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2 upper-division standing is not a prerequisite prerequisites for courses should be noted carefully a course has no prerequisites unless indicated e~lanatory notes courses with sequential designations for example 1a-b-c normally indicate multiple-quarter courses except as noted each course in a sequence is prerequisite to the one following the letter l following a course number usually designates a laboratory course the uci general catalogue contains general administrative and academic information as well as specific descriptions of schools and departments and the courses they offer the 4 or 4-4-4 designation following the course title indicates the unit credits toward the 180 quarter units needed to graduate each 4 represents four quarter units because the catalogue must be prepared well in advance of the year it covers changes in some programs inevitably will occur courses described in the catalogue are subject to change without notice and some listed courses are not offer~d

undergraduate admissions 29 3 a student who was not eligible for admission as a freshman because of low scholarship or a combination of low scholarship and a lack of required subjects may be admitted after the student has a established an overall grade point average of 2.40 or better in another college or university and b completed 84 quarter units 56 semester units of college credit in courses accepted by the university for transfer and c completed with a grade of c or better appropriate college courses in high school subjects that the student lacked high school deficiencies equivalent to two one-year courses may be waived or completed with a grade of cor better 1 one college course in mathematics at least as advanced as the equivalent of two years of high school algebra or one year of algebra and one year of geometry 2 one course in english of a level transferable to the university of california and 3 one course in u.s history a laboratory science or a foreign language which is

56 student affairs physical examination forms after they return their $50 undergraduate acceptance of admission fee graduate and medical students should visit the center when they arrive at uci to obtain and complete the forms students should check with the student health service for information on the benefits and limitations under the insurance plan professional counseling and help for emotional problems are available through the mental health division of the student health services psychiatric and psychological services weight control clinics and headache and biofeedback relaxation training are available student health coverage provides as many services as possible without additional charge however some services are available only on a fee-for-service basis some of the services available at moderate charges are immunizations allergy desensitization injections prescriptions from the student health pharmacy dental services including minor surgery elective laboratory tests and time

82 physiology courses in microbiology 200a-b-c research in microbiology 2 to 12 per quarter f w s individual research supervised by a particular professor prerequisite consent of instructor 201a-b-c research topics in microbiology 1-1-1 f w s seminar two hours seminars presented by graduate students and faculty of the department which explore research topics in specialized areas of microbiology opportunity for students to gain experience in the organization critical evaluation and oral presentation of current research developments may be repeated for credit 203 tutorial in microbiology 1-1-1 f w s tutorial one to four hours advanced study in areas related to faculty research interests involves small group study based on readings discussion and guest speakers tutorials may be conducted as journal clubs may be repeated for credit satisfactory unsatisfactory only 210a-b medical microbiology 4-6 s summer lecture five hours laboratory three hours advanced course for medical students in the

english and comparative literature 109 in english or a major in the third toward a bachelor s degree in comparative literature many of the courses will vary in specific content from year to year depending on the plans of individual teachers since the department recognizes that no course can treat all the major authors and works relevant to a given period or topic students intending to major in english or comparative literature should obtain a copy of undergraduate study in english and comparative literature from the departmental office comparative literature is well-suited for students interested in a double major planning a program of study students should plan with their faculty advisors coherent programs of study including undergraduate seminars wor~shops in writing for students choosing a writing emphasis and courses in allied areas outside the department it is possible to combine a cluster of courses in literature with other majors in the sciences and social sciences and to use

spanish and portuguese 135 lloa russian prose of the nineteenth century 4 f first course in a two-quarter sequence covering representative examples of russian fiction class discussion conducted largely in russian llob russian prose of the twentieth century 4 w in ~ussian lloc russian poetry pushkin to the present 4 s representative russian poets from the golden age through symbolism to the present day reading and discussion in russian 150a russian literature 1800-1880 4 f development of russian literature from classicism to modernism stressing the evolution of russian realism and the novel selected masterpieces of the major russian writers from pushkin to dostoevsky within the milieu of the western literary tradition and in the russian cultural and socio-political context 150b russian literature and revolution 4 w development of russian literature from 1880s to 1930s during the period of modernism until the imposition of socialist realism 150c contemporary russian/soviet

uc irvine

information and computer science 189 15 semantics of computing 4 introduction to computers intended primarily for students in the social sciences fine arts and humanities stress on the nonnumeric uses of computers including their use as powerful symbol manipulators emphasis on discovery of computing concepts through actual use of computers credit may not be received for both this course and res 1 90 survey of programming languages 4 s presentation and comparison of the procedural and data representation capabilities of several programming languages computer solution of problems in each language prerequisite ics 1 or equivalent upper-division courses 141 programming languages 4 f in-depth study of several contemporary programming languages stressing variety in data structures operations notation and control examination of languages for list string and array manipulation languages for structured programming and systems programming command and query languages and general purpose

engineering 215 applications of operational amplifier feedback systems with emphasis on frequency and thermal stability constraints.•prerequisite engineering eelloa · eellla analysis and design of electrical circuits 4 w active and passive electrical circuits topology network theorems sensitivity considerations classical synthesis and computer-aided techniques for two three and four-terminal networks corequisite engineering ee120 prerequisite engineering 100b ee112 semiconductor technology 4 f crystal growth liquid gaseous epitaxy doping by gaseous diffusion alloying and ion implant oxide growth photoresist technique contact junction preparations measurements of conductivity hall effect minority carrier lifetime surface state density application to device design not offered every year ee113 fundamentals of semiconductor electronics 4 f electronic processes in semiconducting materials electronic energy levels in solids electron distribution in thermal equilibrium electronic

242 medicine mike k mirahmadi m.d teheran university school of medicine assistant professor of medicine nephrology in residence dons miyada ph.d michigan state university associate adjunct professor of pathology and biological chemistry houchang d modanlou m.d university of rome associate adjunct professor of pediatrics kivie moldave ph.d university of southern california department chair and professor of biological chemistry and professor of biological sciences richard j moldawsky m.d temple university medical school assistant clinical professor of psychiatry human behavior edgar m moran m.d university of bucharest professor of medicine in residence mortimer e morton m.d university of southern california ph d university of california berkeley clinical professor of radiological sciences h david mosier m.d the johns hopkins university school of medicine professor of pediatrics and pathology marjorie a mosier m.d university of california los angeles assistant professor of ophthalmology

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