adjust, it should be placed correctly for effectiveness. Your head should not nod more than 30 degrees (the less the better), before it beeps When the device is no longer required move the lever towards the word OFF 128