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when we in the university of california decided a few years ago that we must build three entirely new major campuses not only simultaneously but expeditiously we also decided that each of these new campuses for the 21st century should be different-different from one another and different from the existing campuses of the university we took for our motto unity with diversity but sought to place the emphasis on diversity we asked each new campus to try to articulate new answers to problems of today we challenged each to face the demands and shape the opportunities of the future with an individual stylewhether in instructional methclark kerr ods in research emphasis in academic structure in campus president of the university architecture in student participation in grasping this chance to pioneer in education-in forging a unique uc/i brand within the university of california-irvine administrators professors and students have significantly widened the choice of educational experience

12 2 biological sciences population and environmental biology arthur s boughey professor of biological sciences and chair man of the department peter r atsatt assistant professor of biological sciences gilbert w bane assistant professor of biological sciences keith e justice assistant professor of biological sciences robert h whitaker professor of biological sciences psychobiology james l mcgaugh professor of psychology and chairman of the department paul g shinkman assistant professor of psychobiology marcel verzeano professor of psychobiology norman m weinberger assistant professor of psychobiology richard e whalen assistant professor of psychobiology uc irvine

28 2 fine arts ment for the choreographer workshop experiences build progressively on the basic techniques of ballet and extend through the contemporary idioms of jazz modern and free-style the aim is to develop kinetic resources precision flexibilty and freedom in an eloquently coordinated and intelligently responsive body nonmajors are welcome to participate in all aspects of the program providing prerequisites are met courses without prerequisites particularly suited for the nonmajor include the basic workshops in ballet free-style and jazz and the course in the history of dance • drama the program leading to the bachelor of arts in drama provides the professional training and the liberal study essential to attaining the highest standards in theatre each major in drama experiences exacting and rigorous training in the mutually interrelated areas of the theatre performance design literature history and criticism the curriculum constantly relates studio practice technical

2 humanities 44 upon completion of course work the student normally presents himself for general examinations in two areas of english andjor american literary history on one literary genre on literary theory and criticism and on the work of one major writer four of these examinations are written the fifth oral the student may elect the area of his oral examination the student s choice of examinations must enable him to demonstrate breadth of knowledge and literary understanding the choice must be approved by his advisory committee certain alternatives to this series of examinations may be allowed upon application and advisory consent as soon after completion of the general examination as is practicable the student presents an essay to his advisory committee and is orally examined upon it and related subjects out of this essay should grow the dissertation at this point the student is admitted to candidacy for the degree completion of the dissertation and an oral examination complete

60 the faculty professor of phlsics and dean of physical sciences frederick reines chemistry professor of chemistry and chairman of the department david a brant assistant professor of chemistry don l bunker associate professor of chemistry marjorie c caserio assistant professor of chemistry hans 0 denschlag instructor in chemistry robert j doedens assistant professor of chemistry michael h fisch assistant professor of chemistry donald f gurka instructor in chemistry edward k c lee assistant professor of chemistry george e miller instructor in chemistry harold w moore assistant professor of chemistry robert w taft professor of chemistry yi-noo tang instructor in chemistry william e waters instructor in chemistry f s rowland mathematics professor of mather}tatics and chairman of the department takeo akasaki assistant professor of mathematics frank cannonito assistant professor of mathematics james e delany assistant professor of mathematics william donoghue professor of mathematics mark

2 physical sciences 76 103 contemporary physics 1 spring a study in detail of the evolution of some key ideas in contemporary thinking about nature prerequisite physics 101 or 102 104 the solar system not offered in 1966-67 111 classical mechanics 1 fall prerequisites physics 5a 5b corequisite mathematics 3 112 statistical mechanics 1 winter prerequisites physics 5c physics 111 corequisite mathematics 3 113 thermodynamics 1 spring prerequisite physics 112 corequisite mathematics 3 114 electromagnetic theory 1 fall prerequisites physics 5d mathematics 3abc 115 optics 1 winter prerequisites physics 5d mathematics 3 abc 116 quantum theory 1 spring prerequisites physics 5e mathematics 3abc 131 atomic physics 1 fall prerequisite physics 5e 132 nuclear physics 1 winter prerequisite physics 131 133 solid state physics 1 spring prerequisite physics 131 134 astrophysics 1 not offered in 1966-67 135 plasma physics 1 not offered in 1966-67 151 advanced laboratory i 1 winter atomic and plasma

2 social sciences 92 180 special topics 1 fall winter spring may be taken more than once 190a-190b-190c senior project i-ii-iii 1-1-1 fall winter spring prerequisite junior comprehensive examination 199 individual study 1 fall winter spring may be taken more than once graduate courses 200a-200b-200c proseminar in economics 1-1-1 fall winter spring 280 special topics 1 fall winter spring 299 individual research 1 fall winter spring • geography geography is the study of what places are like and how and why they attained their character traditionally both the physical and human processes contributing to place differentiation are studied at irvine emphasis is upon understanding how the human processes operate special attention is also given to the integration of techniques and knowledge of geography with other social sciences in the solving of major social problems undergraduate courses 1 introduction to geography 1 spring 100a-100b-100c advanced geographical analysis i-ii-iii 1-1-1

108 the faculty c snyder dean of the graduate school of administration and professor of political science and administration julian feldman associate professor of psychology and information and communication science and associate dean of the social sciences sabbatical leave 19661967 gordon j fielding assistant professor of geography and administration richard assistant professor of administration and mathematics james a kearns lecturer in administration and information and communication science james g march professor of psychology and sociology and dean of the social sciences fred m tonge associate professor of administration and director of computer facilities john wallace acting associate professor of administration and psychology stepan karamardian uc irvine

124 uc irvine

140 4 general information • parking fee a fee of $18 per year has been levied for parking of cars on campus • tuition tuition is free to every student who has been a legal resident of the state for a period of one year· immediately preceding the opening day of the quarter during which he wishes to enroll every student who has not been a legal resident of the state for said period is classified as nonresident and is subject to payment of a nonresident tuition fee of $267 per quarter payable at registration • miscellaneous fees and refunds a schedule of miscellaneous fees and other information on this subject student fees and deposits may be obtained from the cashier university of california irvine all fees are subject to revision by the regents of the university of california • undergraduate scholarships a limited number of scholarships are available for both entering and continuing students on the irvine campus from funds donated by individuals