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planning a program 35 supplementary educational programs education abroad program the education abroad program now entering its eleventh year of operation offers opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students of the university of california to study in universities overseas and serves also as a source of information on all types of educational exchange experiences it is administered for the university of california by the santa barbara campus associate dean of students robert f gentry is the irvine campus coordinator study centers have been established in france germany ghana hong kong israel italy japan kenya lebanon mexico norway spain sweden and the united kingdom and ireland in addition to the undergraduate program offered in mexico there is a special program for graduate students preparing for a career in teaching spanish this special program is also offered in paris to graduate students planning to teach french eligibility requirements are upper-division star~ding in the

68 academic procedures scholarship requirements if a student wishes to take more than five or less than three courses per quarter he must have his schedule approved by the dean of his school a change in course enrollment card can be obtained from the dean s office and must be signed by the student s dean change of program during the first two weeks after the beginning of a quarter the student may enroll in additional courses to do so the student must obtain a change of course enrollment card from his dean s office and have it signed by his instructor the student then returns the card to his dean s office after the second week no courses may be added or changed without the approval of the dean of the student s school to drop a course during the first six weeks of the quarter it is necessary to obtain the instructor s signature and to file the change of course enrollment card with the dean s office to drop a course after the sixth week the dean s approval is needed every student

biological sciences/developmental cell 101 230a developmental biology 1 f consideration of some major problems in developmental biology such as determination differentiation pattern formation and morphogenesis in plants and animals · prerequisites biological sciences 101 a-b·c 230b genetics 1 w covers basic diploid genetics cytogenetics and the control of genic activity in multicellular organisms prerequisites biological sciences 101a-b·c 230c cell biology 1 s involves a study of the structure· and function of the cell and its organelles the relationships between cells and the relationships between nucleus and cytoplasm in animals and plants prerequisites biological sciences 101 a-b·c 231a-b-c physiology graduate core 1-1-1 f w s three lectures a week laboratory with permission of instructor prerequisites chemistry 51 c biological sciences 1 0 1c 231a 1 f covers maintenance aspects of physiology water balance feeding and digestion metabolism respiration and

134 humanities/classics graduate courses in humanities graduate courses in humanities are under the direction of the school s associate dean for graduate study and a committee of faculty humanities 291 1 under this number the school offers a group of seminars and colloquia in interdisciplinary topics or in topics in a particular discipline that are designed for study by students in other disciplines department of classics undergraduate programs the department of classics aims to provide for the undergraduate student an exposure to the origins and heritage of western civilization the department is c9mmitted to a twofold purpose 1 to transmit the culture ideals and attitudes of classical civilization through the greek and roman languages and literatures and 2 to awaken in the non-classics major a cognizance of the values and influences of greece and rome on our own civilization through courses in classical literature in translation civilization mythology and religion the department

166 humanities/history pass one of his minor fields normally the first would be taken during the first doctoral year and the second during the second doctoral year students with an m.a from uci are exempted from the first of these two sequences the remainder of the student s program during each quarter of his residence will consist of those colloquia seminars and courses in special topics history 280 special methods history 285 or directed reading history 299 with which he chooses to prepare himself for his examinations and with which he can attain the normal academic load of three courses per quarter for a teaching assistant or other student who is devoting at least half-time to teaching five courses per academic year is the normal load it should be noted that the university residence requirement for the ph.d is six quarters and that this is usually fulfilled during the first two years that a student is in the program university regulations stipulate that a student must be

physical sciences/mathematics 199 233 nuclear and radiochemistry 1 w lecture three hours brief introductions are presented to nuclear structure nuclear reactions nuclear energy radiochemical analysis isotope effects radiation chemistry hot-atom chemistry tracer methods and nuclear processes as chemical probes prerequisites chemistry 131a-b-c or consent of the department 234 advanced chemical kinetics 1 variable format in some years it has been identical with the winter course in gas kinetics which is given periodically for a nationwide audience on other occasions it has been a cluster of lecture series on various modern kinetics topics prerequisite chemistry 213 or consent of the department 235 molecular quantum mechanics 1 s lecture 3 hours discussion 1 hour the application of quantum mechanics to the calculation of molecular properties will be discussed attention will be given to the electronic structure of molecules prerequisites chemistry 231 or equivalent 240 forensic chemistry 1

232 social sciences 20d how to know what s in 1 anthropologists have long been plagued by the problems inherent in studying groups of which they were not members this course will examine ways in which outs can discover how ins define class membership lool advanced analysis urban theory 1 the fundament question investigated in this course may be stated as follows are there jaws which determine the number sizes and distribution of towns in the process of pursuing this investigation we examine relationships between the size of towns and their surrounding market areas consumer and entrepreneur spatial behavior demand cones and competition for space and finally alternative systems of service centers 111r experimental psychology 1 f the emphasis during this quarter will be on the design of experiments and the analysis of results obtained in psychology experiments the advantages and disadvantages of within subjects between subjects mixed designs control of experimental error and

interschool/comparative culture 265 107a black america i 1 same as social science 165u an examination of the role of civic political economic religious and other institutions and organizations in the black community discussion will include a review of the impact of contemporary events in the black community 107b black america ii 1 same as social science 165w analysis of the styles and major themes of black spokesmen including douglas dubois washington garvey king malcolm x and carmichael discussion will include a review of the impact of contemporary events in the black community 11 0 race and economics 1 w economic analysis applied to political ideologies with the particular emphasis on nationalistic interpretation black power white power black capitalist civil rights employment and income government programs trade lnions 112 black psychology a psychological view of the black experience 1 f an examination of the personality patterns psychological dynamics and socio-cultural styles

298 graduate school of administration courses in graduate school of administration the following courses reflect the curriculum structure in the academic year 1970-71 attention is directed to the first paragraph of the section planning a program of study on page 296 as a growing and evolving school the graduate schoolof administration is continually evaluating alternative course structure possibilities it is thus possible that some changes in the curriculum will be made prior to the student s arrival on campus however the school s philosophy and the goals of its programs will remain unchanged 200a-b-c foundations of administration 3-3-3 credit equivalent of three courses per quarter this course consists of three sequences sequences i and ii will each require approximately four hours weekly of formal meeting time and sequence ill will require approximately two hours weekly sequence 1 quantitative methods for administration topics covered in this sequence include probabilistic and