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Page 17 of Mobile Phone Cables and Accessories Catalog Catalog Cables [Unlock/Flash/Data] Nokia Reference: NK-83 Name: Nokia 8310 8390 FBUS MBUS data cable Price: 9 Euros The nokia data cable NK-83 works for Nokia 8310, 8390 and 6510 in FBUS and MBUS mode. It's compatible with nokia logomanager: Change Operator logo (Nokia Logo Manager) Change Startup logo (Nokia Logo Manager) View Security Code (Nokia Logo Manager) Enable/Disable NetMonitor (Nokia Logo Manager) and with Service software as winlock or Nokia Tool The cable connects below your phone battery. Check quality of connector here: p Reference: NK-8X60 Name: Nokia TDMA 8260 data cable FBUS MBUS Price: 14 Euros This new data cable allows to upload and download startup logos to Nokia TDMA phone 8260, with logomanager You can use this software to: Unlock SOC, Band, Programming Reset Values to Factory Fix UI, Full Factory, User Interface Change Startup logo to original, IRDB Open and Close Locks SOC, Band, Programming. Supported versions are: 8260 NSW-4 v6.09, v6.12, v6.17 When you make your purchase you will receive an account that will allow to download appropiate software from our members area. You can find the full version of the program to unlock Nokia TDMA at our Software sales area Reference: NK-35678 Name: Nokia Data cable 3210/33XX/51XX/6xxx/7xxx/8xxx FBUS MBUS Price: 39 Euros With this cable you can read phone security code, change logos/rintones, send/receive SMS, connect to internet etc. with all nokia phones 3210, 3310, 3390, 5110, 5130,5190, 6110, 6150, 6190, 6210, 6250, 7110, 7190, 8210, 8250, 8850, 8890. Mobile Data Cable Specification Nok. Universal Dual Bus (FBUS MBUS) Data Cable: Connect to PC DB 9 pin Serial Port Meets all RS-232C and V.28 specifications FBUS Data Rate speed up to 280kbps (software dependent) MBUS Data Rate speed up to 9600bps (software dependent) FBUS or MBUS auto switching mode TTL enhancement for stability improvement No external power supply Cable with ferric core for interference reduction Zener Diode Protection for Mobile Phone The main advantage of this Nok. Universal Dual Bus (FBUS MBUS) Data Cable is that you can plug this PS/2 side connector into 4 existing mobile phone connector cables, which are the same as the Nok. flasher cable, thus it works for most Nok. mobile phone models (such as 3210/3310/51xx/61xx/82xx). For future extension, you just have to buy the latest mobile phone connector side cable and then plug it into this cable PS/2 side connector. Note: With the Data Cable you can: Make full use of the Nok. Data Suite or PC Suite Modify the ringtones on your phone Modify your phone's graphics Easily edit your phone numbers/contacts directory Easily update the entries in you phone calendar Make sending SMS messages easy SP and SIM unlock on your phone Send/Receive Faxes Make and receive data calls e.g. connect to the Internet. (Using appropriate software and mobile phone model) (CAUTION: Do NOT connect this cable PS/2 side into PC PS/2 port, it will damage both PC and this cable) Tested Software: Using Nok. 3210 Mobile Phone: 1. LogoManager v1.1b5 (FBUS MBUS) 2. NSE Vibra Activator ASM-C by PRO (MBUS) 3. WinTesla Service Software Package v6.03 (MBUS) 4. Nok. Tool Build 029 (MBUS) 5. N-Monitor v1.0.0.6 (beta) (FBUS) 6. Nok. Unlocker v6.0 by GSM-TEAM (MBUS) Using Nok. 3310 (MCU SW V3.24 NHM-5) Mobile Phone: 1. LogoManager v1.1.71 (FBUS MBUS) 2. WinTesla Service Software Package v6.03 (MBUS) 3. Nok. Tool Build 029 (MBUS) 4. N-Monitor v1.0.0.6 (beta) (FBUS) 5. WinLock v1.10.0.0 (MBUS) Using Nok. 6150 (MCU SW V5.02 NSM-1) Mobile Phone: 1. Nok. Data Suite v2.0 v3.0 (FBUS) 2. LogoManager v1.1b5 (FBUS MBUS) 3. HD94X R D FT PC-Locals v1.3 (FBUS MBUS) 4. N-Monitor v1.0.0.6 (beta) (FBUS) 5. WinTesla Service Software Package v6.03 (MBUS) 6. Nok. Tool Build 029 (MBUS) 7. WinLock v1.10.0.0 (MBUS) 8. GSMTOOLS v1.010 (FBUS) Using Nok. 8210 and 8850 Mobile Phone: 1. LogoManager v1.1b5 (FBUS MBUS) 2. WinTesla Service Software Package v6.03 (MBUS) Note: Any use you make of service software and its consequences is entirely your own responsibility. Service software is NOT supplied 15