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requirements for the bachelor s degree 23 interdisciplinary courses university studies 1 2 3 must take three courses in each of three schools outside the school of his major 4 credit for 45 courses 180 quarter units earned by examination by other evaluation or course work a course usually offers four quarter units of credit 5 a grade average of at least c 6 credit for the last three quarters of work immediately preceding graduation earned fn residence on the irvine campus i.e a minimum of one year full-time attendance at uci an exception to this rule is allowed in the case of students enrolled in the education abroad program who may be allowed to complete nine of the last 22 courses including the final three courses in residence proficiency in english and foreign languages beyond the general english requirement subject a described on p 22 there are no general course requirements in english composition for students at uci students who are reasonably competent in the use of

52 undergraduate admissions students anticipating transfer to uci are urged to consult with their junior college counselors as to the acceptability of course work in the university in addition they should familiarize themselves with the course numbering scheme of the junior college catalogue since the course numbers usually reflect the transferability ofcourses four-year institutions unit credit is granted for courses consistent with the university of california s functions and which have been completed in colleges or universities accredited by the appropriate agencies university of california extension course numbers prefixed by xb xd xi xl xr xsb and xsc are granted credit toward the bachelor s degree on the same basis as courses taken in residence at any accredited collegiate institution decisions regarding the acceptability of extension courses taken in institutions other than the university of california rest with the office of admissions decisions regarding the applicability of

biological sciences 81 at all times attain the master s degree in two years and attain the ph.d in four years a master s degree however is not a prerequisite for the ph.d degree while most training takes place within one of the four departments full facilities and curricular offerings are available to all graduate students in all departments of the biological sciences interdisciplinary study and research are encouraged each new student is assigned a faculty member as his temporary advisor during the first part of the initial year of graduate work the graduate advisor or a small committee in consultation with the student plans an academic program faculty advisors are changed if the specific interests of the student change students are encouraged to consult with other faculty members with regard to their research and academic interests during the first year students participate in the biological sciences graduate colloquium a weekly discussion designed to familiarize students with the

110 fine arts/music 194 tutorial in criticism 1 195 studio in production 1 196 repertory theatre 1 197 tutorial in dramatic literature 1 198 drama workshop 1 graduate courses in drama all graduate courses may be repeated for credit 200 210 211 212 213 214 215 220 221 222 230 240 250 260 bibliography and research 1 graduate studio acting 1 graduate studio directing 1 graduate studio playwriting 1 graduate studio design 1 graduate studio film writing 1 graduate studio film making 1 seminar in dramatic literature 1 seminar in criticism 1 seminar in theatre history 1 seminar in contemporary theatre 1 graduate projects 1 directed reading 1 thesis 1 music the program for the bachelor s degree with a major in music is designed for two main classes of students those who wish to obtain a sound background in music leading to a terminal degree and those who wish to obtain a thorough preparation for undertaking graduate work in one or more of four broad fields musicology composition music

138 humanities/history lower-division courses in russian la·b·c fundamentals of russian 1-1-1 2a·b·c second-year russian 1-1-1 loa·b russian composition and.grammar review 1-1 writing compositions on a variety of themes motivated and prepared in the classroom and arranged in order of difficulty review of selected grammatical topics four classroom meetings per week prerequisite completion of russian 2c or equivalent 11 russian phonetics 1 prerequisite russian lob 20 russian civilization 1 upper-division courses in russian 101a·b advanced composition a course devoted to advanced problems of composition and style lsoa-b·c russian literature in translation 1 1-1 180 structure and history of the russian language the purpose of this course is to provide a structural description of the language which will aid in improving language skills and in possible future teaching and will provide a basis for future graduate work in linguistics 187 selected topics in russian

physical sciences/chemistry b freshman sophomore junior senior c freshman sophomore junior senior fall winter 167 spring elective elective elective math 2a math 2b math 2c for lang chern ia for lang chern lb for lang chern ic elective elective elective math 3a chern iso chern sia math 3b physics sa chern sib math 3c physics sb chern sic for lang for lang for lang bioi sci iooa chern 131a physics sc bioi sci loob chern 131b chern 151 bioi sci.iooc chern 131c chern 152 bioi sci 1000 bioi sci looe bioi sci 100f elective elective chern 201 elective elective chern 233 bioi sci 208 chern 21s elective fall winter spring ics 1 math 2a physics sa math 2b physics 5b math 2c elective elective elective chern la chern lb chern ic physics sc math 3a physics 5d .math 3b physics 5e math 3c for lang for lang for lang chern 51a chern sib chern sic for lang physics ill chern 131a chern iso for lang elective chern 13ib chern 15i for lang · elective chern i3ic chern 1s2 math.143a .math 143b math 143c

196 social sciences c proficiency requirements in mathematics statistics and computing equivalent to two years of college mathematics through calculus one year of statistics and one quarter course in computer techniques d proficiency in reading social science publications in one foreign language or a higher level of proficiency if required by the nature of the student s research program e dissertation as described above under general discussion of the school s graduate programs requirements for the doctor of philosophy in psychology 1 see section on graduate admissions and other general information in the graduate division 2 school requirements because of the varied nature of contemporary psychology no single course of studies can be devised to fill the needs of all students therefore the program seeks to provide a maximum degree of flexibility in designing the course of study best fitted to each student the first task of the student and his committee is to construct a program for

interschool/comparative culture 225 108 economic geography of africa 1 w mr mbatia analysis of the natural resources of africa in light of problems posed by the physical and human factors of geography 109 the novel in french-speaking africa 1 w mrs barkan a tracing of the evolution of the novel in french-speaking africa with focus on such authors as bernard dadie mongo beti sembene ousmane and camara laye a good reading knowledge of french is essential 110 racial and ethnic relations in africa 1 w mr roberts analysis of the nature and consequences of relations among different population and ethnic groups focus will be upon the impact of differential awareness upon social stratification and economic and political participation 111 social structure and change in the maghreb 1 mr roberts comparative analysis of societies in north africa which achieved independence from colonial rule after world war ii 112 africa and the question of israel 1 mr roberts an examination of the sovereignty

254 graduate school of administration degrees offered administration m.s ph.d general admission requirements in addition to the general university of california rules governing admission to graduate study the graduate school of administration normally requires 1 the graduate record examination verbal and quantitative parts 2 subject matter preparation a mathematics through calculus b elementary statistics c economics one year of introductory study d psychology or sociology one year of introductory study e political science one year of introductory study 3 a previously prepared paper research report essay case study which is indicative generally of the applicant s interests and capabilities note while some minor deficiencies in the above entrance requirements may not dis qualify otherwise admissible applicants the graduate school of administration expects such applicants to indicate the steps they would take to remove these deficiencies