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Page 67 of Mobile Phone Cables and Accessories Catalog Catalog Flash Unlock Repair Boxes Reference: SACODEREAD Name: Sagem Code Reader vers. 14 by TestPoint Price: 180 Euros Sagem Code Reader v.14 is the first software in the WORLD which is able to read simlock code from ALL Sagem phones (no matter SW version in the phone) in just few seconds. Witth the supported phones: My-X6 ALL VERSION MY-X1 ALL VERSION MY-X2 ALL VERSION My-X5 ALL VERSION My-X5m ALL VERSION (old and new board) My-X5d ALL VERSION (old and new board) My-X3 ALL VERSION My-X3d ALL VERSION (old and new board) MW-3026 Load-A-Game ALL VERSION MC 9xx ALL VERSION MW 9xx ALL VERSION MY 302x ALL VERSION MW 302x ALL VERSION MY 3036 ALL VERSION Information: For reading unlock code from your phone or reset phone code you must open phone and connect 4 cables to Test Points in phone. Test Points are huge so even amateur can do this. After connecting to Test Point you may read code by just 5 seconds. It's the only method for unlock these models in the WORLD since new phones don't use FIELDS anymore that are used for calculating code by BruteForce method. Difference beetwen other software is that this software reads code does not calculate it. That's why reading process takes only few seconds. remark: if some occasional fail on using the MYX5 at MX-5 in the screenshot, pls try with MX-1. You will need to download Sagem Code Reader vers. 14 by TestPoint Software Reference: V-CLIP Name: Motorola V-Clip GOLD UPGRADED Price: 198 Euros Unlocks in seconds Motorola V300, V303, V400, V500, V525 and V600, absolutely no PC is required. Added support for the latest versions Features Direct unlock in 15 seconds just press 1 button (The unlock command doesn't affect the phone features, because this is not a partial flashing) Reset USER and SECURITY codes Support all versions You no need computer. You need a 9V battery only. Reference: LG-3457 Name: LG Total Service Tools v6.2XP universal unlocker with cables Price: 150 Euros With this set you can unlock, repair imei, restore security code of the following mobile phones: LG W3000, LG G3000, LG W5200 LG G5200, LG G5220, LG G5210 LG G5300, LG G5300i, LG G5310 LG G5400, LG G7000, LG G7100 by IMEI (not work in all): LG 510/510w, LG B1200, LG 7020 Package include: Logiciel Dongle protection: SwS KEY LPT Cable LG-3IN1 Screenshot: This product is original directly sell from engineers team sws. Cheaper Cloned version not works 100% Download original software from LG Total Service Tools v6.2XP 65