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Page 33 of Mobile Phone Cables and Accessories Catalog Catalog Cables [Unlock/Flash/Data] Motorola Reference: EMMI-DROID Name: Motorola EMMI-BOX version 2.0 include xx.13.xx Price: 240 Euros Now some operators companies include a new version of FLASH, it's the xx.13.xx, and old EMMI boxes don't work if you find a phone with this flash version and maybe sometimes you can break your phone (this box can repair this failure too). Features: Unlock any Motorola phone including flash version xx.13.xx Change languages Change logos Change ringtones Fix tampered motorola phones or bad unlocked Repair Motorola phones It includes Motorola EMMI box CD with all necessary programs, EMMIDROID. Emmidroid is a Hard Soft set that allows you to connect a motorola mobile phone based on DCS_BUS to the PC. This hardware is known as EMMI-BOX EMMIBOX (Electric Man-Machine Interface). Emmidroid works with an standard 9Volts battery. It doesn't need any external power adaptor, that allows a better independence to work with laptops. Emidroid V2.3 allows to unlocj any Motorola phone based on DCS_BUS , including xx.13.xx versiones THe new motorola phones T191,T192,T193 y V66, cannot be unlocked at this moment. But we are working to offer an update in the next version of software and to provide appropiate connectors. There are two big groups of motorola phones, depending on CPY model that they use: Motorola Phone based on 68000 CPU, by example: 7500, 6200, CD920,CD930,CD928, L2000, CD520, D170, D160, M3588, STARTAC, T250 , etc. Motorola Phones based on Arm CPU, by example: V3688, V2288, V8088, T2288, V50, V100, V66 With Emidroid V2.3 is possible to dump and read the full flash of any Motorola Phone and save as a .bin file. You can Dump ROM of this phones using EMMI-DROID at 1Mbyte by 2.5 minutes, against of Motokey of Zulea that takes 75 Minutes every 1 Mbyte. Reference: MOTPCMCIA Name: Motorola 56K Global Modem PC Card 98167 Price: 300 Euros Take your office with you! Connect this PCMCIA format PC card to your compatible computer and send and receive data and faxes on the go. You can also access online services such as email or the Internet. Connected to a landline, the modem transmits/receives at up to 56 kilobits per second (kbps). Through the cellular network, it connects at 9.6 kbps but could be bigger if service provider allows it. Auto-sensing feature optimizes connection speeds for both V.90 or K56flex Internet connections Large 4 MB flash memory allows for enhanced features and functionality Faxing on the go enables you to view, print, compose and save faxes virtually anywhere Access your email or surf the web Compatible with a wide variety of Motorola phones, including: 900 Series, StarTAC , Timeport Series, V.Series , L Series, Wireless (Cellular) Digital TDMA/ CDMA, and Analog Phones Reference: EMMIFLASH Name: Motorola Flashing EMMI-BOX Price: 300 Euros The EMMI Box cannot only unlock series of Motorola mobile phones, but also it can flash the Motorola mobile phones, upgrading the software version for the phone, changing the language data base of the phone, changing IMEI code and cleaning 8bit speical code etc. this EMMI Box comes with "MotoFlex" software, and users can run the software to achieve the above mentioned functions in their PC. Flashing ROM and Upgrading the software of Motorola mobile phones MotoFlex 7.6 software included Unlock the Motorola mobile phones Remove SP Lock Change IMEI code Clear 8bit special code Change Startup Logo Edit ringer tone Keypad testing function Make the phone in testing condition Applicable for Motorola StarTac/ V8088/V3688/L2000/328/338/920/928/ T2288/T180/C560/D160/D560/M3588 etc. AC/DC Adaptor not included Reference: MOT-OEM37 Name: OEM Data Cable for Motorola V/TimePort Price: 14 Euros Data Cable for data transmission fpr motorola, it doesn't include software, but it's compatible with Motorola Smartcellec. This cable allows to connect to internet, send/receive faxes, sms, etc. Reference: MOT-EMMI Name: Motorola EMMI box Clip version 1.0 Price: 88 Euros New Unlocking EMMI Box can unlock and repair software breakdown of series of Motorola mobile phones, like V8088 V998 V3688 L2000 / 328 338 920 928 938/ T2288/ T180 C560 D160 D170 D560 series mobile phones. No computer required, no disassembling the phone required, its operation is very simple, by pressing the phone keypad is okay. This unlocking EMMI Box can clean 8bit special code, remove SP lock, unlock the phone, change IMEI code. Main features: Unlock the Motorola mobile phones Remove SP Lock Change IMEI code Clear 8bit special code Applicable for Motorola StarTac V8088 V3688 L2000 328 338 920 928 T2288 T180 C560 D160 D560 M3588 etc. mobile phones AC/DC Adaptor included No computer required No disassembling required This box don't unlock new versions xx.13.xx and xx.14.xx, but you can do it with New motorola emmi clip version 3.0 31