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2 foreword individual research and creative activity are considered important elements of both undergraduate and graduate education at the university of california irvine students in all academic disciplines have the opportunity to engage in projects which range from scholarly investigations under the supervision of a faculty member to independent activities in a variety of areas uci students are conducting research on the causes of epilepsy studying the composition of stratospheric ozone writing poety composing music examining patterns of human behavior directing recycling activities and serving as administrative interns in campus offices these projects and numerous others are the focus of the theme of the 1976-77 uc1 1general catalogue while we have made an effort to compile a representative sampling of the hundreds of interesting projects underway at the undergraduate and graduate level we have only touched upon this essential aspect of the uci educational experience our thanks go

32 graduate division suffice except in the case of graduates of the university of california in the absence of official records and official evidence of graduation or degree final admission cannot be granted nor registration permitted one set of transcripts and all other credentials are retained by the graduate division and they may not be withdrawn and used by students for any purpose the second set is forwarded to the appropriate unit retained there and may be used by the student in conferring with faculty advisors the application must be accompanied by a $20 application fee in the form of a check draft or money order for the exact amount and made payable to regents-uc in order to process applications in time for the scheduled registration days it is necessary that complete and official transcripts be received before the published deadlines where students have work in progress at the deadline dates final transcripts covering such work must be received before final registration can

student affairs 61 irvine whose $9.00 per quarter student fee allows this nonprofit organization to provide leadership representation and academic and social services services asuci operates numerous student services on campus the twice-weekly new university newspaper and kuci 89.9 fm radio provide campus media wholly funded and managed by students for the 1975-76 academic year the orange county transit district bus service allowed students to travel almost anywhere in orange county seven days a week by simply showing the bus driver their uci student identification cards the experimental college features unlimited extracurricular courses ranging from bread baking to esalen massage these noncredit innovative classes are taught by student and faculty volunteers the women s center offers both women and men the opportunity for sexual consciousness-raising in an educational context the college legal clinic provides free legal assistance to students on almost all matters the asuci

studio art 91 240 graduate projects 4 250 directed reading 4 260 thesis 4 enroll for three courses each quarter for six quarters exclusive of summer sessions b the student s progress and body of work will be reviewed by a faculty committee normally after three quarters in residence a satisfactory opinion by this committee will allow the student to progress to candidacy for the degree studio art the program in studio art provides basic studio experiences in the fundamental knowledge and techniques of drawing painting sculpture ceramics and graphic art and a study of the history and criticism of art the curriculum constantly relates studio practice to the development of the visual arts and current critical theory it aims to develop a sense of visual awareness by as wide a range of the study of art as possible the student majoring in art experiences the creative aspects of art by learning to think with the materials and techniques of the medium requirements for the bachelor s degree

120 french italian 119a-b-c nineteenth-century french literature 4-4-4 221a-b-c contemporary poetry 4-4-4 120a-b-c twentieth-century french literature 4-4-4 222a-b contemporary theatre 4-4 125a-b-c african literature of french expression 4-4-4 230 studies in dramatic literature 4 130 junior-senior seminar in french literature 4 s prerequisites two upper-division literature courses beyond french 101 131 junior-senior seminar in linguistics 4 prerequisite linguistics 50 or consent of instructor 231 studies in fiction 4 232 studies in nonfictional prose 4 233 studies in poetry and poetics 4 240 studies on a major writer 4 140a-b-c readings in french literary genre 4-4-4 f w s 260a-b literary criticism 4-4 150a-b-c topics in french literature and culture 4-4-4 in english 270 wtiting and style 4 290 research in french language and literature 4 m.a candidates may take this course once ph.d candidates may take it twice 160 i rench cinema 4 in english 180a-b-c pro-seminar in

chemistry 149 through calculus and calculus is a prerequisite for much of the upper-division work in each major a student interested in any of the physical sciences should continue mathematical training beyond these prerequisite courses furthermore students interested in either physics or chemistry will usually include work in both of these subjects in their undergraduate careers students in the school of physical sciences may satisfy the uci breadth requirement by completing the appropriate courses in three schools outside of the school of physical sciences i.e schools of biological sciences fine arts humanities or social sciences work completed in comparative culture and social ecology can apply toward satisfying portions of the breadth requirement only upon approval by the dean of the school of physical sciences courses in engineering and information and computer science may not be used to satisfy the breadth requirement students in the physical sciences are urged to acquire a

social sciences 179 ulty from the campus these examinations are based partly on a preliminary dissertation proposal and partly on the student s general studies since the first-year review students are expected to complete the qualifying examinations no later than the spring quarter of their third year the third review is a defense of the ph.d dissertation it takes the form of a colloquium and occurs when the dissertation is substantially complete subsequent to this the dissertation committee may recommend certain revisions after which the dissertation is considered to be complete and is submitted for the doctoral degree cognitive sciences faculty william batchelder mathematical models measurement and cognitive processes peter culicover linguistics richard degerman multivariate analysis and perception henry hamburger mathematical linguistics susan haviland cognitive psychology and psycholinguistics louis narens measurement and logic kenneth wexler theoretical psycholinguistics john

208 information computer science :the ics faculty will then orally examine the student s literacy in a broad range of topics in ics the timing and methods chosen by students and their committees to develop competence in different areas are expected to vary typically the student and the committee will outline a program for each area that makes use of a combination of the following resources courses individual study project work directed research colloquium each student shall present a colloquium to the department in the student s area of interest prior to entering the dissertation phase teaching requirement all ics graduate students are required to participate in teaching activities before being advanced to candidacy teaching activities in summer or night school service at other universities etc may be accepted as fulfillment of the requirement programming competence requirement a computer scientist must be able to read and write programs in assembly algebraic and nonnumerical

professional education pogo s conversation indicates the wide public concern about the ozone depletion problem niles hopkins a chemistry major charles yarbrough a ph d student and frank lee giancarlo crescentini and john spencer postdoctoral fellows are among the members of a uci research team investigating the potentially damaging effects of fluorocarbon aerosol propellants and refrigerants on stratospheric ozone uc irvine

administration 267 ment patterns innovations current problems and long-range trends 221 advanced organizational behavior 4 seminar three hours covers particular topics in the area of organizational behavior including motivation leadership group influences adaptation and socialization organizational structure and communication prerequisites administration 202a-b or consent of instructor 222 organizational change 4 seminar three hours focus is on the processes and technologies for bringing about change in organizations emphasizes the rapidly growing body of theory concepts and techniques dealing with the ways in which organizations can become more adaptive and meet the challenges of a modern society prerequisites administration 202a-b or consent of instructor 223 methods of organizational research 4 seminar three hours assists students in developing their criticalanalytical skills so that they will know how to criticize published research and theory moreover the course is designed