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Page 74 of Mobile Phone Cables and Accessories Catalog Catalog Flash Unlock Repair Boxes Reference: NOKIACLIP2 Name: Nokia DCT4 Unlock clip and reset security phone code Price: 60 Euros It works WITHOUT any PC, and fix your mobile in seconds! No need any technical knowledge to use this MAGIC CLIP! You can unlock all sw versions of Nokia DCT4 phones: You can use the connectors from your usual NK-FLASH (Nokia flasher Set)! Features: Reset mobile to factory settings Unlock SP lock at all DCT4 nokia phones Reset Security code DCT4 Repair 4 locks closed Package include: Unlock clip. 2 different data cables to fit nokia phones dct4 phones 8310, 8390, 6310, 6390, 6510, 6310i. This product can only be paid by wire transfer. NOTE:This clip is only compatible with GSM phones. NOTE:This clip won't unlock phones with the following versions neither upper versions: 8310 ver 5.57 8390 ver 7.80 6310i ver 5.10 6510 ver 4.12 If you need to unlock those versions you will need GRIFFINBOX. Reference: MOTV6XCLIP Name: Motorola V66 V60 V70 T280 unlock clip and IMEI repair clip Price: 250 Euros Safe unlock on V60, V66, V70 and Ti280. No flashing, no loss of phone function or battery problems !!!!!!! Clips are tested on V66, V60, V70, T280. Clips need only 5 seconds to unlock, you can optionally change/repair IMEI if it is required, "X" will be changed at random every time. EX: 446378-30-xxxxxx-4 Powered by 9V PP3 battery, completely portable (No PC required) Reference: MOT-CLIPUP Name: Motorola EMMI CLIP PIC16C63A upgrade support new versions Price: 90 Euros If you bought our motorola emmi clips reference MOT-EMMI you can upgrade it by removing PIC16C63A chip and replacing it by our upgraded PIC16C63A. In order to upgrade, it's necessary to be a high qualified professional, it's better not to do it by yourself if you don't have experience. Reference: SIS40TOOL Name: SIEMENS S40 TOOL Price: 300 Euros SOFTWARE FOR : - unlock all locks all present and future versions Auto Learn OPTION no new upgrades required program automatically learns new SW versions) - read flash - write new firmware ( it is possible to change language packs russian also ) We only accept payment of this product by wire transfer. Reference: DCT4FLASH Name: Nokia Cheap DCT4 Flasher box Price: 49 Euros A great tool for flashing Unlocking Nokia DCT4 mobile phones. GSM 8310 6510 6310 6310i 3510 8910 6610. It will only FLASH 7210 it will not unlock. Its compatible with American nokia phones like 3590 8390 6310i etc. Nokia DCT4 flasher software makes possible to change MCU and PPM software in all new generation nokia DCT4 phones. You can unlock your phone without any log files (it is a stand alone unlocker). Upgrading MCU software will repair some software bugs like no ringing ,no vibrator. Changing PPM package will enable new languages in your phone. Our Nokia DCT4 Flasher works faster, it supports fast flashing function if you need to install only language pack into your phone. flashing MCU will take 3-4 min and flashing PPM (change language pack) can be done only in 30-40 sec. we bring you very good DCT4 flasher , with the best price and support that will help you to solve any problem you may have while using our software. Features: Improved version of the DCT4 Pro FLasher. Works with Software from Longhand, ED2K and X-shadow Don`t need USB power so no more problems on some PC Update MCU and/or PPM (Software updates, language change) Repair Software related malfunctions such as: No Power/Deadset No tones Hangs Auto Shut-off No Display Phonebook/Games/Menu BUGS Interminent Signal Reset Security Code Reset to Full Factory Repair Bluetooth Malfunctions. Contact Service (if security area is ok) Unlock Phones Remark: The power: 7-9 V DC minimum 500 mA, better 800, external power adaptor is not included, it should have positive polarity in the center of connector. Note: This box will NOT unlock 7210 phones The flasher not yet support 7650, 7210, 8310 V:5.57 (unless downgrade it first) No need logs System Requirements: Windows98. Screenshots of compatible software: Read here Nokia DCT4 flashing tutorial 72