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Page 81 of Mobile Phone Cables and Accessories Catalog Catalog Infrared Adapters Reference: MA-620 Name: MA-620 USB Infrared Adapter Price: 81 Euros - Connectivity between desktop PC and mobile phone/PDAs MA620 USB Infrared Adapter is a software and hardware 2-in-1 package that enables desktop users to do wireless BI-way data transmissions to infrared-equipped mobile phones, PDA, Palm Pilots, notebook PCs, and Windows CE machines. Functions The MA620 USB Infrared Adapter package comes with Handset Manager, allowing a user to access, edit, and personalize their phone book, calendar, SMS messages for the convenience of business, communication, and fun. Moreover, the software allows a user to manage data in their native languages, because the current version of Handset Manager supports over 10 languages including Arabic, Chinese (Taiwan), Chinese (China), Czech and Slavic Languages, German, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish. Handset Manager features: Phone Book Editor Manage your phone book the easy way with the Handset Manger phone book function. With the MA-620, you can save time, by adding entries and changing your numbers on your PC instead! Import and Export your phone book contents to and from contact manager software such as Outlook/Outlook express or Palm Software, via CSV file format. Edit and update into your phone via the phone book editor. Add or delete numbers, change their position, switch them between SIM and phone storage then upload them back to your phone! Keep a back-up of your contacts on your PC. SMS Editor Send text messages by simply composing them on your computer and sending them through your phone! Compose a message on your PC and then send it via your phone. The multiple destination SMS send function makes sending to more than one number easy! Compose a new ringtone or logo and then send it as a message! Keep a back-up of your contacts on your PC. Logo Graphic Message Designer The Logo Editor comes with the standard drawing tools, leaving you to concentrate on designing the coolest Logos around. New enhanced features allow you to view full-colour photo's and transform them into logo's effortlessly. Re-size and touch up and see instantly on your screen. Upload all the logos you find in the Internet. Change the Operator Logo. The MA-620 comes with 700 FREE picture logos! Design new Caller Group Graphics. Create new Picture Messages and send them to your friends. Replace the Startup Logo with one of your own. Import common Logo file formats, including Windows .bmp files, jpeg,png,ico,pcx and tga. Upload/download pictures to your Nokia 7650 Ericsson T68/T68i (including Communicam pictures). NOTE: the logo function is not available for Motorola phones. On Ericsson and Siemens phones only the operator logo function is available. Ringtone Composer The new polyphonic Ringtone Editor makes composing Ringtones fun, quick and easy with up to 16 tracks and 128 instuments but if you lack creative talent, you can load in standard MIDI files and RTTTL Nokring files. Click and place musical notes, or change the tempo, add musical rests, flats and sharps. The MA-620 comes with 500 FREE Ringtones!. There's also a preview function, so your can hear your tune before uploading it to your mobile. Ringtones can be saved to the mobile phone, or you can even send your new hit ringtone by SMS to your friends. Calendar Manager Available for compatible mobile phones make sure that you're always on time and up to date with the calendar support function! Synchronize your calendar with Microsoft Outlook. Edit and Manage your calendar on your PC then upload it back to your phone! Organize your calendar or change your schedule. Make full use of your phones organizer features! NOTE: Handset Manager does not currently support the Phone Book synchronization of Outlook with the Siemens and Motorola phones. Internet Surf the Internet and check your e-mail using your phone's Modem. If your phone has a hardware modem, utilize the modem and connect to the Internet or send and receive faxes. The Infrared link supports all IrDA modem drivers. Please note: Some functions may not activate if not supported by the mobile phone. Please check each product page to find out the detailed support INFO. Compatible Mobile Devices Mobile Phones NOKIA 3410, 3650, 5100, 5210, 6100, 6310, 6310i, 6210, 6250, 6500, 6510, 6610, 6800, 7110, 7190, 7210, 7250,7250i, 7650, 8210, 8250, 8290, 8850, 8855, 8890, 8310, 8390, 8855, 8910, 8910i MOTOROLA Timeport 260, P7389i SIEMENS M50, ME45, MT50, S35i, SL42, SL45,SL55, SL5C, S45, 6688, 3568i, 3618, 6618 SHARP GX-20 ERICSSON R320sc, R520, T39, T68, T68i, T610,T300, T310, T300, SAMSUNG A300, A308, A400, A408 PDAs Palm V, Vx, IIIx, m100, m105, m505 IBM WorkPad C3, 30X, c500, c505 SONY CLI series Windows CE PDA/HPC (i.e. CASIO CASSIOPEIA, COMPAQ iPAQ, HP Jornana, etc.) Digital Still Cameras CASIO QV-7000 SONY CyberShot DSC-F3 Kodak Other Infrared Devices Technical support available for special infrared devices. Specifications Operating Systems Windows 98/ 98SE, 2000, ME, Windows XP Platform PC compatible (Pentium 133 MHz or above) Infrared Standard IrDA standards compliant, Physical layer 1.0, 1.1 Infrared Speed SIR speed: 115.2K, 57.6K, 38.4K, 19.2K, 9.6K Infrared Effective Distance 1 cm 100 cm in normal environment Infrared Effective Angle 30 degree cone angle area Dimension 80 mm x 42 mm x 30 mm Software included Handset Manager for infrared-capable mobile phones Operating Temperature 0C 50C USB Specification USB specification version 1.1 compliant Maximum Transder Speed USB connection: 12M bps Mobile Phone connection: 115.2K bps Package Contents 79