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foreword the university of california irvine like most universities is a multi-dimensional academic community the true nature of the campus consists of things that cannot be expressed with figures words or pictures things that go on in people s minds it is made up of thousands of individual processes of learning understanding and discovery and it is the quality and interaction of these processes that are the strength of the university the 1977-78 edition of the uci general catalogue offers you a selection of photographs which we feel captures a portion of the uci experience and reveals something about the character and spirit of our campus with an awareness that it is impossible to include a totally representative sampling of photographs we have chosen instead to offer glimpses vignettes and images of uci special thanks go to philip channing for his evocative photographs to becky roe kathy tobin and helen garnier for their contributions to the production of the catalogue and to

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92 molecular biology and biochemistry /biological chemistry ated with the laboratories of at least three different investigators and to attend the 201a-b-c seminar series upon successful completion of the first year the student is given a comprehensive oral examination to test breadth and depth of knowledge although further supplemental work may be recommended the student normally begins a specific research project in the second year participation in the seminar series 201a-b-c and completion of at least one satellite course per year 210-279 is expected of all continuing students regular teaching of undergraduates is part of the training of graduate students at all levels the graduate committee may waive some of the above requirements for candidates for the master s degree applicants should have adequate undergraduate preparation in calculus physics physical chemistry organic chemistry and biochemistry students who have not had an adequate physical chemistry course are expected to

122 english and comparative literature the department and the recommendations of student committees become matters of record which accompany any recommendations emanating from the department each quarter all students taking classes within the department have the opportunity to evaluate the particular course and teacher undergraduate program the department offers to the undergraduate essentially three areas of study the program in literary criticism which emphasizes a variety of critical approaches in the reading and criticism principally of english and american literature the program in writing which offers an emphasis in the writing of poetry fiction or drama the aim of the program is to encourage the creative powers of students while introducing them to the discipline of reading and practical criticism often in workshop situations students from schools other than humanities may satisfy a component of the breadth requirement by enrolling in one of the beginners workshops and in two

152 russian 120 150a-b two of the following 130 140 150c two of the following history 132a-b-c-d social sciences 122a planning a program of study the program in russian believes in close consultation with students on academic advising program planning and discussion of goals and direction students planning to major in russian with an emphasis in literature or in linguistics are strongly urged to consult with the departmental faculty as early as possible in order to familiarize themselves with the nature of the various programs after indicating an intention to major in russian the student is assigned to an academic advisor who will help in the task of selecting courses towards the completion of one of .the three options open to students majoring in russian studies at uci special attention is paid to the unique aspects of the russian field in particular students attention is alerted to the combined academic and career implications and potentialities of these major options career

182 physics 235a-b advanced quantum mechanics 4-4 f w lecture three hours fall lagrangian formalism second quantization interacting fields perturbation theory winter feynman graph techniques renormalization symmetries pct theorem connection between spin and statistics 261a-b-c advanced plasma seminar 4-4-4 f w s advanced topics in plasma physics wave propagation nonlinear effects kinetic theory and turbulence stability problems transport coefficients containment applications to controlled fusion and astrophysics prerequisite physics 239 or equivalent 237a-b-c elementary particle theory 4-4-4 f w s lecture three hours 262a-b-c topics in modern astrophysics 4-4-4 lecture three hours not offered 1977-78 238a-b-c solid state theory 4-4-4 f w s lecture three hours bonding in solids crystal symmetry and group theory elastic properties of crystals lattice vibrations interaction of radiation with matter cohesion of solids the electron gas electron energy bands in solids ferromagnetism

212 comparative culture 153 asian culture 153a japanese culture 4 japan from ancient times to the present 1538 chinese culture 4 china from ancient times to the present 153c indian culture 4 a survey of the history of india with emphasis on elements of cultural and structural continuity in hindu civilization a regular basis these courses probe a single ethnic group or cui· ture or take up a special cultural problem or an aspect of culture for consideration possible subject matters are film and visual arts the image of minorities in american films comparative american history through literature women in film ameri· can autobiography american ideologies comparative ethnic politics chicano historical experience contemporary china contemporary japan hinduism great tradition afro· american history history of education in america 196 semin;trs 4 154 minority cultures in america 197 field study 4 154a asian-american culture 4 a survey course in which socio·political-economic

242 education of teachers the minimum requirements for the teaching credential are 1 a baccalaureate or higher degree in an area other than professional education from an approved institution 2 an approved program of professional preparation this means a sequence of education courses including an ali-day full-time assignment of a semester s duration in student teaching 3 passage of a subject matter examination or its waiver via an approved academic preparation uci academic programs are approved for most examination waivers 4 demonstration of a knowledge of the various methods of teaching reading as validated by successful completion of a program of study 5 a fifth year of study is still required even though a student may elect to start or complete the approved program of professional preparation as an undergraduate completion of the approved program as an undergraduate at uci with a grade point average of 3.0 will support ad· mission to the graduate division in uci teacher

college of medicine stanley van den noort m.d dean good health care in its broadest sense -physical mental social and environmental is recognized as a right in our society the expanding population with its increasing need for health care requires more physicians in all primary care specialties and subspecialties and a more efficient use of those physicians being trained the uci college of medicine is responsible for providing quality educational programs for medical and health sciences graduate students medical residents and practicing physicians in recognition of the need for better patient care the college takes the responsibility of developing in its students attitudes of compasssion sympathy and understanding for patients as individuals within their total environment in addition the college is committed to the expansion of medical knowledge through research that emphasizes ways to improve the delivery of patient care and to community service through increased participation in