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Page 212 of Mobile Phone Cables and Accessories Catalog Catalog Bluetooth accessories Reference: BLUE-PHONE Name: Worldphone software with Bluetooth USB adapter Price: 60 Euros Reference: BLUE-USB Name: Bluetooth USB dongle Price: 42 Euros Description The Blue-USB TM BluetoothTM USB Dongle is a quick, easy, and inexpensive solution for customers wanting to have a Bluetooth TM plug-on module to their PC now, giving them the ability to communicate with any peripheral BluetoothTM device. The USB Dongle provides many services, among others: Blue Manager :Provide automatic discovery and point-and-click management of devices, resources, and services. Drag-and-drop file sharing: Makes information sharing simple enhancing Collaboration and productivity. Wireless device synchronization: Update contact databases and calendars on Bluetooth devices quickly and conveniently. Wireless dial up and LAN connectivity: Internet connect to the Internet or LAN through Bluetooth cellular phones (GSM,GPRS, CDMA) or through Bluetooth LAN access points. Reliability Internal antenna: Delivers clear, interference-free reception under optimal condition in a durable, retractable design. Unique form factor: Provides Bluetooth connectivity to notebooks and desktops with USB port; two available cable lengths allow flexible location of the USB adapter for convenience and optimal radio reception. Security 128-bit encryption support: Lets users exchange information in privacy. Physical authentication: Identifies individual Bluetooth devices by their unique address and PINs. User-level authentication: Keeps information secure by enabling user names and passwords. Software Support Windows 98/98SE/ME Windows 2000 Windows XP Specifications Compliant with the BluetoothTM V1.1 specification Class 2 operation Fully BluetoothTM Version 1.1 qualified Power by the PC Full speed USB interface, compliant with USB 1.1 LED location Software upgradeable Built-in Antenna Frequency band: 2.4Ghz unlicensed ISM band Maximum date rate: 1M Sensitivity: -89dBM@0.1%BER 10 meter working distance Support profile The Blue-USB USB Dongle supports the following profiles: Dial-up Networking/Local Area Network Access/Fax/Serial Port/Synchronization/File Transfer/Generic Object Exchange Reference: BLUE-TALK Name: Universal Bluetooth Wireless Headset Price: 119 Euros The Bluetooth wireless headset uses the latest innovative design, it allows you to clip the tiny unit to your clothing, carriying in your pocket or wear around your neck. Freeing you from those bulky earpieces. Using Bluetooth wireless technology you can maintain contact with your cell phone from up to ten metres away. Product specification features: High-technology meets high fashion. Three different colour Lexan detachable skins. Bluetooth: Compliant with Bluetooth V1.1. Battery: Rechargable Lithium Polymer. Weight: Less than 30g. Charger: Built-in, no external charger required. Talk time: 3 hours talk time, 100 hours standby time. Power Standard AC/DC adapter. Operating distance: 30 feet (10 meters). Voice command: For dialing out (subject to mobile phone support). Noise: Noise canceling microphone. Automatic reconnection if Bluetooth link is disrupted. What is Bluetooth? Bluetooth with its unique technology has created a new world of communication. Its advanced thinking has developed the ultimate in flexible digital devices that communicate and connect together. What makes bluetooth technology incredible is that it is wireless. Bluetooth provides wireless communication between devices, seamlessly linking such hardware as mobile phones, PDAs, laptops, digital cameras and potentially a whole host of electrical devices. Bluetooth is about wireless interoperability and the ability to communicate, access the internet, e-mail and information services anywhere, anytime. Tested with all compatible bluetooth mobile phones: Nokia 8910, 6310 6310i, Ericsson T68i, T68, T65, T39 R520, Motorola and Philips Fisio 820 Bluetooth Handsets. 210