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information guide persons seeking information about uci programs services and activities may call the following offices in addition please refer to page 25 for a directory of undergraduate advising personnel other campus numbers may be found in a local telephone directory or reached through the campus operator at 714 833-5011 monday through friday 8:00a.m -5:00p.m office telephone 714 admissions undergraduate recorded information counselor or evaluator graduate medical alumni ucl alumni association associated alumni uci college of medicine asuci campus tours dean of students development and affiliates educational opportunity program financial aid housing international and handicapped students public information relations with schools and colleges sports information student health summer sessions uci medical center university extension veterans student services 833-6247

the exchange student enrolls and pays fees on the home campus and then enrolls at the host campus following the procedures of that registrar s office a report of academic work completed will be transferred to the student s academic record on the home campus although eligible for all normal student services the exchange student is a visitor not formally admitted to graduate study at the host campus application forms for the intercampus exchange program may be obtained from the graduate division office of the student s home campus and should be filed with that office at least four weeks before the beginning of the quarter transfers of credit at least half of the course requirement for a master s degree must be completed while in residence in the uci graduate division up to one fifth of the minimum number of units required for a master s degree may be allowed for graduate work completed at another institution or through university extension prior to enrollment in the uci graduate

student affairs the office of the vice chancellor-student affairs provides a broad range of special services and programs for students designed to carry out the university of california s commitment to create an environment supportive of an educational endeavor of the highest quality office of relations with schools and colleges educational opportunity program the office of relations with schools and colleges orsc serves as a liaison between the university of california irvine and other educational institutions of the state staff members visit secondary schools and community colleges to interpret the policies and programs of the university and to seek information for the university about educational developments throughout the state in cooperation with community colleges orsc staff mediate course articulation agreements and provide assistance with the transfer process the orsc staff is a resource to schools and to education-oriented groups and responds to invitations requesting

plant differentiation and its control primarily at the tissue and whole plant level a single major topic will be selected each year and will include such subjects as control of morphogenesis in shoot and root apices flowering control of cambial growth pattern formation plant embryology and control of the formation of plant organs in culture may be repeated for credit 260 carbohydrates 2 s seminar two hours seminar course designed to enlighten students concerning the structural-functional relationships of complex carbohydrates methods of structural elucidation and criteria for implicating carbohydrate structures in biological phenomena will be studied prerequisite consent of instructor 261 advanced topics in plant physiology 4 f w seminar two hours topics will change from year to year subject will be major problems in plant physiology prerequisites biological sciences 134a-b or consent of instructor 262 advanced topics in sensory physiology 4 f w s seminar two hours topics will change

in addition to the seminars offered by the various departments the school sponsors a number of interdisciplinary seminars annually these courses are taught jointly by faculty members from various departments further several departments offer a few students the opportunity to do part of their work for the ph.d in a related discipline a limited number of students is accepted annually to study for teaching credentials this program is a cooperative effort between the school and the office of teacher education graduate students in the school of humanities participate in the affairs of the school in a number of ways by serving on committees of the various departments by sitting with the faculty in its meetings and by serving on the student graduate advisory committee which directly advises the dean department of -··· classics undergraduate program the department of classics aims to provide the undergraduate student with an exposure to the origins and heritage of western

124 nineteenth-century philosophy 4 this course studies intensively major figures and movements in the nineteenth century 125 medieval philosophy 4 this course is intended to familiarize the student with more specified areas of medieval philosophy to this end a particular problem such as that of universals will be studied in some depth 126 continental rationalism 4 a detailed review of representative works of the more outstanding continental rationalists descartes malebranche leibniz and spinoza prerequisite philosophy zoc or consent of instructor 127 british empiricism 4 an examination of the writings of locke berkeley and hume with special attention to the problems of substance perception and knowledge prerequisite philosophy zoc or consent of instructor 128 kant 4 typically a fairly close reading of the first half of the critique of pure reason prerequisite philosophy zoc or consent of instructor 129 hegel 4 an intensive and analytical study of selected portions of the

development of theories that can be used to guide· empirical studies school of social sciences undergraduate and graduate education in the school of social sciences at uci represents a commitment to modern social science the classic subject matter areas of anthropology economics geography linguistics political science psychology and sociology are included in the school s educational programs but these programs go well beyond the traditional disciplines and can be characterized by the following three-way emphasis first the faculty recognizes the value of systematic empirical observation and quantitative analysis in the study of human behavior developments in computer science and in mathematics oriented towards the problems of the social sciences and the refinement of techniques for the observational experimental and statistical study of human behavior have contributed major new elements to social science students in the school of social sciences will become familiar with the

experience the graduate record examination gre aptitude test is required and the gre advanced test in computer science is strongly recommended the departmental graduate advisor for the m.s program should be consulted upon entrance and periodically thereafter for guidance in the selection of appropriate courses the graduate advisor also is an important source of information about other academic matters when the student is prepared to begin work on the thesis and is advanced to candidacy for the m.s degree a formal thesis committee will be appointed to supervise the thesis and to accept it on behalf of the graduate council the program consists of 12 courses 48 units three may be upper-division undergraduate courses if appropriate to the program up to three graduate courses 12 units may be accepted as transfer credit from other institutions three courses 12 units are required of all students in the m.s program ics 221 analysis of computer systems ics 231 formal analytic techniques ics

and evaluation of thermodynamic properties of gases liquids and solids elementary kinetic theory of gases and evaluation of transpor.t coefficients prerequisite engineering lola me118 energy resources and utilization 4 s investigation of the present and projected status of energy demands and production with special attention to energy sources and conversion prerequisite engineering lola me119 nuclear power generation 4 s fundamentals of nuclear power generation and consideration of environmental effects prerequisites engineering lola-b me120 heat and mass transfer 4 s with laboratory fundamentals of heat and mass transfer with application to practical problems conduction convection and radiation heat transfer mass transfer in laminar and turbulent flow and combined heat and mass transfer application to insulation requirements heat exchangers and reacting flows prerequisites engineering lola-b me135 compressible flow 4 s compressible effects in fluid mechanics isentropic in viscid

chemotherapy and the biochemistry and genetics of antibiotic resistance a considerable portion of the course deals with the humoral and cellular basis of immunity and the genetic control of the immune response the course also includes an indepth study of the biology of parasites and the structure and activity oj viruses community and environmental medicine the community medicine portion deals with epidemiology biostatistics nutrition and health care systems with emphasis on preventive medicine environmental medicine deals with the physiological effects of toxic substances occupational hazards environmental pollution and radiation on living tissues preclinical sciences quintiles 6-8 pharmacology the preclinical course in pharmacology deals with drugs of various classifications that are used for specific or symptomatic therapies of disease states emphasis is on the mechanisms of action of drugs at the organ or system level and on their use in medical therapy this course includes