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40 biological sciences/psychobiology biological sciences/psychobiology chology sensation and perception and learning and memory in particular training in statistics and experimental design is highly recommended psychobiology faculty richard e whalen chairman of the department neural and endocrine bases of behavior carl cotman neurochemistry molecular psychology roland gioli neural anatomy albert globus experimental neuroanatomy gary stephen lynch neural bases of activation and arousal james l mcgaugh biological bases of learning and memory roger w russell biological bases of behavior richard f thompson neurophysiological bases of behavior marcel verzeano neurophysiology norman m weinberger neural bases of arousal and attention courses in psychobiology 200a-b-c research in psychobiology lh-3 per quarter fall winter spring mr cotman 01 neurochemistry mr mcgaugh 02 learning and memory mr russell 03 psychopharmacology mr thompson 04 brain and behavior mr verzeano 05 neurophysiology mr

62 humanities/english and comparative literature humanities/english and comparative literature one campus to enroll in seminars at the other in addition !here w~ll be occasions on which professors will travel between campuses to offer mstruct1on graduate degrees in english the master of arts in english each candidate for the m.a will be assigned to a graduate advisor who will supervise his program the m.a may be attained .by either of meth~ds .the student may elect to present a written essay !plan i m heu ~fa ~ntten exammat1on he will then be required to defend the essay m an oral examm~t10n the normal plan of study however which is plan ii includes 1 the co?1plet10n o.f course w irk as advised for three quarters or the equivalent 2 the pas~mg o a wnt~en exam.mat1on upon a designated reading list 3 demonstrated proficiency m readmg a designated foreign language all m.a students will be requi~ed to know fundame~tal facts about the history of the english language the candidate must

84 humanities/philosophy humanities/philosophy some of the courses offered are of general interest to all students others ar designed to explore issues that arise in selected and special disciplines among these are courses in the philosophy of science and of art the staff should be consulte for advice about courses best suited to the specialized needs of particular students the program of course offerings is also designed for those majors in philosop whose intention may be either to enter some professional school upon graduati e.g law or to engage in graduate work in philosophy graduate program students entering graduate work for the first time are required to take a written comprehensive examination in order to determine their philosophical aptitude and t~e extent to which course work is necessary to remove deficiencies in their preparat10n for graduate study the work of all graduate students will be supervised closely by their advisors further there will be a close intellectual

104 physical sciences/mathematics physical sciences/mathematics ics in two of the languages french german or russian the examination for predoctoral students arc divided into two sets those used in determining preparation of the students for admission to candidacy for the doctor of philosophy degree those used to determine successful completion of all require mcnts for the same degree the first set administered by the department of mathematics may consist of both oral and written examinations the second set is prescribed and administered by the graduate division operating through a committee this committee consist· ing of scholars in the field of concentration and scholars in other fields decides on admission of students to candidacy and then guides and supervises candidates through their research study and writing for the doctor of philosophy degree doctoral candidates must be enrolled as full-time students for the six quarters preceding the granting of their degrees

126 engineering engineering graduate programs graduate study in the school of engineering permits delving into a subject in considerable depth while at the same time developing breadth graduate study toward the m.s and ph.d degrees is applied-science oriented and should provide an excellent base for future professional growth through excellent understanding of the basic phenomena associated with the student s chosen field admission admission to graduate standing in the school of engineering is generally ac· corded those possessing a b.s degree in engineering or an allied science obtained with an acceptable level of scholarship from an institution of recognized standing those seeking admission without the requisite scholarship record may in soll!e c~ses unde~ake remedial work if com~leted at the stipulated academic level they will be admitted to full graduate standing the graduate record examination is required the master of science in engineering those wishing to pursue graduate

graduate education/graduate division 149 graduate division keith justice dean raduate study is a major aspect of the academic activity of the university of hia irvine appropriate graduate degrees at the master s and doctor s levels os emphasizing the creative arts and creative scholarship and those emphachnical proficiency are offered the graduate student will be given full ity to further his development in a chosen discipline by course and seminar nd by research and other creative work to achieve excellence in such res as english foreign languages mathematics bibliography and computer ues to develop some knowledge of the history of his broad area of interest acquire some understanding of higher education in this country and some qi experience in teaching · admission to the graduate division is by the graduate dean on the advice of • partment a bachelor s degree or the equivalent with adequate covt ragc and mic excellence is a prerequisite students arc invited to consult

.culture/computer facility /education abroad l/l agriculture ho wish to major in one of the agricultural sciences and who plan .w anced standing to· the college of agricultura.1 sciencc.s ~rkeley riculture davis the school of agricul~ural sc1en s r1vers~de !he try berkeley or the school of veterinary med1~me davis may of the requirements for the first two ~ears of their undergrad~atc on any other general campus of the university or at one of cahfor· lieges the agricultural sciences offered on th_e campuses hsted abov.e manimal sciences agricultural economics soils and plant nutrnmn ces forestry food science dietetics nutrition genetics biolog international agricultural development range management vetcn· biochemistry agricultural business management horticultural ~ural chemistry entomology plant pathology and various specialties family and consumer sciences should consult the general catalogue of the appropriate campus fur ·rements in their field of interest since not

i 192 undergraduate admissions undergraduate admissions regular status in a professional school is enrolled in that school or in the app undergraduate school he may be admitted only upon the approval of the d the school the dean of the school is responsible for the specified program ofc and for the maintenance of an academic record which may be specified wh program is approved any deviation from the planned program or any sch deficiency incurred while pursuing it will result in the cancellation of the st limited or special status and will render him subject to dismissal no stude be admitted to limited or special status for the purpose of raising a grade average to qualify for admission to the university as either a regular undergr or as a graduate note students with no specific degree plans or goals are encouraged to in courses through university extension admission for a second baccalaureate degr admission as a candidate for a second baccalaureate degree is normally .couraged

212 santa u.s.m.c alr fac!uiy r garage genel 81 services building physical plant administrator purchasing fleceivlng and storehouse rnoarch annex map courtesy of the automobile club of southern california uc irvine