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academic calendar fall quarter 1978 enrollment may 30-september 1 payment of fees may 22-september 7 quarter begins september 18 orientation for new students september 18-22 last dates for late enrollment or payment of fees without dean s approval september 19-20 instruction begins september 25 last day to change pass/not pass option october 6 university day october 26 last day to drop a class without dean s approval november 3 thanksgiving holiday november 23-24 instruction ends december 1 final examinations december 4-8 quarter ends december 8 christmas holiday december 25-26 new year s holiday january 1-2 winter quarter 1979 enrollment november 20-december 1 payment of fees november 13-december 7 quarter begins january 3 orientation for new students january 3-5 last dates for late enrollment or payment of fees without dean s approval january 3-5 instruction begins january 8 last day to change pass/not pass option january 19 last day to

enrollment at another educational institution or c temporary interruption of the student s academic program for other appropriate reasons readmission a student who previously withdrew from the university or who failed to meet the continuous enrollment requirement may request readmission to the graduate division by submitting an application for readmission with a $20 fee readmission may be granted by the dean of the graduate division when recommended by the academic unit if readmitted a student s previous academic work will be applied toward the requirements for an advanced degree only with the approval of the graduate advisor and the dean of the graduate division as a condition of readmission a student may be required to satisfy certain requirements a second time including formal advancement to candidacy a readmitted student will be expected to complete at least one additional academic quarter in residence before a degree will be conferred transfers of academic credit at least

student mfairs the office of the vice chancellor-student affairs provides a broad range of special services and programs for students designed to carry out the university of california s commitment to create an environment supportive of an educational endeavor of the highest quality office of relations with schools and colleges/educational opportunity program the office of relations with schools and colleges orsc serves as a liaison between the university of california irvine and other educational institutions of the state staff members visit secondary schools and community colleges to interpret the policies and programs of the university to school personnel and conversely to seek information for the university about educational developments throughout the state in cooperation with community colleges orsc staff mediate course articulation agreements and undertake other activities which provide assistance in the transfer process the orsc staff is available as a resource to schools and

topics prerequisite freshman biological sciences majors pass/not pass only 55 sophomore seminars 2-2-2 f w s intensive study of selected topics in experimental biology prerequisite sophomore biological sciences majors pass/not pass only 190 junior/senior seminars 2-2-2 f w s intensive study of selected topics in experimental biology once a week seminar of a small group of students with a faculty member prerequisite junior/senior biological sciences majors pass/not pass only special courses 97 education motivation 4 f w s field four hours a program in which students develop and deliver special enriched educational programs in biological sciences which are presented in junior and senior high schools may be repeated once for credit pass/not pass only 98 special group activities f w s sec 1 health science experience 0 offers opportunities to observe/participate in various health fields class requires specific number of hours per quarter of volunteer work with approved health professionals

encouraged to consult with the classics faculty regarding the appropriate choice of major and design of program for the classics major the basis of studying the classics must be competency in both of the classical languages the classics program is designed to provide the student with this competency as rapidly as possible so that by the end of first year latin or greek the student has already been introduced to some of the major classical authors in the original from then on the student is concerned with analyzing interpreting and appreciating the literatures of ancient greece and rome and will devote study to the theories and techniques of literary and textual criticism in addition students obtain a rich background in such ancillary disciplines as ancient history archaeology classical art drama philosophy and religion the major in classical civilization is designed for those students who have no plans to pursue graduate studies in the classical languages yet wish to obtain an

requirements for the bachelor s degree university requirements see page 26 school requirements see page 13 7 departmental requirements philosophy 20a-b-c 50 two of the following philosophy 100a-b lloa-b 115a-b two additional quarter courses from philosophy 101-199 graduate program students are encouraged to seek the counsel of any and all members of the department whose recommendations the student would deem helpful it is hoped that there will be a close intellectual relationship between graduate students and professors in order to provide the students with optimum conditions for philosophical development and to expedite their progress toward advanced degrees in addition the department sponsors a series of colloquia each year participation in these colloquia is an important part of the graduate student s training master of arts in philosophy there is no list of courses required for the m.a degree the m.a program in philosophy minimally takes one year the student may elect to follow

the criterion for the acceptability of a dissertation by the department is that it be suitable for publication in a scientific journal the dissertation must not have been submitted to any other institution prior to its submission to the physics department at uci defense of dissertation upon completion of the dissertation the student will take an oral examination open to the public before the doctoral committee suggested course sequences typical programs for the first two years designed to prepare the student for ph.d qualification and provide the foundation necessary for understanding and participating in modern research might include first year 211a classical mechanics 212a-b-c mathematical physics 213a-b electromagnetic theory 215a-b quantum mechanics 215c relativistic quantum mechanics in the second year of graduate study the student may begin to take courses that will provide a broad background for the thesis area the following sequences represent a typical second-year

231a-b-c systems of belief i ii iii 4-4-4 seminar three hours approaches to exploring and understanding particular belief systems in unfamiliar cultures 231j ethnographic method 4 s seminar three hours using the ixil maya as a case various ethnographic approaches and procedures will be discussed the relevance of different techniques and methods to culture theory will be emphasized 232a-b advanced experimental anthropology 4-4 w s seminar three hours this seminar will deal with the major topics in experimental anthropology it will have a heavy anthropological emphasis individual research projects will be required from each participant prerequisite consent of instructor 233a-b mathematical anthropology 4-4 f w seminar three hours a variety of substantive problems dealt with by anthropologists and what can be done through formalizing this organized complexity using mathematical statistical and computer-based techniques models of the structure process and evolution of cognitive social and

courses of their choosing for those required if they can substantiate the merits of the program of study and obtain the approval of the faculty of the school aspects of environmental quality 169 vibration and noise control 170 combustion and pollutant formation 171 heat and mass transfer 173 applied engineering thermodynamics proficiency examinations mechanical and environmental engineering in addition to the requirements in the mechanical engineering option the student must successfully complete 24 units from the following engineering group engineering 152 water supply and hydraulic systems 157 transportation and traffic engineering 160 energy resources and utilization 161e environmental economics 1611 environmental impact assessment and reporting 163 water resources and water quality 164 fundamentals of air resources engineering 166 public health aspects of environmental quality 168 sociopolitical aspects of environmental quality 169 vibration and noise control 170

western interstate commission for higher education regarding the status of an application should be anticipated the college of medicine participates in the student exchange program of the western interstate commission for higher education under which qualified legal residents of western states without medical schools are considered along with california residents and these states of origin reimburse the state of california for the costs of their education these states are alaska idaho montana nevada and wyoming to be eligible for this program students must apply to the wiche certifying officers in their own states for addresses of certifying officers write to the western interstate commission for higher education university east campus boulder colorado 80304 selection of candidates procedure for admission the college is a member of the association of american medical colleges applications service amcas requests for applications should be submitted directly to the college the college