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Page 44 of Mobile Phone Cables and Accessories Catalog Catalog Cables [Unlock/Flash/Data] ucables Reference: EPM-PROG Name: SMD EEPROM pony programmer with SOIC Clips Price: 60 Euros With this programmer you can unlock repair mobile phones to which cables are not available or you have to program your EEPROM. You will need this cable to repair unlock mobile phones: Acer, AEG, Alcatel, Aselsan, Audiovox, Benefon, Dancall, Ericsson, Maxon, Mitsubishi Savvy Monoband, Nokia, Panasonic, Phillips, Sagem, Samsung, Siemens, Sony and Telital. You will need open your mobile phone, but you don't need to desold eeprom from the motherboard, EPM-PROG is built with a SOIC clips that fit to your EEPROM phone to read and write. The procedure is easy, when you read eeprom you should use FREE EEprom 2000 (available at our members area) it will apply a patch to your mobile phone EEPROM memory, and then you must write EEPROM in the phone. To read or write EPROM to your mobile phone you must use ponyprog These EEPROM programmer clips are required to flash fully a Nokia phone, since with NK-FLASH we can reprogram Nokia Flash but it is necessary to reprogram EEPROM too, if you don't reprogram EEPROM your mobile phone could lose coverage. Main Applications of this product are: Security code reset in 70 of mobile phones Unlocking in 70% of mobiles phones IMEI change in 20 of phones Security code reset in 30 of car radios Password retrival in 60 of laptops DVD region changing You can read/write EPROM at any device without desoldering without problems. 42