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grasshopper plato saith that grasshoppers were of old time men born of the earth but by the favor of the muses turned into that musical sort of creatures history of four footed beasts serpents and insects by edward topsell volume 8 number i july 1974 a series of administrative publications published by the university relations/publications office university of california irvine irvine california 92664 all announcements herein are subject to revision second class postage paid at newport beach california return requested price $1.00 by mail $1.25 uc irvine

46 planning a program a listing of key advising personnel is provided for reference and convenience the names of other personnel performing advising duties may be obtained directly from the academic units advising personnel biological sciences howard a schneiderman dean richard e whalen associate dean and chief academic advisor carol d heckman counselor jeannette johnson program liaison officer 329 sh 833-5314 329 sh 335 sh 491 sh 833-5314 833-5318 833-5841 252 233 259 491 hob hob hob sh 833-7136 833-7139 833-7135 833-5841 comparative culture joseph g jorgensen director dickran tashjian chief academic advisor jeanne solak counselor jeannette johnson program liaison officer engineering dean allen stubberud associate dean and chief academic advisor marion murphy counselor john mcdonald program liaison officer 305 egr 833-6002 325 egr 355 egr 367 hob 833-6737 833-6749 833-5298 extended university diana sherwood chief academic advisor acting 256 ad bldg 833-6988 fine arts clayton garrison

90 fees expenses and financial aid borrowers may repay their loan over a ten-year period beginning one year after completion of study at a school of medicine except that payments may be deferred for advanced training including internship and residency regents student loans for undergraduate graduate and medical students these loans are available to regularly enrolled students the amount a student may borrow is determined by financial need the maximum loan for an academic year is $1,000 interest is 3 a year and accrues from the date the student graduates withdraws or is dismissed from the university of california irvine repayment may be made over a period of not more than five years beginning six months after the date on which the borrower ceases to carry a full-time course of study at the university of california irvine co-signatures are required educational fee loan a long-term loan available to california residents who demonstrate financial need this loan covers the educational fee

population environmental biology 133 department of population and environmental biology the areas of interest in the department of population and environmental biology range from the environmental relations of individuals and populations to the structure and functions of ecosystems directions of specialization within this area include population dynamics and population genetics evolution and adaptation plant and animal physiology biogeography and paleoecology taxonomy and systematics analysis of plant and animal communities production ecology human ecology and marine ecology these diverse specializations share a common concern with phenomena at levels of organization from that of the individual organism to the population community and ecosystem the new ecology requires good preparation in mathematics statistical methods computer techniques and foreign language population and environmental biology faculty peter r atsatt plant ecology and evolution arthurs boughey human ecology f lynn

english comparative literature 177 dent may take any of the three parts of the exam more than three times and no student who fails to pass all three parts may receive a degree in english normally students will take the three parts in the a·b·c order students graduating in an off quarter however may vary the sequence · copies of past examinations may be obtained in the office of the department of english and comparative literature the bachelor s examination in comparative literature the bachelor s examination is given during the student s senior year to test knowledge of literature critical theory and literary history and to investigate competence in practical criticism as well as ability to write clearly succinctly and convincingly on literary matters primarily the student will be asked questions on works from the comparative literature reading list and about the ways in which these works relate to each other as in the english exam which may be replaced by enrollment in e

220 philosophy 152 intermediate logic ill 1 s a study of the proof theory and model theory for the logic of quantifiers with identity prerequisite philosophy 151 153 topics in mathematical logic i a selected topic in advanced mathematical logic will be discussed typical examples are proof theory model theory recursive functions set theory combinatory logic prerequisite philosophy i 52 or consent of instructor i 55 philosophy of logic 1 an examination of fundamental questions raised by contemporary formal logic topics include the existence and nature of propositions theory of entailment descriptions and existential presuppositions prerequisite consent of instructor 160 introduction to philosophy of science 1 s systematic examination of leading problems in the philosophy of science for example the nature of mathematics explanation confirmation and the limits of scientific explanation 164 christian mysticism i f a study of classical christian mysticism with special emphasis on the

264 physics 5a-b-c-d-e fundamental physics 1-1-1-1-1 w s f w s lecture three hours discussion one hour winter newtonian mechanics facility in calculus is assumed knowledge of computer programming is recommended corequisite mathematics 2b spring wave phenomena relativity corequisite mathematics 2c fall electrostatics magnetostatics currents and fields circuit elements maxwell s equations prerequisites mathematics 2a-b-c winter quantum theory atoms and nuclei corequisite mathematics 3b spring statistical physics thermal phenomena prerequisite physics 5d concurrent enrollment in physics 5l is required each quarter 5la-b-c-d-e fundamental physics laboratory v w s f w s laboratory accompanying physics 5 three hours laboratory requirement of physics 5 may be waived by consent of instructor for non-science majors physics courses for non-majors courses numbered between 10 and 20 are especially designed for students majoring in programs other than the physical sciences 11 super-cold

308 comparative culture each introductory section will present a general overview of the nature of that particular culture patterns of behavior characteristic assumptions modes of preserving continuity and facilitating change three of these are required one section must be taken in the spring following completion of comparative culture i prerequisites comparative culture la-b or consent of instructor 11 women in higher education 1 s a look at women in higher education as students as faculty members and as administrators projects are designed to investigate the status of women at uc irvine and other institutions of education in orange county 99 asians in america 1 s analysis of the asian experience within the united states identification and interaction of these values as manifested through legal actions social processes mass media and programs emphasis on structural analysis of western political and economic growth and its influence on these values 100a women in culture 1 study of

social ecology 351 mental theory and means of using developmental theory in human learning prerequisite a course in human development 170 human evolution 1 f three lectures per week survey human evolution from the primate stage to the present topics covered include primate hominoid and hominid evolution various forms of homo cultural developments settlement origins and society evolution emphasis on cultural evolution in terms of environmental influences prerequisite social ecology 6 or equivalent 171 dynamics of human populations 1 f focuses on the dynamics of human populations topics include natality morality natural increase in and out migrations age distribution life tables carrying capacities and optimum population levels fluctuations in and regulation of population densities various computer models of population dynamics demonstrated and operated during laboratory periods prerequisite social ecology 6 or equivalent 172a-b social planning 1-1 w s aimed at providing a conceptual

engineering 395 243 multivariable digital control systems 1 w lecture four hours theory of linear and nonlinear digital control systems optimization control algorithms and computer control system software applications to industrial process control prerequisite engineering 240a or equivalent 248 mechanical vibrations 1 w lecture three hours laboratory one hour vibrations with applications to mechanical civil and acoustical systems topics covered include the free and forced vibration of single multi and infinite d.o.f systems computer programs for time and frequency response analyses are supplied and discussed prerequisite engineering 100b 25 7 advanced transportation and traffic engineering 1 s lecture four hours laboratory three hours transportation systems the interaction between transportation systems and urban planning transportation networks including transportation mode distribution and traffic flow inter-relationship design of interfaces among alternate complementary modes of