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Page 19 of Mobile Phone Cables and Accessories Catalog Catalog Cables [Unlock/Flash/Data] Nokia Reference: SOFT-CDLM Name: LogoManager CD and license Price: 38 Euros Logomanager unlocks the power of Nokia phone and it allows you to design your own personal logos and ringtones. Simply hook up your PC and Nokia phone via cable or infrared, and use LogoManager to truly customise your phone quickly and easily and it is absolutely FREE. Caracteristics: You can create your own start up logos: Identify with your phone as soon as it starts up. You can capture a photo, any picture from the internet or design your own. You can change opertator logos: Personalise your phone with a unique logo instead of the standard operator name. Screensavers: Customise your static screensavers for when the phone is not in use, and create animations for the 3330 and 3410. Ringtones: Add original ringtones to your phone so that it sounds like no one else's. Picture messages: Make your picture messages better than the rest. Organise your phone book: Add, delete or modify your phonebook entries and caller groups/graphics. No more worries if you lose or update your mobile, just save a back-up of the SIM card and phone contents to transfer to a new Nokia phone. You can also export your entire phonebook to a spreadsheet package for safe keeping and easy use. Send via SMS to your friends: As well as customising your own phone, you can send text, logos and ringtones to your friends' Nokia phones by SMS. Compatible phones: 3210, 3310, 3330, 3390, 3395, 3410, 3510, 5210, 6110, 6150, 6190, 7110, 7190, 6210, 6310/i, 6250, 8210, 8290, 8310, 8850, 8910. You only need a cable or an infrared adapter. System requirements: Desktop PC running Windows Operating System. 16Mb RAM. Compatible Nokia phone. Cable/infrared connection to phone. The box includes: LogoManager software CD. Instruction booklet. Registration card. Reference: NK-FLASH2 Name: Nokia 32/33/51/61/62/71/82/88 Flasher version 2.0 Price: 29 Euros All Nokia unlocking solution working by cable,it remove SP lock for 32xx/33xx/51xx/61xx/62xx/71xx/82xx/88xx. It removes all lock levels, all networks, all versions, fast tool, based on Dejan Flasher. It includes cable, software and documentation In addition you can change the language of your Nokia mobile phone. The unique difference between NK-FLASH and NK-FLASH2 is to have PIN 7 and PIN 12 solded at the Parallel connector to be compatible with All Nokia Unlocker 3.11 by Jethro You don't need to flash, this program will do it for you all automatically, unlocking without any risk. Of course this cable is 100% compatible with Dejan Flasher and all shells. Be sure that you use All nokia unlocker 3.11 version other Jethro version not works with NK-FLASH2 New Nokia FLASH cable unlocks new Nokia phones versions: GSM 900 Nokia 5110 [NSE-1]: V05.28, V05.29, V05.30 GSM 900/1800/1900 Nokia 3210 [NSE-8]: V05.31, V05.36, V06.00 Nokia 3310 [NHM-5]: V03.24, V04.02, V04.06, V4.18, V4.19, V4.23, V4.24, V4.35, V4.45 Nokia 3330 [NHM-6]: V3.05, V3.10, V3.12, V4.12, V4.16, V4.30 Nokia 6150 [NSM-2]: V5.22, V5.23 Nokia 6210 [NPE-3]: V03.01, V03.04, V04.08, V4.27, V4.36, V05.02, V5.17, V5.27 Nokia 6250 [NHM-3]: V04.00, V04.01, V04.04, V04.05, V5.00 Nokia 7110 [NSE-5]: V04.88, V04.94, V05.00, V5.01 Nokia 8210 [NSM-3]: V5.11, V5.16, V5.20, V5.21, V5.25, V5.26, V5.27, V5.28, V5.29 Nokia 8250 [NSM-2]: V3.08, V3.12, V3.18, V3.20 Nokia 8850 [NSM-3D]: V5.16, V5.20, V5.21, V5.25, V5.26, V5.27 Nokia 3390 [NSB-1]: V7.05 Nokia 5190 [NSB-1]: V6.11,V6.71 Nokia 6190 [NSB-3]: V6.13 Nokia 8890 [NSB-6]: V12.06, V12.07,V12.15 Nokia 8290 [NSB-7]: V5.02,V5.06, V5.07 Soon software compatibility will be available with: GSM 1800 PCN Nokia 5130 [NSK-1]: V05.71 Nokia 6130 [NSK-3]: V05.61 Nokia 5170/5180 [NSD-1] Nokia 6185 [NSD-3]: V2.25, V2.56, V2.58, V2.61 US TDMA 800/1900 Dual Band Nokia 5160 [NSW-1]: V3.41,V03.48, V03.49 Nokia 5160i [NSW-1]: V04.02, V04.03 Nokia 5165i [NSW-1]: V06.02, V06.03, V06.06 Nokia 6160 [NSW-3]: V01.15, V01.16 Nokia 6160i [NSW-3]: V03.03, V03.04 Nokia 8260 [NSW-4]: V06.09, V06.12, V06.17 Nokia 7160 [NSW-5]: V01.04, V01.07 Nokia 8860 [NSW-6]: V06.16, V06.21, V06.23 DAMPS Single Band Nokia 5120 [NSC-1]: V03.47 Nokia 5120i [NSC-1]: V04.02, V05.00 Nokia 5125i [NSC-1]: V06.03 Nokia 6120 [NSC-3]: V01.19 Nokia 6120i [NSC-3]: V03.02, V04.00 NK_FLASH includes: Paralel Nokia flash cable Cables for all models Software: Nokia Flash, All nokia unlocker by Jethro 3.11 Documentation. Note: This new cable DOES'T have FBUS or MBUS interface, so you CANNOT use it with logo manager, data suite, or any other programs to manage phone book, change ringtones or logos. etc. if you need do that, you'd better get our new cable NK-FLASHFM 17