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0 ne hundred years in the life of a person is the mark of age but 100 years in the life of a great idea civilization or institution is but a milestone of youth for the university of california to have achieved in a single century the reputation for excellence which it enjoys throughout the world is a tribute to the vision of the citizens of california and to their support of quality education in the year of its looth anniversary the university reaffirms its dedication to service and its devotion to the search for truth harry r wellman · · acting president of the university uc irvine

2 biological sciences 15 in most departments of the division a two-man committee is assigned to each student upon entrance this committee in consultation with the student will outline a program of study in the course of the first two years the student will seek out his area of interest and commence some research activity the staff member who is supervising his research will join the committee and assume the major responsibility for further guidance he will take on the role of the student s prospective major professor at the appropriate time the student s formal doctoral committee will assume guidance for the remainder of the work the master of arts in biological sciences a program of study for a master of arts in biological sciences is offered as either plan i or plan ii plan i thesis plan 1 a reading knowledge of one foreign language german french russian and in some cases spanish 2 seven approved courses i.e graduate and upper-division undergraduate courses including a minimum of

2 fine arts 33 • music the program for the a.b degree with a major in music is designed for two main classes of students those who wish to obtain a sound background in music leading to a terminal degree and those who wish to obtain a thorough preparation for undertaking graduate work in one or more of four broad fields musicology composition music performance and teaching the program provides intensive training in three mutually dependent areas as related components of a total musical experience performance and musicianship the theory of music and the history of music a knowledge of all three of these areas is indispensable and minimal for a successful career in music entering majors are expected to have competence in the practice of music-in reading and performing basic to the program for the graduating major is an effective command of the piano the performance at sight of moderately difficult works students may demonstrate this skill by examination performance requirements

2 humanities 52 formal course work culminates in a study of america in world perspectives an honors program is planned for upper division students beginning in 1968-69 graduation with honors in history will be recommended only for students enrolled in the honors program graduate programs the l iaster of arts in history the candidate is encouraged to complete his study of nine courses within three quarters individual programs will be worked out with a graduate advisor they will include advanced historiography several colloquia and seminars and america in world petspectives candidates must maintain a b average and complete a written examination at the end of the course of study reading proficiency in a modern foreign language must be demonstrated at entrance otherwise a reduced program is indicated qualified students will be accepted for part-time study over a maximum period of three years for further details consult the gmduate program handbook obtainable in the departmental office the

uc irvine

2 physical sciences 88 the student wishing to engage in research for credit should arrange with a member of the staff to sponsor and supervise such work graduate courses 201 physical organic chemistry i 1 202 physical organic chemistty ii 1 205 synthetic organic chemistry 1 211 chemical thermodynamics 1 chemical kinetics 1 inorganic chemistry i 1 inorganic chemistry ii 1 quantum chemistry 1 statistical mechanics 1 nuclear and radiochemistry 1 advanced chemical kinetics 1 special topics in organic chemistry 1 special topics in physical chemistry 1 special topics in inorganic chemistry 1 reseatch organic synthesis reaction kinetics radiochemistry theoretical chemistry physical organic chemistry inorganic chemistry physical chemistry of macromolecules to 3 290 seminar 213 215 216 231 232 233 234 251 252 253 280 • mathematics professor of mathematics and chairman of the department takeo akasaki assistant professor of mathematics and vice chairman of the department frank b

107 2 social sciences recent special topics courses have included such topics as cognitive structure and personality regional planning social bases of politics racial and ethnic differences in american society generally speaking special topics courses are not repeated each year rather the student samples from those courses available in a particular quarter in each quarter some special topics courses are open to students without previous work in the discipline these courses are numbered 80 or 180 in each discipline individual study courses students at any level are encouraged to suggest areas of individual study and may with faculty approval pursue any intellectually challenging area within the social sciences such courses may include special seminars study projects individual papers or any other useful educational activity the faculty encourages students to present evidence that they have done interesting and original work and to receive official credit for that work by

125 2 the graduate division graduate study is a major aspect of the academic activity of the university of california irvine appropriate graduate degrees at the master s and doctor s levels both those emphasizing the creative arts and creative scholarship and those emphasizing technical proficiency will be offered the graduate student will be given full opportunity to further his development in a chosen discipline by course and seminar work and by research and other creative work to achieve excellence in such disciplines as english foreign languages mathematics bibliography and computer techniques to develop some knowledge of the history of his broad area of interest and to acquire some understanding of higher education in this country and some guided experience in teaching admission to the graduate division is by the graduate dean on the advice of the department and the graduate council completion of work towards a bachelor s degree with adequate coverage and academic excellence is a

3 instructional and research services 144 university extension director harley w mowry program coordinator alice l anderson program coordinator glenn l anderson publications manager richard n baisden by a variety of methods the university of california extension makes the resources of the university available to individuals and organizations throughout the state its aims are the intellectual and cultural development of adults the dissemination of new knowledge resulting from teaching and research within the university continuing professional scientific and technical training development of special educational programs for public and private organizations and education in public affairs extension programs in orange county are offered on the uci campus at the buena park high school and at other locations for detailed information write or telephone the extension office on any campus of the university the extension office at uci is in room 1325 campus hall telephone 714 833-5414 summer

162 4 general information academic advising each student will be assigned an advisor and an academic dean students who express a preference will be assigned an advisor from a particular division and his dean will be the dean of that division once assigned to an advisor and to a dean the student will remain with that advisor and in that division unless he requests reassignment for example if he changes his field of interest the student is encouraged to consult his advisor-or any member of the faculty he must see his advisor prior to registra tion however the advisor does not dictate the student not the advisor is responsible for meeting requirements and remaining in good academic standing the dean of the division to which a student is assigned has authority over the student s academic program a student who wishes to drop or add a course seeks a waiver of a graduation requirement or has other questions relating to his academic progress should see the dean of the division to which he