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Page 53 of Mobile Phone Cables and Accessories Catalog Catalog Flash Unlock Repair Boxes Reference: HWK-MODULE Name: HWK Module for UFS/TWISTER/TORNADO Price: 150 Euros Sarasoft in collaboration with TornadoTeam is proud to present UFSxHWK, an add-on to all the Saras series boxes(Tornado, Ufs2, Ufs3, Twister, N-box, etc).Apart from the present modules for Nokia, SE. MotAcer and Samsung, Hwk currently supports the new Semc SE, Lg and Sharp series Nokia Flash Flashing quot;00000001 key is activated quot; Samsung D500, D508 flashing unlocking activated SonyEricsson: Unlock/Read user code Flash/Repair and change language packs Flash Customisation/fs Read/Write GDFS zone Decustomization Reset total call timer Repair damaged gdfs area Change band locks Edit File System Flash Recovery of dead products Restore Security area Supported models: SonyEricsson F-series: F500c, F500i K-series: K700c, K700i, K500i, K506c,K508, K600, K300, k750 D-series : D750 S-series: S700, S700a, S700c, S700i, S710a, S710c, S710i V-series: V600.V800 Z-series: Z1010a, Z1010c, Z1010i,Z1010, Z1020, Z500a, Z500i, Z500, Z800i LG: Unlock all current versions Flash/Repair Repair fully damaged gdfs and filesystem Reference: BB5-VPP Name: Nokia BB5 phone VPP adapter for UFS/HWK/N-BOX/TWISTER Price: 29 Euros For switching the 9V of BB5 over sarasbox (e.g, N-BOX,UFSTORNADO ,TWISTER , incl clone twisters) UFSx HWK Reference: XPERIENCE Name: Xperience a multiflashing, unlocking and repairing box Price: 398 Euros XperienceBox is a professional service box which supports all Motorola mobile Phones Protocol (Serial, USB, DSC and JTAG) working with a wide range of mobile phone models (more to add by upgrades). XperienceBox works as Standalone, Unlocking (SP SIM Phone lock, Security User Code) and Flashing up to 2 Mb/sec* (using MMC by expandable port or PC mastered) . Main Features: - USB connection to PC. Gains from USB speed (Up to 2 Mb/sec*). No LPT or Serial Connection between device and PC needed. - Working under Windows 98/ME/2000/XP without need of special configuration. USB 2.0 communication supported. - Unlocking (SP SIM Phone lock, Security User Code), Language Changing, De-branding, Upgrading and Software Faults Repairing. - Fully upgradable Universal Standalone Multi flashing Device. - Working as a Standalone (flashing/unlocking) or Pc Mastered. - Expandable via Expander port, allowing hardware reconfiguration and upgrades. - Delivers easy access to platform function via LCD display, keypad and buzzer. No special technical knowledge required. - Supports all mobile Phones Protocol: Serial, USB, DSC and JTAG. - Supports real Multi flashing for USB Mobiles (for all mobile s full bandwidth) via Expander port. - Supports Mobiles flashing from PC (via USB) or Standalone for ergonomic and portability (via Multi Media Card MMC). Revolutionary: NOW YOU CAN USE CLIP MODE" FOR FLASHING PHONES, same for unlocking functions. - Supports Mobile Flashing Reading via USB. Probably the fastest Flashing Mobile service Box available in the market. - Easy and powerful Phone Backup functions keeps your original phone-flash and user settings safe. - Power from Battery (internal) or AC adapter (external). - Real time support included in PC Software. Web support via web page: or Flashing speed depends on the hardware type of the phone. Compatible with more models will be added thru updates): Motorola old models (working with BIC43E08) Motorola Cxxx Motorola Exxx Motorola Vxxx Motorola Txxx Motorola Axxx XPerience Box: Dimensions (L x W x H) : 21cm x 10.5cm x 4cm Phone cable type: USB RJ45 Expandable port : MMC Expansion port Power : (not included) DC 9V, 50 mA 9V Battery 51