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volume 7 number 1 july 1973 a series of administrative publications published by the university relations/publications office university of california irvine irvine california 92664 all announcements herein ·are subject ·to revision second class postage paid at newport beach california return requested price $1.00 by mail $1.25 uc irvine

requirements for bachelor s degree 37 and the school of biological sciences these may be taken on a pass/not pass basis subject to the usual restrictions on passfnot.pass enrollment mathematics mathematics 2a-b-c and 3a-b-c 12 upper~division or graduate courses in mathematics including mathematics 120a-b-c and mathematics 140a-b-c three additional courses in chemistry mathematics physics or information and computer science three years of high school study or one year of college study in french german or russian in extraordinary circumstances a student may satisfy this requirement by passing a special examination administered by the department of mathematics these requirements apply to students entering uci as freshmen in 1972-73 or afterwards upper-division students should consult the departmental advisor to.be certain of the requirements applicable to them physics physics 5a-b-c-d-e with laboratory six quarter courses numbered between 110 and 149 two quarters of advanced laboratory

74 academic policies grade shall be recorded as a not pass and he will receive no credit for the course in both cases the student s grade will not be computed into the grade point average 3 courses taken under the pass/not pass option may not be used to satisfy specific course requirements of the student s school and major department unless authorized by the dean of that school however such courses count toward the 45 courses 180 quarter units required for graduation and toward meeting the general uci breadth requirements 4 changes to or from the pass/not pass option must be made during the enrollment period no changes can be made after the first two weeks of a quarter without the approval of the dean of the student s school 5 no student on academic probation may enroll in a course on the pass/not pass option physical education courses are excepted 6 graduate students may not use pass/not pass courses to apply toward any degree requirements satisfactory/unsatisfactory grades

biological sciences/developmental cell ill 198 research enrichment 1-1-1 f w s prerequisite enrollment in research enrichment program independent study 199a-b-c independent study in biological sciences research a-1 1a-1 1,4-1 f w s involves individual laboratory research under a professor and possibility of graduation with honors prerequisite consent of instructor graduate study in the school of biological sciences graduate registration is a prerequisite for all 200-299 courses the master of arts in teaching is a degree program whose requirements are fulfilled by taking a series of courses 200 211 212 213 loie the content of which includes principles of modem biology and contemporary developments in biological sciences and by the submission of an approved master s thesis ~df 4eve/of witf4faltd «ii h ayj developmental and cell biology is concerned with the development physiology structure and function of organisms and their component cells the department maintains facilities for

148 humanities/classics planning a program of study the department believes in dose consultation with students on academic advising program planning and discussion of goals and direction students planning to major in classics or classical civilization are strongly urged to consult with the departmental faculty at the earliest possible moment in order to familiarize themselves with the nature of the various programs career opportunities the classics major may lead to a career in high school teaching or after appropriate graduate study at the college and university levels the major is prepared for admission to graduate study in classics comparative literature linguistics ancient history .or with additional course work archaeology but it is not the essential purpose of a major program in classics and especially classical civilization to provide specific vocational skills the study of greek latin and classical civilization is primarily a valuable component of a liberal education a

184 humanities /linguistics linguistics is a field of study with potential relationships with several disciplines concerned with language because of these various possibilities in emphasis and because linguistic studies are on the edge of tenitory as yet unexplored and therefore without precedent the linguistic group in the school of humanities has formulated programs which are highly flexible students are encouraged to enroll in linguistic courses with varying perspectives and counsel with faculty across schools and departments the stu dent obtaining a b.a in linguistics is expected to have some awareness of linguistic work beyond his own specialization the requirements of the program are designed to provide guidelines sufficient to give direction each student s program will be an individual development between the student and his discipline although the program is suggested for those students who are primarily interested in the emphasis ot language in their linguistic studies if a

physical sciences/matiiematics 221 understanding of the mathematical concepts.and less on complications involving ex tensive memory or a deep knowledge of scientific principles not ·offered every year 70a·b·c statistical methods 1-1-1 f w s lecture three hours a survey of the classical methods of estimation and te sting including applications to linear regression and analysis of variance with examples· from the biological and social sciences designed primarily for research workers in these sciences prerequisite consent of instructor upper-division courses in mathematics ioia~b-c topics in mathematics 1·1-l f w s lecture three hours similar in concept to 1 oa-b-c but at a more advanced level · prerequisite consent of instructor not offered every year 104a-b-c foundations of math.ematics l-l-1 f w s lecture three hours this course meets the certification requireinents for the elementary teaching credential in the state of california not counted as upper v:isi~n

258 social sciences the uses and misuses that have been made of this data and the essentials of the perennial controversy between fundamental analysis and technical analysis emphasis economics psychology 180e an introduction to psychotronics 1 w lecture three hours a critical examination of the evidence regarding the purported phenomena of esp psychokinesis eyeless sight orgone energy etc and possible relevance of contemporary work in such areas as kirlian photography and cycle analysis emphasis social science psychology 180f the recovery of embodied experience 1 s lecture three hours what comes between the stimulus and the response both psychophysiologically and experientially how and why psychology has neglected this question and how recent research is beginning to provide some answers emphasis psychology social science 180g psychology of neurosis 1 w lecture four hours perspectives on emotional disorders what they are how they develop and what they look like in everyday life a

unaffiliated/social ecology 295 police organizations and discusses their relationship to the social environment 42 juvenile delinquency i f an examination of patterns of delinquent behavior theories of juvenile delinquency and classic and contemporary research on proscribed behavior among juveniles 43 law and order in society i f examines the current public concern for law and order the form and meaning of this interest and its effect on the criminal justice system 50 water quality and society i s a survey of the chemical biological and socio-political aspects of water quality and their implications for our society citizen attitudes about the recreational agricultural waste disposal and other aspects of water utilization and consumption emphasizes social decision processes which affect the allocation of water resources 51 air quality and society i w extensive studies of interactions between man and his environment have established beyond any possible doubt that behavior is very

332 engineering 213 quantu electronics {1 w · lectme four hours semi-classical treatment of lasers and related optical electronic devices 214 quantum optics {i s lecture four hours quantum theory of electromagnetic fields and its application to laser and related optical devices noise photoelectron counting statistic s and inten· sity correlation interferometry 218a advanced linear programming and extensions i f lecture four hours theoretical foundations of the simplex method and its variants duality relationships postoptimization techniques upper bounding and decomposi· tion complementarity discrete programming applications and computer usage prerequisite engineering lisa 2188 theory of nonlinear programming {i w lecture four hours convex sets convex and concave functions constraints criteria conditions of optimality convergence criteria duality and transformations geometric programming 218c algorithms for nonlinear programming i s lecture fo jr hours optimization methods for

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