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Page 165 of Mobile Phone Cables and Accessories Catalog Catalog Connectors Reference: CO-IPAQ38 Name: Compaq iPAQ Connector 1900, 2200, 3800, 3900, 5400 5500 Price: 9 Euros Reference: CO-T192 Name: Motorola T192 connector for EMMI Box Price: 9 Euros Reference: CO-SONY-JX Name: Connector for Sony J5 J7 J70 Z7 Z70 Price: 6 Euros Reference: CO-ALDB Name: Connector for Alcatel DB 301 501 Price: 6 Euros Reference: CO-FLA83 Name: PS2 to Nokia 83XX Cable Price: 18 Euros This product is for use with our products: NK-FLASHFM NKCO-FMBUS NK-35678 This cable have a male PS2 connector and a connector for the Nokia 8310 and 8390 series 83XX ). The pinout of the PS2 connector is: The cable connect below your phone battery. Check quality of connector here: Reference: CO-V66 Name: Motorola V66 connector Price: 6 Euros Reference: NULL-RS232 Name: RS-232 Null modem male to male) cable Price: 10 Euros Allow data transmission between two serial device conections. It's useful to use between our IPAQ-RS232 and ETREXRS232 cables Reference: CO-ERT28 Name: Connector for Ericsson T20/T28/R3xx/T39/R520 Price: 6 Euros Compatible with: T20/T28/R3xx/T39/R520/T100/T610/R600/P800/T68 163