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Page 65 of Mobile Phone Cables and Accessories Catalog Catalog Flash Unlock Repair Boxes Reference: SE-CLIP Name: Sony Ericsson Unlocking Clip Price: 120 Euros Features: - Unlocks SP-Lock on all supported phones - Works in 5-20 seconds - Works with 9V Battery (not included) - No PC or disassembling of Phone required Supported phones: T39m, T39mc T68i, T68ie, T68m, T68mc, T65s, T62u T66 T100, T102, T105, T106 T226, T226s, T230, T238, T200, T202 T310, T312, T316, T300, T302, T306 T600, T628, T630, T610, T616, T618 R520m, R520mc R600s, R600sc P800, P802 P900, P908 Z600, Z608 Instructions: - Power on Clip - Wait until led`s stop flashing - Connect the phone to the clip. Make sure the phone is off and sim card removed - Press red button - Led?s will blink - Wait few seconds, phone gets powered on automatically - Phone is unlocked Set Includes: 1x SE clip 1x Connection cable to phone 1x Update cable to update clip 63