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Page 135 of Mobile Phone Cables and Accessories Catalog Catalog Gadgets Reference: HCH-82 Name: Emergency Handy mobile charger for Nokia 33XX 82XX 6XXX Price: 30 Euros Charge your mobile phone anywhere, anytime. No battery or any other source of power needed. Just connect it to your cellular phone and wind it up. This generator suits circumstances, charge your mobile phone, MP3, digital camera or PDA. Charging with high efficiency and high saturation, fully utilize your phone/PDA/digital camera/MP3 cell. Provides self-power for light in situation of emergency. Built-in safe circuit, constant current, regular voltage, to protect your valuable mobile phone. Fashionable design, unique outlook and optional color. Benefits: Stand by time: 30 60 minutes with every 3 minutes of winding Talk time: 3 5 minutes with every 3 minutes of winding Operation: By winding the handle Rotation rate: 140 rotations per minute Mp3, Digital camera PDA Mobile phone Specifications: Max output voltage: 8VDC. Max output current: 320mA. Generator coil: 3 phase. Rechargeable Batteries: AG133 Ni-Mh batteries. Lamp:white color LED Size: 12.6x4.6x3.7cm Compatible Nokia phones: 3284, 3285, 3310, 3330, 3360, 3390, 3395, 5210, 5510, 6210, 6250, 6310, 7110,7160, 7190, 7650, 8210, 8250, 8260, 8290, 8310, 8390, 8810, 8850, 8860, 8890. Reference: FLASHSTICK Name: Psychedelic Flashing Wireless Sticker for Nokia phones Price: 3 Euros This products is perfect as Christmas gift, it will make your mobile phone look like a christmas tree with flashing lights everytime you receive a call, it has a very funny effects. It has been tested in nokia phones but should works in other mobile phone models. You only need to stick it on the backward of your Nokia mobile phone panel. (Near the Antenna) and it will work with any incoming call, when you make a call or in any comunication event like to receive an SMS. More Features: Light up in Blue Red color. Dimension: 1' 1/8" x 3/8" (3 cm x 1 cm) Perfect for alerting in silent mode situations. Reduce Radiation Visualize your incoming call at daytime and night time. Reference: CALC-8210 Name: Calculator and Dummy Mobile Phone Nokia 8210 Price: 7 Euros This is a funny gift that you could make this Christmas. This mobile phone looks like original Mobile phone Nokia 8210 but it's not, it's only an useful calculator. If you want to buy big quantities to offers as promotional gift to your customers we can offer you cheap prices. Reference: GSM-ALARM Name: Security Alarm interface to Ericsson mobile phone Price: 96 Euros Long distance security surveillance device using a GSM mobile phone. Controller to signalizings and monitoring the remoted objects apartments, garages, houses and etc with issue a warning signal on mobile telephones of standard GSM. Features Based on SMS with GSM mobile phone for operation Portable size to install anywhere 1 input port (I/P) and 1 output port (O/P) Auto-send SMS when I/P changing status (as A-SEND jumper is open) Green LED indicator for status information Reset button for device initialization Use RJ45 plug for easily installation Low battery consumption for battery operated Advanced professional user can programming IC s (ATtiny12L) firmware for their own purpose Optional DC circuit for external 5V DC input through RJ45 Introduction SMS I/O Alarm Device connects to some models of mobile phones through data cable. We provide cable for Ericsson T28 and compatibles. Its function is to provide an input port (I/P) and an output port (O/P) capable of being remotely controlled using another mobile phone. Control process takes place by means of mobile phone s SMS. When the mobile receives a predefined SMS message, the circuit automatically recognizes it as a #8220;command #8221;, and switches the O/P accordingly. Besides switching the O/P to quot;On quot; or quot;Off quot;, the user can pulse it for a short period (e.g.. Reboot the remote server.). The device can be used as well to notify the status of I/P (as setting of A-SEND jumper is opened), it will send a SMS message automatically every time when the I/P changing status. To know I/P status at any time, the device can send back a SMS describing the status of the I/P, as a response to a request SMS message. The applications are countless. It can be used to make an extended range remote control, operable from anywhere in the world. Download here GSM-ALARM instruction manual. Applications: Alarm systems (home, garage, office, etc) Use of control contact from sensors (pressure, temperature, hummidity, etc) 133