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Page 181 of Mobile Phone Cables and Accessories Catalog Catalog Software Reference: SOFT-SDL Name: SoftDataLink 5.0 for Siemens C35i, M35i, S25/35i Price: 60 Euros SoftDataLink 5.0 is a program suite for the mobile office which supports both PCs and various PDAs: Sending and Receiving SMS Managing of the phone books on the SIM-card in the mobile phone. Generating and playing of ringing melodies at the PC and loading in the phone Establishing and controlling state of the call diversion and call barring Synchronization of the appointment diary in the phone with MS Outlook 98 Sending and receiving email Supported systems PC IBM compatible: Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0 Windows CE: Handheld or Palmsize device with windows CE 2.0 or 2.11 3COM: palm III V, Palm Pilot Professional. It's compatible with Siemens C35i, M35i, S25/35i Reference: SOFT-LM Name: Logo Manager 1.3 license Price: 19 Euros LogoManager is PC Software for your Nokia phone that allows you to customise the phone with graphics and ringtones and also lets you easily handle your phonebook. All that's needed is a cable or suitable infrared connection why not try out the trial version now? Now it support 8310, and TDMA Nokia phones 5120, 5120i, 5160, 5160i, 6120, 6120i, 6160, 6160i, you can change startup logo Design your own caller group graphics, operator logos, startup graphics, screeen savers and ringtones for your Nokia phone no other software required and no charge for uploading to your phone as many times as you like! Also, if your phone system supports it, you can even send these tones and graphics from your mobile to your friends Nokia phones via the mobile network. Also now included is Nokia's latest Picture Message technology! LogoManager contains a phone explorer that lets you browse your phone, edit your phonebook and backup/restore all the items you have added to the phone. Included is a full featured set of graphics editing tools, as well as various other tools giving easy access to some features you may never have known your phone had! The ringtone 'QuickEdit' feature lets you write your own ringtones using the standardised RTTTL ringtone language. We will send your license and registration keys will be emailed to you as soon as you make purchase. 179