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Page 131 of Mobile Phone Cables and Accessories Catalog Catalog Gadgets Reference: SHAKETORCH Name: Shake Torch Faraday Star without batteries Price: 29 Euros Forever Flashlight uses no batteries and requires only the single, included LED. Leave it unused in your car's glove box for years with complete peace of mind-you'll get that all important light when you need it. Forever Flashlight pays for itself quickly by saving you the cost of the batteries required to keep a standard flashlight in working order. How the Forever Flashlight Works: English physicist Michael Faraday discovered that any change in the magnetic environment of a coil will "induce" voltage in that coil. Forever Flashlight makes use of Faraday's Law of Induction to give you a lifetime of light without batteries replacement LED's or maintenance worries. The math used in Faraday's formula may be a bit challenging, but the Forever Flashlight makes it all simple-shake it and slide on the switch to get a dependable light every time! Instructions: Simply, shake the the Faraday Star flashlight for 30 seconds and you will have enough light to last you 5 minutes Characteristics Light is visible from 1km away It does not require batteries or light bulb. shock resistant and water resistant Floats on water DimensionsSize: 3 x 15 x 3cm (1.2 x 5.9 x 1.2") Reference: LED-TORCH Name: Small Silvered colored single white Led Torch key ring Price: 8 Euros A silvered colored very stylish, powerful , light weight one led torch keyring. Reference: CARDREADER Name: 15 in 1 Card reader and writer Price: 24 Euros Compliant to standard USB 2.0, hot-swappable supported Reader Writer supporting compact flash micro driver smart media / multimedia secure digital card memory stick memory stick pro XD-picture (CF1,CF2,MD,MS,MS DUO,MS Pro,MS proDUO,XD,SD,MMC1,MMC2.SM,SMxx) Speed 4.3Mbps, writing speed 1.3Mbps Icon illustrating on card slots LED displaying durinng the device activity Support O/S win98 2000 XP Mac os V9.2 or higher Ultra-slim mechanical design Hot-seal consumer packing Important: The memory adapter is for reading/writing memory cards such as compact flash micro driver smart media multimedia secure digital card memory stick memory stick pro XD-picture etc. It`s not for cloning simcards nor reading them net weight: 0.10 Kg. Reference: FLY-WING Name: Light weight and fast Remote control electric airplane Price: 120 Euros Buy and fly FLY WING includes everything you need to fly in one package. This includes a 2-channel transmitter and a 900mAh NiMH battery pack with a 300mAh wall charger. It also features the same super simple 2-channel flight control system. You can assemble the FLY WING and have it flying almost as soon as you get it home from the shop. The whole assembly process only takes about 15 minutes, and you may need an hour or two to charge up the battery for the first flight. So even if you've never flown an R/C airplane in your life, you can experience a successful start on your own. Rising rate: depend on the environment ,place, weather ,wind speed and so on to be changed . Flight time : ten to fifteen minutes. Radio Control distance: about 70 meters. About the Radio motor: two channels. About motor: two motors. Battery for plane: 6 in 1 Ni-MH 7.2V 6*2/3AAA300 mach. Against wind power: be able to against Max less than 4 level. Use AC charger. 1PC : Length (59cm) Wing span(69cm) Weight (168g) 129